Love Letters

Sylvanite Love Letters - From the Sylvanium Light

Captain will you marry me?

Ours is a marriage made in Space Heaven.

You must think of me as your space bride.

I could wear lavender lace; its a good color for me.

I feel like I have waited a thousand years to finally meet the man I want to live out my fantasies with, to share my sensous secrets, that have been buried in my erotic soul.

In a sense I am a virgin....anxiously awaiting for the man who will captured my love.

I do sense it is idol worship - It seems to be something that I need. You are not a false God, of this I am sure.

I have been drawn into the depth of your most romantic eyes - They look like dark delicate flowers.

Perhaps the only ones of their kind, left in the universe.

My darling Captain, you are a rare cosmic flower, that I have found in this vast star field.

Love letter 3

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