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Growth of Nazism in the USA: World on the Brink of Armageddon

Charles Mercieca, Ph.D.
International Association of Educators for World Peace
Professor of History and Philosophy
Alabama A&M University

When World War II was over, the whole world took a sigh of relief. This was one of the most devastating wars in history which left 50 million people dead and 10 million maimed. It all started with Adolf Hitler by pulling out Germany from the League of Nations in order to embark on a military build up with some of the most sophisticated weapons of his time. The allied forces composed of the democratic west and the communist east were then convinced that through such a defeat, Nazism became obliterated from the surface of the earth.

Importance of the United Nations

Shortly after World War II was over, the United Nations came into existence which gave the world a new hope. If the nations of the world were to meet periodically and try to solve their differences through healthy dialogues instead of going through a devastating war, the world would definitely be safer. In fact, Sir Winston Churchill of Great Britain stated that the world needs some form of world government in order to make sure that the very concept of war becomes a thing of the past.

However, diverse ideological systems grew and developed, each one believing that the other was a threat to world peace. These two systems became known as capitalism, which developed in the west headed by the United States, and communism, which flourished in the east under the leadership of the former Soviet Union. Hence, the cold war started with preparations being made for an eventual World War III which would be infinitely more devastating since this would be nuclear.

As a result, the communist east formed the Warsaw Pact, a military alliance to safeguard the east from a possible attack from the west. On the other hand, the capitalist west established the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to counteract communist threats from the east. To this end, former US President Dwight Eisenhower said: If NATO does not achieve its objectives over a period of ten years, its presence will be futile. The cold war was on.

The big winner of the cold war ended up to be the weapons industry which became the most lucrative business of the entire twentieth century. This industry thrived on regional wars which were instigated through fear and well devised plans that would justify the endless purchase of weapons, regardless of the cost. In this regard, former US President Dwight Eisenhower warned the United States government that every dollar spent on weapons is an act of theft taken from the hungry and the poor.

Collapse of the Soviet Union

In 1987 the communist system collapsed and the Soviet Union disintegrated. Shortly afterwards, the Warsaw Pact was dissolved. Once more, the whole world took a sigh of relief and all nations looked at the USA for proper guidance to international prosperity and world peace. The United States was expected to develop a program of disarmament and development by changing the scope of the weapons industry, from an agent of destruction to an agent of construction, from an instrument of war promotion to an instrument of peace retention.

However, following the satanic footsteps of Nazism, the USA, guided by right-wing Republicans in particular, embarked on the largest military build up in peaceful history. It proceeded to develop new weaponry systems and to literally control the world along the same pattern visualized by Nazi Germany during the decade of the thirties. Such right-wing Republicans have voted to crush the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty which was viewed by the whole world as a gigantic step toward world peace. Both President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a Republican, and President John F. Kennedy, a democrat, were convinced that the end of nuclear testing would signal the beginning of world peace.

At the instigation of right-wing Republicans, Senator Jesse Helms and Senator Trent Lott, forty nine other right-wing Republican Senators voted to defeat the Treaty. This arrogant step was taken in spite of the fact that such a Treaty: (1) would end nuclear testing for ever, and (2) would provide the USA with the opportunity to stop the further spread of such nuclear weapons. This Treaty was signed by 155 countries and had the support of 82% of the American people.

Because of right-wing Republicans, the USA was unable to take the lead in the world to change the scope of the military.... from an element of devastation to an element of service. This would mean for military men to plant trees along the highways of the nation, construct prefabricated homes for the poor, provide food for the hungry, repair old bridges and constructing new ones, and build more schools as well as hospitals, among several other possibilities.

Here are the five top priorities of right-wing Republicans which vindicate their ruthless implementation of Nazism in the American nation:

1. Resuming Nuclear Testing: Right-wing Republicans have abandoned a 50-year bipartisan effort to procure global security which was successful in making the world a safer place of habitation. Instead, they are determined to create all kinds of scenarios that would justify the continued interests of the weapons industrial complex.

2. Building a Star Wars missile defense system: Instead of building an interdependent global community which is characterized by mutual benefits, right-wing Republicans want to spend countless billions of dollars to create for adults a children's nintendo game. This is very dangerous and it reveals a product of sick minds of the same caliber of the Nazis in the thirties.

3. Abolishing of the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty: It took years and numerous efforts to get the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty signed. It took countless energy for people all over the world to pray and make sacrifices to this end. Now, right-wing Republicans, as satanic agents of doom, want to abrogate this treaty, and lead the USA to World War III where there will be only losers.

4. Raising the military budget without limit: If the USA were to reduce its military budget by 50%, it will still remain the strongest military force in the world. Such money could be used to build many hospitals, find cure to cancer, heart disease, and AIDS, procure 5 million homes for the homeless, provide free education for everyone, create a free-health care system, and abolish most taxes.

5. Refusing to pay US dues to the United Nations: Over the past 50 years, the UN has prevented many wars through healthy dialogues. The US dues are a moral obligation. Yet, right-wing Republicans would spend money for the development of new weaponry systems which will then be sold to any nation that would pay the right price, as we have witnessed in the Iran/Contra affair.

The growth of Nazism in the United States through right-wing Republicans is not a matter of opinion. It is a matter of fact. Actions speak louder than words. We have analyzed the actions of such right-wing Republicans and found that they are identical to those of the Nazis in Germany at the height of Nazism during the decade of the thirties. Right-wing Republicans are characterized by irresponsibility. Their refusal to sign the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty has increased global nuclear danger. India and Pakistan may take that as an excuse to resume nuclear test explosions and even to deploy nuclear weapons on missiles.

Because of the grave error right-wing Republicans made in refusing to sign the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, the nations with nuclear capability are beginning to reassess their position. The question which right-wing Republicans need to answer is this: Will it be safer for the USA to continue to have a nuclear arsenal and for several other countries to continue to have a nuclear arsenal as well? Or, would it be safer for the USA to curb its nuclear arsenal to the point of obliteration while the other countries with nuclear capability will do the same?

Right-Wing Republicans in Perspective

The problem with right-wing Republicans lies here. They have a tunnel vision. They cannot see anything beyond their nose. Like Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime, they are stubborn and they will not listen to anyone except to anything that crosses their head. Numerous organizations throughout the world have condemned in the open the dangerous and irrational behavior of right-wing Republicans. The Council for a Livable World, which was founded in 1962 by top scientists, was quick to support President Kennedy's treaty which barred above-ground nuclear explosions in 1963.

As it has been properly demonstrated by the Council for a Livable World, the arguments which right-wing Republicans brought to justify their refusal to ratify the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, were utterly misleading and thoroughly false. It would be highly appropriate for the United States people to vote out of office every single right-wing Republican who voted against the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in the next elections. These enemies of the said treaty should be viewed by Americans and by the whole world, as a matter of fact, as enemies of human survival itself.

Some of the right-wing Republican Senators who voted against the said treaty and who made news as a result were: 1) Michigan Republican Senator Spencer Abraham who called the test ban treaty fatally flawed, 2) Washington Republican Senator Slade Gorton who opposed the Treaty for eliminating our ability to modernize our existing (nuclear) weapons, and 3) Missouri Republican Senator John Ashcroft who viewed the Treaty as the illusion of arms control.

Ironically, the push for the development of new weaponry systems and the effort to reignite the arms race as fast as possible does not come from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, from the Pentagon. It comes from right-wing Republicans who are determined to do anything in their power to safeguard the lucrative business of the weapons industrial complex. These right-wing Republicans shamed the USA by making the world view the American nation as warlike rather than peaceful.

The nations of Europe, Asia and Africa as a whole have expressed disapproval of the right-wing Republican Senators' disastrous and irresponsible action. The five priorities set up by right-wing Republicans, which were outlined earlier, reveal with clarity how Nazism has infiltrated the US government like cancer. For right-wing Republicans what matters is to maintain and expand the huge arsenal of 12,000 nuclear weapons and to spend billions of dollars on a Star Wars shield that has been proved by experts it will never work.

American Crucial Crossroad

If we really care about the safety of the American people and of the world's people, as a matter of fact, we need to raise some questions. The plan for right-wing Republicans is to end all arms control and to turn back the clock of history to the time when our children lived in terror of nuclear weapons. What has been surprising in the ten to twelve candidates running for the US presidency on the Republican ticket in the year 2000 was the fact that they were virtually all right-wing Republicans.

They all advocated the promotion and implementation of the five items outlined above which characterized the Nazis during the time of Adolf Hitler. This included also the Republican nominee George W. Bush, Governor of Texas, who said that, if elected President he would abolish the ABM treaty, promote the Star Wars concept, and increase the military budget. If actions speak louder than words, George W. Bush was, in essence, promising to turn the United States from a nation of capitalism into a nation characterized by Nazism, from a nation whose mission was to bring about world peace into a nation whose mission would be to hasten our earthly community into a global war.

We need to bring to our mind what religious leaders from all faiths have told us, from Buddha, Lao Tze and, Confucius all the way to Jesus of Nazareth, Mohammed, Mahatma Gandhi, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta. They warned us: Si vis bellum para bellum.... si vis pacem para pacem --- If you want war prepare for war..... if you want peace prepare for peace.

The American people need to open their eyes widely before it is too late. Such people are lucky to live in a country where they are free to elect their representatives. Jesus of Nazareth warned: Judge a tree by the fruit it gives. We also know that actions speak louder than words. When right-wing Republicans refuse to sign treaties that advocate the abolition of landmines and the imposition of a ban on nuclear weapons, their ability to make our world a safer place of habitation needs to be seriously questioned.

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