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A step by step approach on how to gather information on current events and stories and be able to write opinions and express personal points of view


Ajarn Willard Van De Bogart - TESOL Certificate May 2003-SIT


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Chapter thirteen

Final Paper

Tips to consider for your final paper.

You have to think of many things to make a good final paper.

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I will grade your paper based on the following criteria:
I am asking you to write at least 500 words. You will need this to introduce your subject or story, provide your arguments, and finally present your conclusion. 
How well organized is your paper? Can I determine easily the important points? Have you chosen a good order in which to present information? Have you broken it into sections in a logical manner? 
Are your paragraphs well formed? Does each section and subsection (even if unnumbered) have a topic paragraph? Does each paragraph have a topic sentence? Are your sentences well written?  
Beginning and end:
You need to have a brief introduction and a clear conclusion for your paper. 
You need to have an argument either for or against the certain point of view or views that you make. 
My overall impression of your paper. 

Will Thai students produce great literature?

Are Thai students capable of producing great literature in the future?
THANONG KHANTHONG of the Nation newspaper has written an article thinking they can not. Click on the link to read his opionion.OVERDRIVE: Where is the literary voice of Thailand?
Published on October 08, 2004

Counter argument

Thai artists are stifled by stuffy establishment - by Bill McCormick, Letters to the Editor Nation Newspaper October 9, 2004

Chapter twelve

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