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A step by step approach on how to gather information on current events and stories and be able to write opinions and express personal points of view


Ajarn Willard Van De Bogart - TESOL Certificate May 2003-SIT


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Chapter three:


 Taking Notes:

While many students view notetaking as an activity conducted simply in lecture, solid notetaking skills require preparation and reflection as well. Your class notes can serve as an important tool for reviewing your collected material and distilling key concepts. The following system provides suggestions on ways to take good notes and use them well. The key is to develop a system that enables you to recall the information you want to tell your story.

Assignment: 5 points

1. On a diskette list all the material you have collected in your portfolio that will help you to prepare your story and eventually help you form an opinion.

2. Recall Column:
On a piece of paper use (2 and a half inches) on the left side for joting down ideas about all the material you have collected in your portfolio. I want to see how you think about what you have collected.

------2 1/2"--------
3. Main column:
On the right side of the paper use the (remaining 6 inches) to jot down as much of the information about your collected material as you can.
Reduce ideas and facts toconcise jottings and summaries as cues for Reciting, Reviewing, and Reflecting.




4. Two options:
Pass in this paper to me in class on July 8th. This is also the day you have to show to me what your portfolio looks like so far with all the material you have collected.
If you can use microsoft word and make these columns on a page in the program save the work to diskette. I then can look at both your work on diskette as well as the paper you pass in. If you do it all on the word program all you have to do is print it out.

Note:You must pass in the paper with the columns on it and all your notes.

Helpful suggestion for you!

The following format (ways to take your notes) provides the perfect opportunity for following through with the 5 R's of note-taking. If you follow these 5 helpful ways to use your notes it will give you ideas throughout the course. Here they are:

Great! You are on your way to starting your story which will all come together in the final presentation of your completed portfolio. There is lots of time so do not woory. However, do not get behind because you must use all these ideas from the first 4 weeks in developing how your potfolio will look.

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