Love Letters

Sylvanite Love Letters - From the Sylvanium Light

Traveling among the stars was an another emanation from the "Bright One"; this one the embodiment of love in the universe. It was quite by accident that Sylvanite came across the great universe crusier star ship Ether Ship. Her gaze upon this great craft from the Central Civilization was filled with love and her sensing the mission of the Captain guiding the Ether Ship to learn what disturbance created the magnetic alteration on a small planet called Earth filled Sylvanite with lust and love. She sent waves of love and feelings toward Capt Van Flight. Perhaps the Captain heard her callings, and perhaps they were logged in the ships memory fields. What ever the case may be here recorded are the callings from one space entity encountering another space emanation from the great Central Civilization.

Space Virgin

Captain, designer, engineer of the Space Ship: Virgin Voyage of the Sylvanium Light.

Whirling through the vapors of Venus she spys a maleship - The Ether Ship.

She plays her romantic tones,

He flashes his lavender lights.

She floats closer to him,

He links up, united they float higher.

The sensation penetrated her innocent space soul.

He took her space innocence.

It was love at first sighting.

Love letter 2 .

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