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These first messages were received telepathically by Anna Federighi.

These messages have been translated from Italian with the intent of retaining the presence of the entity rather that searching for grammatical or syntactic perfection. The entities that we receive generally refer to themselves in the plural and may use both singular and plural even when replying to single person. It is important to read these messages, not only as specific indications but as a ìpacket of energyî that they are transmitting to you. Read the message slowly and feel what ripples form in your soul , what echoes you hear, what they are telling you at an intuitive level rather than intellectual level. It is necessary to tolerate the state of not understanding and to simply perceive.

The messages are numbered and will be presented in chronological order. Please contact The COOP COSMO for messages that you may have missed. email:

Ashtar, Adionesis, Samuele, Seth, Washta

Message one from Dior:

Dior, 313.

Dior, what do you have to say to me?

There are major changes coming to the Earth and we must be ready so that they don't unbalance us. In order to do this we need to prepare ourselves for the alternatives to types of energy that will move anything that is in a precarious equilibrium.

If we pay attention to a whole series of warnings that the Earth is giving out we will be able to understand the direction to take in order to avoid irreversible damage.

We need not alarm ourselves or others, but must be ready to act, to help as many other people as possible to become aware so that those who remain unaware i.e. unreachable at an energetic level, can still find help, thus reducing the inevitable damage caused by the occlusion of balancing genetic movement (an unbalanced human being) who finds himself driven from pillar to post by uncontrollable impulses due to his lack of capacity to deal with the energy that is arriving via the ozone layer.

We must act to end the loss of climatic balance caused by the hole in the ozone layer. You can't imagine how much damage it is doing to a whole series of oxygen based micro-organisms that live in the air and which, when lacking or diminished in numbers, weaken the bacterial control which form part of man's defence system.

We need to stem the damage until we find the ideal solution to a problem which is getting worse and which will certainly not improve with time.

You will have asked yourself what you can do to help and I am replying that you can do a lot at the informative level.

This is the first message that will awaken in you the desire to communicate in order to receive the necessary information that will help staunch the problem and thus render the Earth less susceptible to cataclysms that would otherwise be inevitable.

If there is the willingness to do so, then there is the possibility of intervening. This is part of Operation Katamar.

Alone to you dear sister, Dior

Message two from Dior:

DIOR, 313

Dior, what do you have to tell me?

We strongly feel the need to communicate and to warn that difficult times are coming, we need to act promptly in order to limit the damages.


Man's use of technology has destroyed Earth's organic defences, changing the natural biological rhythms and the cycle of the seasons.

These altered rhythms have an effect on the Earth's production of energy and confuses the genetic rhythms that are indispensable to all types of reproduction; animal, vegetable and human.

At a very subtle level it is already possible to feel a type of altered energy which we need to restrain in order to avoid repercussions to an equilibrium which is already under stress.

The external stimuli don't coincide with the internal ones and this leads to confusions as to how to act.

Understanding this, you will see that how you deal with this situation is important because when you understand you will find that the confusion caused by the unbalanced energy will disappear.

Being able to manage your own lives, even if it is with effort, you will be able to continue to communicate telepathically, gathering precious indications for your daily lives and constructing a framework for cosmic exchanges which are not only useful to you Earthlings, they are indispensable as a way of acquiring information for your present and future lives at a personal and terrestrial level.

If you can fully understand this, it won't be difficult for you to put yourself completely at our disposal for a cause in which we are all involved.

If each of you who are in telepathic contact takes on the role that is awaiting you then you will find no difficulty in passing on the information because you will find many more people who are interested than you imagine.

You must ask yourselves these questions:

Do you believe that what we are telling you is true?

Do you feel that the source of this information is positive?

Are you afraid?

Do you feel that even if this is a very important mission that your help is indispensable?

As soon as you are clear within yourselves, be very decided as to where you stand so that doubts, uncertainties and anything else that might restrain you canít come between you and us.

Anna, this is an important moment, but if you let yourself go with it, your agitation will decrease and moving into action will release all the energy that is compressed inside of you. Your health will improve and you will regain your joy in life. Try to get together with others who are in harmony with you and you will find that everything is easier.

Don't lose yourself in this confusing labyrinth where you are trying to find a structure that will let you go ahead with the same ideas as in the past. You can always do it as an exercise, but it is time consuming and takes away your attention from the present moment.

You need to concentrate your energy on constructive ideas and not to keep hooking into internal mazes where you lose yourself. This wonít happen if you spend your time with the right people because you wonít feel this need and will be free to act to the most of your ability.

It is important only to understand yourself and what you want, but I believe that the time has come for you to become profoundly aware so that you can make the right decisions and enjoy interior peace. If my prediction is true then this is the time that we can finally welcome you among us!

Alon dear sister, may the light of the sun warm you, light your way and sustain you on your path, Dior

Message three from Dior:

if you (Anna) respond to our telepathic appeal and if others also in contact pass on the message that will lead to the implementation of the Katamar mission.

What is important for you to know is that you need to become an active and pure link for this cosmic transmission so that you can pass on this indispensable information in order that the earth suffer less serious repercussions.

The problem is one of infiltration of the a type of micro-organism that is entering and becoming part of the oxygen, causing various types of alterations but especially at a genetic level. Realising that this is something unknown to you and not measurable scientifically because you donít have the means for recognising nor quantifying it, you will understand that not fighting it could lead to its taking possession of the entire system of life on the Earth. It would cause enormous damage on a subtle level against which man is unable to defend himself, especially if he sees no danger. This is the awareness that you need to spread.

The hole in the ozone layer has permitted this infiltration because the vital sequence of Earth's equilibrium is disturbed at all levels. It is absolutely necessary to be prepared physically and psychologically in order that protective barrier of energy be formed against this threat.

This is what we want you to understand, that it is only by controlling the situation energetically that you can defend your immune systems against this attack; damage is already apparent in the vegetable, animal and human ecosystems.

The repercussions will be notable because there is a lack of balance between the spiritual and material aspects on the Earth which has permitted the formation of the hole in the Earthís protective layer and in consequence many people will be attacked with a resulting prevalence of all those qualities that tend to the negative, therefore when you communicate these indications it is very important to maintain a high level of spiritual energy within yourselves, preserving your equilibrium, otherwise the situation is not only dangerous per se but also for what you may unleash if you yourselves are attacked by these micro-organisms.

I want you to stop and reflect on this for a moment.

Anna: We understand what you are saying and want to know how and when?

Dior: We donít want to alarm you but the problem already exists - if you look around on the Earth there is no State in which there are not already alterations at both the level of nature and of human beings. The nations that will be most affected are those which are most ìcivilisedî in that they are almost completely lacking in spirituality which is a major factor in their energetic disequilibrium. The northernmost countries are most severely affected and as you can see Russia is passing a particularly destructive phase, e.g. Chernobyl, but also closer to you there are evident hot spots such as Yugoslavia while further East there is a prevalent state of misery and situations of enormous power that leave little space to the individual, leading to a degradation of man and a energetic disequilibrium.

Water is the element that will carry the most destructive effect in that to purify ourselves we are going to have to be sure of internal as well as external hygiene. Sea water will have the effect of weakening the hold of the micro-organisms therefore is important to remain in a relationship with the oceans on an energetic level even if the seas themselves are bound to be the part of the earth that suffers the most.

However, we want to give you hope. If you can weave a web of energy around the globe formed of vibrations of love, then it will be possible to mend the above mentioned hole in the Earth's energy network.

Do you understand how important all of this is?

Your task of revealing this message is crucial in that you will touch on arguments that many people have already felt at an unconscious level. If each person feels an echo of truth within themselves when they hear what you have to say, then they in their turn will disseminate it. You must create this opportunity for everyone, your own intuition will guide you to speak to the right people at the right time.

Choose the people carefully, at least at the beginning so that you can form a homogenous group that will give birth to other groups, thus gradually forming an energy network.

The first thing to do is to gather together various texts and communicate with the people that you feel are the most ready and you will see how many you find on your journey.


Message four from Dior:

Dior, 313.

Dior, can we go on with the indications for Operation Katamar?

In order to divulge Operation Katamar is necessary to profoundly assimilate the concepts that we are going to give you.

If we fully understand the concept ourselves it will be easy to gain the attention of others in that what we are saying will have the effect of stimulating a level of consciousness where such concepts already exist and the person involved will be surprised to find that he already has these thoughts within.

I want to encourage you to go ahead knowing that you are carrying a concrete and practical message of faith and of strength that will open the doors of awareness to many.

Know that the Earth is in danger and therefore its inhabitants are subject to attacks of various types but that with faith that our lives are in our own hands, we can change a situation of danger into one of awareness.

It is indispensable that there be a cosmic energy link in order that new, very specific rays can be sent to counterbalance the current disequilibrium. We need your help, we need people who are in contact with us, channelling this energy to the Earth , bringing aid and solace to the soulís of man, raising his energy and involving him in a cosmic alliance.

We donít see any alternative for you at this time, but then what are we asking of you other than a telepathic relationship to help you manage a situation that has got out of hand? Reflect on this at a personal level and then expand the concept to encompass society. Certainly it will not have escaped your notice that things need changing in a time when current events make you wonder what is happening to human behaviour. It is extremely important that you find a remedy amongst people who can then share it and thus find the strength to do what has been needed for some time:


We always come back to the same concept of warmth and light that arises from love. If we stop fighting each other and put all this energy into loving one another, nothing is impossible, not even returning the Earth and itís inhabitant to an equilibrium which would be show immediate benefits l.

Never doubt the effect of group action. If we can begin with ideals and concepts in common then we can act in a way that will circumvent a whole series of events that our current behaviour is generating.

We will indicate to you the first small actions to take so that you will have evidence of the truth of what we are saying and thus many hearts will begin to beat together forming energy waves which rippling through the cosmos will awaken many beings who will be able in their turn to participate in this great revolution.

One starts from the negative and goes towards the positive with neither fear nor uncertainty, knowing that in opposition to that which is black one finds all that is white!


Message five from Dior:

Dior, greetings, do you have further indications to give us about Operation Katamar?

Operation Katamar:
Firstly, we must be sure to meditate on what has already been sent and decide what line to take and to whom the information is to be given, at least in this initial period.

The importance of this operation is in its intent to make Earthís inhabitants aware of the incumbent danger if they donít change their attitude towards the balance between the spiritual and material spheres. Not that this is insurmountable, there is within us something we need to search for and to use


In order to bring about changes, it is indispensable that we be fully aware of the moment we are living and of the opportunity that we have to share the means of raising consciousness, so that there are many souls working to the same end.

Let us take the heavens as a starting point and begin by raising our gaze, thus we will have taken the first step in telepathically joining Heaven and Earth.

Without a telepathic link there can not be disclosure without disclosure it is not possible to understand, even though we know at a feeling level, the precise danger we are in.

As I have already said it is not in not knowing that we can make ourselves feel easier, change our behaviour and become stimuli for those who are less aware.

The micro-organisms are the first battle signs of something that Earth is no longer able to tolerate and it is not by ignoring the warning signals that we can help, furthermore, we ourselves are in the same situation of something that we wonít have the possibility of transmitting nor making public.

The molecules that comprise the mineral kingdom are under pressure in that these micro-organisms attack the central parts of the nuclei and will cause major movement in many parts of the Earth, causing earthquakes, tsunami and enormous energetic oscillations which will oppose all that one tries to alter.

It is important to inhibit these alterations because if they become out of control they will spread an even heavier energy over the Earth, making the work of man much more difficult and creating fatigue. As you can see this energy has already begun to attack those who are most sensitive and is causing increasing difficulty of action and decision making.

Starting from a positive point of view in understanding the urgency of action necessary, we can behave in a way that those already attacked suffer not from fear but can change their own energy in the following ways.


These are the first basic concepts that can then be used by individuals if you notice amongst your friends an incidence of alterations to the nervous system, debilitation and lack of immune defences. They will need to understand and participate so that they donít waste precious time in unsuccessful treatments but rather realise that this is a course of treatment involving loving themselves and which will lead to them becoming part of the ranks of those using a new way of thinking that will connect the Earth to the cosmic system.

It is extremely important to emphasise the positive aspect of the situation; that it will allow us to become aware of something within ourselves that will then move in an external direction. Externally it is very important that you always maintain a auric barrier so that the energy created internally doesnít disperse, thus negating the work already done.

Never forget that it is important, extremely important to be in harmony with ourselves, having respect for the work that we are doing and if we find ourselves in a situation that blocks or opposes us to not desist in fighting for the energy that we have already acquired.

Our power, if that is the word that we want to use, lies in our determination to not let that which we have acquired at great cost to ourselves be appropriated.

Never forget the importance of how you administer your own energy which, when you fully understand , will mean that you will not permit the intrusion of anyone or anything..

This is the first rule if you want to participate in Operation Katamar.

I imagine that you have asked yourselves what Katamar means and I will explain it in the following way:

K= constellation
AMAR= of love
Thus Iím sure you will understand that in order to take part, it is indispensable that we begin with ourselves and that as you proceed you will see how many positive changes occur in a short time from the moment that you decide to join in this crusade.

We invite you to have faith and to put yourselves at our disposal by means of telepathic contact, so that we have an ever increasing number of contacts that can disseminate this project.

Becoming a telepathic contact is important because it allows us to be in cosmic harmony with beings who are dear to us and whom we want to help become cosmic in all senses. This alliance will raise the level of vibration of Earth and thus have the effect of transforming catastrophic events into peaceful ones.

You donít believe what I am saying?

Why not try thinking that faith is something that causes transformations and makes them possible even for those who donít believe. Have no doubt that the weight of the world can be lightened by means of contact with us. Being in contact means that we can send a new type of energy beam and creates the possibility to expanding energy of greater tone and strength and above all it will be possible to lighten your thoughts.

Do you see that if we hold our heads up we will tend to pick up ideas from above and not from below? Even if all of this is not possible in the space of a few days I can assure you that it is possible in the space of a few months.

If the energy begins to flow within you and when you become a conductor for this energy, the energy itself will become your sponsor and have an effect on people, who without even knowing you will begin to resonate with you.

This resonation will be the means of contact in the future for interplanetary telepathic transmissions. The sun, the moon and your whole solar system is prepared for this probable change in the Earth and is already transforming the systems of genetic communications into something much grander which will include Earth by establishing its re-entry in the cosmic interplanetary link.

There are a whole series of energies ready to descend upon you but in order for this to occur it is necessary that you do what you already know is necessary,


It is only the energy that comes from this cosmic sentiment that will allow the elevation of the underlying heavy energy that is attacking Earth and transporting you ever more into the sphere of earthly negative energy.

If we are careful, we can arrange to have this negative earthly energy attacked by the micro-organisms, annulling them both in a single move. Fighting and destroying that which needs to be transformed in this case is possible and now I will explain myself more clearly.

It is not possible for you to destroy the negative earthly energy in that the only thing you can do is to transform it. As regards the micro-organisms it is positive that they attach themselves to the negative earthly energy and by so doing form a single product which is possible for us to attack and destroy.

If you see that we can thus control the situation, I donít think you will find it difficult to participate in this operation of bringing together combining of these two forces.

I will finish her to give you a chance to reflect and weíll good ahead another time.


Ashtar, Adionesis, Samuele, Seth, Washta

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