Cyberspace Docking Station: Alien Ships and Mind Tribes


Imagine a place where dreams are reality, myths are a way of life, and truth follows fiction. Imagine a world beyond your dreams, a world where fantasy has a chance to express itself.
The Cyberspace Docking Station is such a world. It is here that the imagination opens portals to other realities, has no limits in its possibilities, and invites other worlds to enter as well. Below are expressions of this imagination. Mind Tribes are traveling across the universe, with messages coming from beings from other dimensions, as well as expressions of science and art which penetrate the limits of our understanding.
Let us free our spirit, our creativity, and our quest to explore the unknown reaches of our minds. We are like ancient mariners on the sea of our dreams, and bring to the world a new sense of wonder.

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Mind Tribes:

A spiritual science fiction novel: Mind Tribes and the Arrival of the Others

Mind Tribes - The beginning.

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