Saga three: Bright One

Art work: Iva Vodrazkova, Prague, Czech.

These beings from the Central Civilization use intentionality as an energy source for their existence. The very existence of the galaxy was a result of its being in relationship with thousands of other galaxies all forming the cosmic web of life in the universe. Life abounds throughout the universe, and comes to the galaxies from the giver of movement to reflect its movement within itself using the natural powers that gives birth to the stars.

The "Bright One" was enjoying the Milkyway Galaxy very much, and had impregnated many of the smaller suns in the galaxy with her manifested movements. The energy of the Central Sun was, in a way, how consciousness was finally able to be created on all the satellite suns in the galaxy. It was here in the Central Civilization's sun that the "Bright One" was able to give birth once again to a new family of beings that would reflect, and exchange all the vast mysteries and knowledge that the Giver of Movement, and the cosmic imagination would allow.

The "Bright One" was a reflection of this Giver of Movement who had the matrix of wonder connecting all her movements. Even the vast cosmic imagination would have an affinity for movements that were so delicately formed and creatively expressed by the "Bright One". After millennium upon millennium, too vast to count and too long to remember, the "Bright One" decided to take a tour into her universe of reflections to see how all the other starchildren were doing.

"Bright One" Approaching

It would eventually be these children that would learn of this cosmic imagination, and take it to other unknown star systems created by the great giver of movement. The "Bright One" was almost ready to select an entire civilization that would journey with her into the vast reaches of the stars. Some of the best reflections which were developed over the millenniums would be assembled to form what can only be expressed as an enormous light sphere filled with all the reflections that represented all the beings on this star ship called the Ether Ship. All the awareness and cosmic imagination from the giver of movement were represented in this maiden voyage.

Inside the ship the colors were fine tuned, and sounds were intertwined to make all the beings well aware of their relationship with one another on this the first universe cruiser called the Ether Ship. The colors in the main hall of the section of the Ether Ship, where the lightworkers keep the reflections in tune for space traveling, were beginning to reflect off a myriad of geometric shapes which seemed to be changing in new ways never seen by the light workers. The forward civilization was about to come forth and create the great cosmic link of understanding and awareness that the "Bright One" would make possible. The "Bright One" infused her reflections throughout the whole star ship, and the universe cruiser's civilization members could sense her emanations.

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