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Peace Portal

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Earth Portals, as a web site which offers new "Metaphors of Consciousness', recognizes the many efforts worldwide devoted to peace initiatives. The effort to maintain Global Peace emphasizes the imbalances that currently prevail on planet Earth. Ecological disasters, war, racial and religious intolerace, ideological difference all contribute to a planet with issues that create a devasting waste of human and planetary resources.

Collectively, humankind is addressing this problem, and the Peace Portal will periodically add web sites and activites that promote resolutions for humanities problems, and contributions to peaceful alternatives. The human race has no alternative but to secure a lasting peace, otherwise, our fragile eco-system will be destroyed, and the divine nature of humankind will be lost forever.

These words have been expressed by countless millions, and they must continue to be expressed until the human race reaches those divine heights which are the natural birth right of each an every individual.

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