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WSF Newsletter Vol 1, NO. 1. Spring 1999

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On December 19 thru December 22nd 1998 The World Spiritual Foundation held a World Congress Retreat at Fraser's Hill just north of Kuala Lumpur, Capital of Malaysia.

Fraser's Hill is 104 km from Kuala Lumpur, and the day I arrived it was raining so hard you could not even see the road. However, when the rain stopped is when the magic began. The mist was floating in the palm trees, and monkeys could be heard high in the tree tops.

This was a most remarkable location to hold this Congree Retreat as it was a top of a 5000 ft. mountain. For all who attended the serenity and the majesty of the Malaysian country side was a perfect backdrop for the next 4 days of meetings and meditations as well as a few social events.

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Over 50 people attended the Congress Retreat from around the world.

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In honor of this auspicious event the honorable Dato' Seri S. Samy Vellu, Minister of Works wrote the opening message for this Congress Retreat.After the letter was read aloud Bhai Shib gave the opening dessertation, and shortly after a group meditation was held

During the 4 day Congress Retreat many papers were deliverd and many working sessions were held to formulate the direction of the World Spiritual Foundation into the 21st Century. Out of the working sessions several committees were formed to address the growing concerns of WSF.

All minutes were taken by the WSF Secretary General Caroline Cornwell Neowcharurn.
Report on WSF Congress Retreat: Click here to see details.

At the end of the 4 day Congress Retreat several WSF members were recognized for their contribution to WSF with humorous balloon hats. Let it never be said that WSF does not have humor as well as divine devotional attributes.

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Many papers were delivered, and periodicaly these pepers will appear as links in the Newsletter as this webmaster and publicist has time for adding.

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Future Retreats are scheduled for:

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