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A step by step approach on how to gather information on current events and stories and be able to write opinions and express personal points of view


Ajarn Willard Van De Bogart - TESOL Certificate May 2003-SIT


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Chapter four:


How can you organize your information?

Are you missing any necessary facts? If you are missing anything, go back to your sources to locate the needed information. Look for patterns to help you organize and make sense of this new information. Remember, you will need this to complete the writing assignments!

In chapter three you took notes on all the information you had gathered. You also made a list of all your information, and put it on a diskette.
You handed in a sheet of paper with a recall column and a main column column.

What do you do now?

Assignment 1.
You have to put information into smaller folders and pick which piece of information is the most important to the theme of your story. Pick the most important 5 W's and H, and So What.

The 5 W's and H and So What?All stories must cover certain key questions. They are often called the 5Ws and H:
Who...(Who said that)
What...(What happened today)
Where...(Where did the accident happen)
When...(When did the fight start)
Why...(Why did she marry him)
How...(How long will it take to finish)

My favorite is:
So What?...(So what does it mean) - (so what does it matter) - (so who cares)

Folder A. Details that explain the main lead for your story.
Folder B. Background information on the lead...can be any of the ways you learned to gather information in Chapter two. Review Chapter two.
Folder C. More information relating to your main there.Review Chapter one.
Folder D. The least important information
Folder E. Be critical. Who cares about what you are doing?

Don't forget to mention where you got your information...the source

Assignment 2. Print out this page and fill in the squares.

Story Organizer


Fill out the boxes below to create astory.

Character and/or Setting
Specific example of a person or event.
Description of an event or place.

Problem or Main Happening.
What is the story about?
Context: How is this event or situation or topic affecting people?
How many other people are in a similar situation?Background:What caused this development?
How did it come to be the way it is today?

Solution or Ending
Can you find a strong statement that relates to the beginning of the story?

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