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What is a Portal?
Claire "Vati" Watson

A portal is a two-way interdimensional door opening into several realities, including the astral world; the far reaches of physical, interstellar space; and alternate, parallel universes. When the ritual is performed to activate the doorway, there is no way of knowing which essential reality will be accessed, and this surprise element is part of the fun of it! Ritual of the Portal is coordinated by a vast network of benevolent and powerful interdimensional beings who monitor and control what happens in the portals. Ritual of the Portal is the mechanics of planetary ascension.

Ritual of the Portal is an exciting transformational experience and an ancient alchemical activity. It facilitates the alchemical Great Work by opening interdimensional doorways so that we may communicate and interact with spiritual, interdimensional and extraterrestrial beings of the universe who can pass through the portals. We hope we may be able to see them and we know their presence will enhance our lives, just as our lives will enrich their own. We open the portals so that, with these interdimensional beings as our guides, we may pass through the portals astrally and visit other parts of the universe and other dimensions, thus enlightening our perspective and our understanding of the Great Plan. Elevation to the astral plane is part of passing through the portal, and it is from this platform of awareness that many experiences are possible. We hope to accomplish an alchemy, a fusion with beings of light. Their level of spiritual evolution is beyond our present understanding, but we have the power to join with them, they have a desire to unite with us, and this is in keeping with Divine Law. When ascension is a mass event it becomes planetary ascension and it brings Earth on-line with an network of planets.

By uniting with interdimensional beings of light, we experience an increase in astral projection to the far reaches of the universe, we become telepathically gifted, and our personal power and overall happiness grows.

How to locate your portal:

When looking for your portal, pay close attention to the temperature and electrostatic sensations. The portal will have a different temperature, usually cooler, than the rest of the room, and when you find it you should have a tingling sensation when you stand in it. Often, the sensation feels like "goose bumps," but without the bumps, and with body hair standing up as with static electricity. When a portal is active in the home, a large electrostatic field is evidenced, generating enough voltage to increase battery power. Stand in the portal and allow yourself to relax completely. You may feel the sensation of anti-gravity, which I describe as a "floaty" feeling and which causes my arms to float up over my head, where they feel the most comfortable.

Before you begin portal activation, stand or sit outside it and look inside for any unusual activity, such as speeding specks of dust, black lightning, heavy air, shadows, etc. I usually see very wispy clouds of air and speeding specks of dust. I know people who have seen "black lightning" and heavy air. Gossamer clouds are easy to see inside the portal. When performing Ritual of the Portal, "magical" items, patterns of movement, and invocations create an important atmosphere and gestalt. The portal is a naturally occurring structure or "house" which you will enlarge and enter. To enlarge and empower my portal, I encircle it with quartz rocks and crystals. Use jewelry with quartz if you don't have quartz crystals.

Quartz is transparent to ultraviolet rays and possesses an unusual property known as the piezoelectric effect, which means that an electric charge can be induced in the crystal when pressure is applied to it in certain directions. When the voltage generated by the portal is conducted by the quartz, and when the quartz is manipulated by the portal beings, the powers of the portal, the quartz, the beings and the participants are enhanced. Electrically vibrating quartz is used by the portal-beings as a means of measuring and controlling their frequency of vibration, in terms of Hertz or cycles per second. By using the quartz this way, the portal-beings become visible to us, and we have seen them.

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