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There is something extraordinary happening right now to each and every one of us. Have you heard? Some have said we are "waking up". Others talk of us "raising our consciousness". All the prophecies of every major religion and faith seem to be convening as we come to the close of this millennium. We hear the murmurs and rumors of a planetary shift, one that will shed a bright light on our current state of darkness and confusion. How we each approach this realization of a higher consciousness will add a unique and diverse layer to whatever we are due to experience on this planet in the next few critical years . When 6.8 billion people with 6.8 different perspectives on what it means to be alive are sharing one planet, things are bound to get a little hairy!

Many of us at times, are stressed by the multitudes of energies that vie for our attention on a daily basis. If our time is not taken by our jobs or daily responsibilities, we are probably vegetating (recovering) in front of our television sets, or sleeping. If we are very fortunate, we find some time during our hectic week to give to ourselves, whether it be engaging in a hobby, meditation, or even an hour in therapy. Several of us feel cut off from the outside world of stress, violence and the evening news. We want to insulate ourselves from the chaotic harm we sense occurring always around us. We are all aware that our planet is in danger--and that means the spirits of all life on Earth--human beings, all the creatures and trees are endangered as well. Many of us feel trapped in our worlds, and may feel powerless to affect change in our own life, not to mention the confidence and faith required to take on the job of healing the planet.

Why are we here? Certainly not to be observors of a slow death to all life on Earth. We witness daily the pollution, destruction, and unconscious exploitation of Earth and her inhabitants. How can we allow this to go on? Yet what are we to do? For instance, we must drive our cars so that we can go to work so that we can survive. Even if we take public transportation, we are still polluting the environment with our exhaust fumes. We all create garbage for our land fills; we can't possibly recycle everything. It seems that everything causes cancer. Besides, isn't that the government's responsibility? What's the E.P.A. for, anyway?

I believe we are here to be guardians for our planet. This is surely no easy task. Perhaps this is why God made us so complex. After all, we are still using only about 10% of our brains, not to mention the power of our hearts which so few of us have access to. We have functioned on survival for so long, our fight-or-flight mechanism has surpressed our higher potentials as human beings. Even if our human potential could be fully accessed, how on Earth can we know where to begin to clean up our planet? The powers-that-be have had thousands of years to hold the Earth hostage to their negative spin--now we have only a few years to be like Superman when he turned back time to give Planet Earth a happy ending. YIKES!

Relax...Most of us are doing the best we can under the circumstances. We would most certainly align ourselves with good choices for us and the planet if we were given the chance. We sometimes forget that we always have a chance--our choice.There is a simple way to attract and choose things in life that are good for us and the planet. Simply support and affirm all life. Any choice that hurts any part of life isn't a life-affirmjng choice. If we love all living things, and protect the lives of all living creatures, we begin to be the guardians we were meant to be.

Being an intelligent person today means more than having a high I.Q. The more important question is What's your Earth I.Q. ? What does it mean to be earth-intelligent? Do you make choices that are good for you and good for the Earth? It has become easier to make earth-intelligent choices in our lives because today there are many environmentally-friendly, non-toxic alternatives to meet our needs. We simply have to become informed of them and choose them over unconscious toxic choices.

We all have to meet our basic needs--food, clothing, shelter, the need to love and be loved, the need to feel safe, the need to reach our full potential as human beings. Whenever we can make a choice that supports and nurtures our lives and the lives of others, and the planet, we are being earth-intelligent and making a life-affrming choice. The earth demands nothing less if we are to continue our privelged existence here.

We have arrived. Our intuiton and consciousness are gliding into alignment with the will of our planet that has supported us all along. Many human beings have begun to experience the effortless ease that comes along with "surrendering" to the will of the Unverse. What this really means is that we are able to let the higher will of God work through us, instead of being in opposition to this force. When we commit ourselves to being the special agents for this divine energy, things seem to fall into place for us. We put a request out to the Universe, and it is granted. We speak our desires, only to have each one fulfilled. Our lives become the full expression of the grace and magic we have always known they could be.

It is my dedicated pleasure and duty to inform you of the life- affirming technologies and alternative lifestyle options that I have found thus far. Please be aware that you do make a profound difference in the world--through your own life as a shining example for others, and through all the lives that you touch everyday. Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider the possibilities for exemplary living that the following pages invite you to embrace.

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Your Co-Earth Guardian,
Colleen Grimes

Colleen Grimes

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