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Prison PAN Art Project
World Thirteen Moon Calendar Prison Liberation


I question (the structure of perception)
In order to dedicate (myself to my own
and liberation of consciousness
from all 12/60 false boundaries)
universalizing (my conscious mind)
(into a state of) fearlessness
(of all that limits me)

I seal the output of intelligence
(toward total truth) with
The crystal tone of cooperation ( of all humans
working toward holonomy of purpose.)

I am guided by the power of elegance
(so this world might flower again under
the harmony of the great tree of peace
In the fully activated 20 vuyu circuit
of Hunab Ku to galactic central)

Dear: - -

I must of been a Tulku for many incarnations like yourselves - now the shamanic end run is flowering due to all our efforts - Kubla Khan by Colderidge 13 being recited as I wrote the words "efforts" on public radio just this twinkling - to symphonic background. I dedicated myself as food for the Buddha Mind in 1966 - as a gift of service to the psychedelic Maitreyan Sangha - transforms all around me into a new American Spiritual entity - prisons becoming centers for spiritual retreat, healing, purification - we'll just hang large outside terraces and decks on all the new prisons being built, and they become mini Arcologies - by the way - write to Paolo Soleri - Arcosanti - Meyer Arizona and get their newsletter - I truly know that Solari's discovery of the vision of Arcology is the solution on the biosphere playing field or humankinds spacial transformation - Its the inevitable follow-up step to what architects, in Maryland - now - 2000 - make use of all pentacled radiozoa.

"The shadow of the domes of pleasure...
It was a miracle of device
A sunny pleasure dome with caves of...
"105"...- (wow - as I write radiozoa - recitation
Began again, those words of Coleridge!")

We are here to know the law of time, and to build the Earth as Kubla Kahn realized in harmony with those laws - that is what Paolo Soleri has worked out these last 30 years. (did you know I was chosen to travel with his museum show of the 21st Century Arcologies as it toured the World - as a technician assembling and hanging the show and as a museum guide to the exhibit - in 1971 -?)

The show was totally canceled - A 4 year world tour - because Jacob Portney, who built the show, and was its director under Paolo, got brain cancer! He died April 1, 1972. 7

I visited Jacob in the hospital all 1971 - passed my X... - ("I would build that dome in air - those sunny caves of ice...for he on honey dew hath fed, and drunk the milk of paradise) . I wrote "X", the poetry began again! It is too much! Thank you Hunab Ku - I get your blessing as clear as water quartz crystals - Arcologie pleasure civilization will rise in all certainty - governed by 20:13 = 260 = 0-19 = 13:20 = the final and most essential "Dark Crystal" piece of the puzzle - needing to be thrown into the crystal core - the ring of power of the cauldron of creation - we'll as I was saying (before those wonderful final words of Samual Taylor were beamed to me over the Zuvuya of public radio)... Passed my X-girlfriend over to Jacob - one Deborah Ackerman Potter, and only daughter of the great "family theraphy" pioneer psychiatrist Nathan Ward Ackerman. A feisty short love affair before he joined the great heavenly Arcology Shambala!

So, you both should have a copy of "City in the Image of Man" - by Paolo Soleri, 1971 - M.I.T. Press, probably available from Arcosanti Book Store! he is an amazing pure channel, Frank Lloyd Wright's true diciple, who also dedicated his life inspired by Teilhard's Noosphere. (who did Teilhard get it from?) and mankinds destiny beyond omega. - So his vision, and Valum and Bolon's, it seems to me, is one vision - the "intangible content" not previously recognized in realization of "Archetecton Form" is 0-19 = 13:20 - Thats the totally essential formula left out until the final moments of the 20th century since the great battle of Ceasar and Christ began for the last 20-100 year fractals.

-Hey! you guys have to write about that 20 count for a new best seller - Also Chrono-Psychology - The 0-19 Brain Circuit (with a dedication of course to Tim Leary for Exo/Infopsychology) - when I get out I'll work on that with you - or sooner!

As the Christ and Ceasar archetypes battled it out - identify the Christ force fo every century and the Caesar force as an epic poem channeled by V.V./B.I. - an appendium to Artuurus Probe - Oh! I am dreaming this crystal day - by the way - I would love for you both to have a set of my last of sacred jeweled bear claw amulets (bear claws from Sun Bear himself - Jaya sold them to me last August! (Magnetic 6) call Angie and she wil send you both a set - wear them as my affirmation of the victory of the final prophesy till we meet again and then beyond all the way home - also enclosed are my last two Kunab Ku mandalas inspired by your African American victory within the "nation of Islam" - thats just so appropriate and just and wonderful.

Please make a tee-shirt or at least a copy in color for yourselves - or even pillow cases - kinko prints anything - and then please send the originals to Jules - where he is archiving them for future publication and making copies for Mike and USA and Lisa and Angie and Starroot and ?

As you can see the galactic shield/serpent/turtle of the 13 moons just flowed out of the gap of spectral eagle with balance and great clarity and guardian eagles as the culmination of the 6th harmonic run gap days - Galactic activation achieved - its a classic - the Hunab Ku of hands and feet and two turtles and spirit bear and elk and spirit eagle and the red wizard also manifested - I just was inspired by your letter - I've already started using the feather to smudge my 13 moon allies in here - could you send me a little eagle feather also and #2 pictures of you both (like gnosis article) I can draw you both from #3 some xeroxs of your favorite Palenque reliefs. I can work from #4 hide the feather between two pieces of paper rubber cemented - I think the graphics would look good in a "Mitla" style border in black and white - So - like Lenard Peltier says on the new....Robertson -

"the prison system is the quickest growing reservation in the country".

Most of the white guys in here are covered with tatoos of indian images. This prison world is the direct child of American military policy of the last 500 years - Its truly an abomination, and just as medieval a solution to human behavorial self expression as the gregorian calendar - Thank you Valum and Bolon Ik for incarnating to bring the truth - and I thank the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha for cultivating you both. All success is certain.

Soleri's vision, in conjunction with yours, must be promoted to the planet as the essential hand on strategy for total mobilization of planetary resources and persons to re-construct their 12/60 devestated environment - Why does no one ( hardley anyone) know about him? We need the city of God to do art in - the first arcologies will anchor the 13:20 = 0-19 firmly into the crust - give purpose and hope, and a realizable picture of the Galactically Harmonic World - The 13:20 is Noospheric Foundation, Arcology is the...Foundation.

Pages 9, 10 and 11 were illegible due to his pen running out of ink. He resumed at page 12. If I obtain the originals I will be able to add this at a later time.

Suffering must now be received - (like this new pen just relieved my fade out problem) The big point is - we must rebuild under the umbrella of the new arcological paradigm- it solves all urban dysfunctional problems in its visionary holiness wholeness holonomic complexity - and must needs be managed by Pulsar Code synchronization to build it at all - Arcology will be built by the adventure wavespell - governed by 13 moon mathmatical frequency modulation in the 52 day castle (Arcology?) of time units.

So thats my vision, from Yochipelli hirself in a prison cell of rainbow nation tribal government containment policy for the free shamans - Roanoke City Jail - 25 men imprisoned in 5 cells of a 15' x 25' central pod room + or - 300 prisoners here, and we are getting along as best we can, and I love them all - they are all unawakened buddhas- tanquilized on candy and T.V. knowing if they step out of line its the "hole" for thirty days or more. The "hole" - don't ask! be Good - In lakesh - 8

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