World Spiritual Foundation

An Experience in Super-Consciousness

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Philosophy and Aims


The World Spiritual Foundation

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The World Spiritual Foundation (WSF)

...a charitable, non-profit establishment, is the nucleus of a world-wide organization of people of all Races, Faiths and Philosophical backgrounds, united in homage as a homogeneous humanity, before the greatness of the One Almighty God, to fulfill His perennial Plan for the rejuvenation of Society through a Vibrant yet solaceful Spiritual Awakening.

The World's Divine Doctrines emphatically and laboriously counsel us, that the pristine purpose for which we have been blessed with this precious human embodiment is primarily to develop our Soul and our Spiritual natures. All the Sanctified Scriptures declare in unison, that Prayer and mainly Meditation have impelling importance among life's many activities. Numerous passages therein invariably emphasize, that even the fundamental necessities of eating and drinking must take second place to it !

In spite of the tireless and laudable efforts of all the established and the few later-day Faiths, general conditions on Earth and even the conditions of a vast majority of individuals, is far from satisfactory. Each Faith of necessity and according to its orthodox ideologies, is unobtrusively causing a manifest measure of schism and division among the peoples of the world. Whilst every religion is really doing good and worthwhile work in it's own sphere of influence and activity, it becomes apparent that there exists a dire need for a unified and a more universal approach to the Divine.

This is precisely where the WSF comes in to make a modest attempt to unify and universalize Divine thought. A comprehensive system of Worship/Meditation has been discovered, which has always existed deep down in the enigmatic and oft times metaphoric writings of each Faith's religious Scriptures. With the WSF, people of different Faiths and even those with no religious learning's, can congregate together in a common format of worship and still continue respecting each others religious tenets and beliefs.

For sure, each member of the WSF eventually becomes a better religionist, in that he can thereafter understand the very essence of his own Religion in greater depth.

In Keeping with the above perspective, the central core of the Foundation's activities will focus upon the observance of regular Worship/Meditation sessions of a type that are in harmony with the deeper and essential aspects of prayer prescribed and enshrined in the World's Sacred Scriptures. These Scriptures all declare that true and genuine Worship/Meditation has essentially to be prompted and actuated from the Divine depths within man's own Being.

The Foundation therefore personifies a populace, who are led and guided in Meditation moment to moment, by the awakening and stirring up of the soul, the Holy Spirit as a feeling, a vibration, an ecstasy and an excitement, after adopting in reverence, a spontaneous stance of profound and deep submission and surrender to the Divine, the Sublime within.

With such Vibrant Celestial Meditation (VCM), which not only transcends the ritualistic and doctrinal dogmas, but also goes beyond word, image and thought, we can encounter and imbibe the true spirit of the almighty Creator, which is Universal LOVE. This all encompassing LOVE binds together, first the immediate Family, then the Community, next the Country and finally the entire World in Peace, Congeniality and Harmony. This is our cherished target.

The Main Aims

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