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WSF Newsletter Vol 1, NO. 1. Spring 1999

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USA California Workshop

World Spiritual Foundation
Founded by: Bhai Sahib

My name is Willard Van De Bogart. Some of you I have met during Bhai Sahib's 7th World Tour in which I met with him in both San Jose, CA, and Ventura County, CA.

From Dec 19-22, 1998 The World Spiritual Foundation held a World Congress at Fraser's Hill north of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I, along with 50 or so other WSF members attended this Congress, and all WSF members who came participated in Vibrant Celestial Meditation (VCM) which Bhai Sahib has brought into the world.

As you all know (VCM) is a way to communicate with the divine by surrendering ones self, and letting God enter your whole being, and when doing so, he also assists the dormant soul centre to be stirred into an awakening. While I was at Bhai Sahib's home in Kuala Lumpur he gave to me all the names and addresses of contacts he knew of in both Northern and Southern California.

On Friday July 16, 1999, at 7:30 PM Bhai Sahib will be lecturing at the Open Secret Book Store in San Rafael, California. This should be a well attended event with much news coverage in place.

Praise Divine
Grace Sublime
Love Divine
Love Sublime

Willard Van De Bogart
WSF member

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