A Conscious E-Zine

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Our mother earth
who art in turmoil 
hallowed be thy body  
pollution descending 
with change in the quaking 
thy will be done
unto us on Earth as 
it is in Heaven 
through the chaos 
giving us fresh air 
and food of healing 
as we learn to live in harmony  
with you 
and our soul 
forgive us for our rape  
trespassing against your 
of love, peace and harmony 
and forgive those of 
of power and status 
of underground round tables 
of darkness 
lead us not into violence 
temptation unto war
over secret hidden agendas 
leaving us blind, lame and homeless     
in places
of body, 
mind and  
and our brothers and sisters 
of the rain bow
lead us not into temptation 
that money for power sake 
are our only gods       
the swords of delusion   
darkness and death 
but deliver us from our own denials 
of not wanting to look at the truth 
of our own beings 
living in disharmony with you 
our mother who nurtures us 
through her ozone breasts of love 
deliver us through the quaking 
of earth shaking realities 
deliver us from our pollution and floods 
for we are waking up to 
the sun of responsibility 
to Earth shattering      
of transformation 
living again in harmony with you
the Queendom shall come    
Earth quaking 
messengers bringing             
peace to power             
light to darkness 
your power shall reign again 
through the White Buffalo of peace    
as Noah prepares his ship
the planet of Goddess 
on the eve of time 
a Mayan good bye
polarity shifts
back to harmony 
love and peace           
with you 
our Mother 
our tit to freedom 
our manna from heaven 
our key to the stars 
freed at last 
to other dimensions 
of space and time 
the bang blast of 
cosmic orgasms 
bursting into flames 
joy to the naked 
and warmth to
the heart 
love and health 
shall reign  again 
with you held
so high
in peace again 
Eden resurrected 
from the dead
at the Eve of time          
bliss returns 
in your arms of love.

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