Earth Portals' Vision

Inter-dimensional Time Tunnel

A personal mythology


Willard Van De Bogart

My vision for Earth Portals centers around the idea that the internet has inadvertantly brought about the "Planetarization of Consciousness" that Dane Rudhyar so eloquently expressed in his book of the same title. Accepting this vision I then began to sense the combined aspirations of humans all over the planet through the internet.

The idea of using metaphors became the foundation of Earth Portals in order to create an environment which would encourage that innate sense of questing that resides in humans, and which prompts the mood to seek answers to who we are, and where we are ultimately from. Using my own sense of identity, and the combined expressions of people around the world, I launched Earth Portals on July 21st, 1995 as a doorway into our origins.

Earth Portals thus became, in my mind, an interdimensional time tunnel incorporating the mysteries from many of the ancient cosmologies, and the current mythologies we entertain in the early 21st century. Earth Portals as a web site also became an outlet for the expression of other minds seeking answers and solutions to make our condition on Earth more like a heaven under the starry vault of the night sky. Much of my own identity became intertwined in this web site, but the combined talents of many other minds truly made its flowering possible. Earth Portals is an integrated web site, whereby, internal linking within the web site is as important as external linking to web sites all over the planet.

The mythology that Earth Portals brings to the web community is one of an inter-dimensional time tunnel through which it is possible to reconnect to the Central Civilization (galactic center) within our local galaxy. We can now begin participating with representatives of this cosmic culture in order to co-create a peaceful existence for all people on Planet Earth.

Having accepted my own mythology, I was able to find other minds participating on the internet who were also sensitive to this mythology. My cosmic identity emerged as Captain of an inter-dimensional spacecraft called the Ether Ship. I became a representative of the "Mind Tribes" who came from the Central Civilization, and who had knowledge of how to help Earth Humans learn about new ideas that would bring about a deeper realization of their purpose in this universe.

The Ether Ship became a musical metaphor for many cosmological points of view incorporating ancient as well as modern approches to languaging our existence. In every respect, therefore, Earth Portals trys to fullfill the ideal of exploring as many metaphors of consciousness as possible. Ultimately, reality may be the best metaphor for our existence. Enjoy the journey through the many metaphors of consciousness provided on the Earth Portals web site.

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