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Insights is an in-depth look at how issues and ideas about the human condition are being expressed by various individuals. Here you will find contributions from many people who have insights on how we can repair our planet-- with solutions to problems such as our run-away resources, the destruction of eco-systems, and any other life-threatening situation we find ourselves in. Find a place at "Insights" to voice your opinions and ideas.

We feel here at Earth Portals that new life-sustaining strategies must be implemented immediately if all inhabitants of our planet are going to enjoy a healthy and meaningful life into the 21st century. We must integrate respect for every indigenous and unique lifeform if we are to continue to enjoy the beautiful tapestry of life on Earth. Join us now to contribute your needed and appreciated creativity in attempting to collectively restore our wondrous planet. Each and every human's energy is needed at this time. Thank you for your time and for your unique insights.


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