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Mind Tribes

A long time ago, when stars were being formed in the Milky Way galaxy, there lived a race of people at the center of the galaxy who had thoughts composed of energy, which were expressed in waves of light and sound.

Light beings of the Central Civilization

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The Arrival of the Others

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Who are these other beings from beyond the stars? They are us!

In 1947, Earth was visited by an amazing race of people, some of which were not successful in their inter-dimensional shift from hyper-space to our 3-D space that we see on Earth. When I was 7 years old, I began to be educated by these beings, and today I can more comfortably share my vision with others.

This web site includes other individuals who are also claiming that aliens are among us, as well as many more soon to arrive. There are space stations being built, movies being made, X-Files being produced, and UFO web sites by the hundreds, all of which mention the arrival of another race of people coming to earth. It is, therefore, obvious that this display of data surrounding extraterrestrials and aliens has much substance to offer considering that these aliens are already here, and that we are host to their energy.

My particular role in this alien intervention was piloting a craft from the Central Civilization to Earth. I named the craft the Ether Ship, but in fact I may never learn of its real name. I also transported many other beings with me, and they were all safely introduced to Earth. Slowly, I am finding other kindred spirits, and they will be introduced to the web community as I find the time to display their images and stories for others to see. I know this sounds fantastic, and I choose to communicate my experience using the science fiction metaphor dealing with the UFO phenomenon. My unique experience has delivered me ample resources and material to work with, so if you are interested in participating with me in this journey please continue.


Who are the Mind Tribes?

Mind Tribes are a collection of minds on a different plane than the Earth sensory plane of minds. The Mind Tribes are capable of traveling in the universe. They can filter through human minds to create activities and/or inventions.

Where do the Mind Tribes live?

The home of the Mind Tribes is the center of the galaxy. It is there that their existence is made manifest through changing shapes composed of sound and light energy waves. The consciousness of the Mind Tribes would look like a sea of ever-changing blue-green lights in many different geometrical shapes. Through collective thinking the shapes appear.

Why are they here?

The Mind Tribes travel throughout the universe at will, and they search for other life forms. Planet Earth was detected as having high energy waves emitting from its surface which attracted the Mind Tribes.

What will they do here?

The Mind Tribes are now filtering through many aspects of humankind's activities in order to create a more sustainable planet. It has been detected that there are imbalances in the human mind, and through energy diffusion the Mind Tribes will bring about a harmonious change in the way humans interact with their planet.

Mind Tribes - The story begins...

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