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Willard Van De Bogart


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Hello to all people who by chance come to this page, and this message. Our planet, and our human family living on this planet, needs to take a closer look at what we are doing to ourselves, and to the environment, and to become aware that we are putting both ourselves and the planet into grave danger.

We are allowing our fellow humans to eliminate all the indigenous people the world over. We are allowing our fellow humans to eliminate the planet's forests. We are allowing others to satisify our conscience when in fact it is our own conscience which we need to address for ourselves.

Many of us understand the interconnectedness of all living things on this planet. Many of us are also in the collective electronic mind field with the advent of the internet.These words I use to speak with are for all of us to read, and they also represent a new way to think with. By giving voice to global issues allows an opportunity to participate in our very survival. We can now see that current economic systems, if left unchecked, will kill us all. I am trying to create novelty and newness in the use of words so that change will come about for us all. We, as collective humanity, must pay attention to our actions and words. Collectively we are eliminating life perpetuating life forms. Our very actions are bringing harm to our humanness.

If we want to live, we must consider what it is that we do from day to day.

This is an attempt to voice an idea or an opinion into the world directly using the internet. This is an appeal. This is how I feel. We need to consider our actions for our survival. What we are eliminating in the environment may prevent us from any further understanding of our basic human nature.

Our reasoning abilities have put the planet in jeopardy. Somehow, we must take a look at the way we are collectively doing things. There are too many pockets of humanity that are destroying one another. If this global situation is not corrected, and if environmental ignorance is not prevented we will all die a slow death. An immediate global forum must be organized so every member of this planet knows what we are up against. We are at a very dangerous crossroad in humanities long term survival.

Let us find a way to bring health back to our minds everywhere. Let us use this medium to be innovative, and original with our words. Let us explore our electronic tools to communicate in ways we have never done before. The time is now that we must extract genius from our own beings to curb the unnecessay slaughter that is taking place daily on our planet. We need to stand on the shoulders of our ancestors, but we must reach out in a mighty new way to stop what is in motion on this planet. Our words we read and write must lead to actions that help life on this earth. Earth Portals is trying to offer insights into human consciousness to avert a planetary disaster. Let us find new ways we can help one another. Let us all become "21st Century Messengers" to bring stability, survivability, and divine grace onto this planet. If we do not, I am afraid we will not have a planet to live on.

Willard Van De Bogart
An internet voice

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Dr. Joseph Palmer Roberts
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Book Description:
This book explores the necessity, possibility and means of creating a sustainable 21st century American Society and global community. It focuses on a destructive relationship that is currently manifesting itself between our accepted ideology (a cultural construct existing beyond our normal level of awareness within the confines of the human mind) and the strategic variables of economics, environment and population. It is argued that an unsustainable imbalance exists between our accepted ideology and the strategic variables; that this imbalance is at the heart of our most pressing problems; and that this imbalance can be corrected and the desired condition of 21st century sustainability can be achieved via a political revolution underpinned by fundamental ideological change.

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