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Saturday Psi Chrono 10
Rhythmic Moon Year Victory Purifies
Lunar Storm
Solar 7 - Blue Storm - Night- Self - Generating Abundance
Chromatic Day - Day 1
Breaks with habitual caution and reaches the white light.


YAAH! - Finished the wavespell in great art Shaman fashion - I'm doing healings with the little? white feather - great to have a sacred feather - I'ts healing the sick in this concentration camp city jail - Good thing I read Victor Frankle's book on psychology of surviving concentration camp experiences!

I'm really getting careful with my diet as I'm prone to acid stomach and being sick in here is pretty terrible - Federal Corrections Institutes are paradise compared to city jail - city jail is a form of true over crowed concentration camp - lock up all the time, no dietary choices or quality commisary - no exercise facilities - just T.V., cards, chess, and checkers.

The gym is small and inside - no water fountain and play is too dangerous with all the atheletic basketball africans going at it full force. So I stay away by mu bunk and do "Advanced" Dreamspell and this art - with 13 colored pencils and black and blue ballpoint - short of a miraculous plea deal. (I'm not ever loosing any hope for that with so much galactic love coming my way and such a record for miraculous occurences thus far).

I'm looking forward to the possibility of a short sentence in a new Fed-Med prison with adequate good food - outside spaces open (I'm closed minimum security) and art and crafts shops where I can work full time every evening - they have pottery, art, computer, jewelry at the facilities. I would go to, and open, touching visiting. But, I could be here for another 60 days or so until after sentencing and processing to where ever they send me. Thats pretty much worst case. In any event - life is where you live it - and "I know real time so I know real mind".. So the visions continue to flow - also one has a locker and space for books, papers and private or 2 man rooms so its possible to use the time monastically and go deep.

I've been thinking a lot about Nation of Islam and the 13:20 Arcological solution as a volunteer construction project on purchased remote land by them - with one out of 5 Black men doing jail time something must be done positively constructing a new mode of living for the African American Muslim Community - Farrakan should know about Soleri's solution - An all Muslim 13:20 American Arcology would be quite a statement of right living right livelihood, right time and right righteousness!! People need to see that vision. It could be done as Soleri has done it! - All paying volunteers with a score-20 of construction companies - Soleri could be encouraged to design a 50,000 population Arcology for the 13:20 Nation of Islam - a booklet describing the project could be done by the Muslim publishing house and $'s could be raised from that - the statistics for that - a city without cars inside, gardens, shops, restaurants, small factories/cottage craft/social spaces/amphetheatre sports facilities - where Africans from all over the world participating - a true 13:20 enlightened Muslim Global Center of education toward 13:20.

The meaty part of this is the timing by galactic gateway and pulsar code synchronization - By the way - keep watch on this young silicon valley E.T. driven ex morman visionary entrepreneur Joe Frimage - scan the article in April 99 Rolling Stones Magazine - very interesting - He's been visited. ET encounter, and should be a supporter of 13 moons 13:20 = 260 thinking - Jimie Hendrix on front cover who I met at Cosanti the morning after his January 1968 Pheonix concert. I went to it with the Solari apprentices- He came by to see the Soleri studios with 2 suited managers. At 7:30 A.M. I was working removing sand from bel castings - I gave him the small tour of the workshops - Paolo came out to see what was going on, but Hendrix never got who Paolo was ( as usual Pao;o was dressed in black nylon shorts and tee shirt and plastic flip flops - so he came out of his drafting studio to see this wild African in full Hendrix flash - stood around for a few minutes - shook his head and retired to his studio not to impressed with Hendrix). Since the magazine showed up in my cell as I was writing this Arcosanti message to you - I think it's relevant to our work!! Don't you?? Ignore no galactic human synchronicity on lunar storm and planetary Psi Chrono 10 knowledge week!

So this mirror wavespell is judgement day for galactic human - birds are aloft in my head and depite the fact that I'm in jail not dead, I think and think and pray that the whole GLUT of 12/60 is dead and just flies far far off off and away - and as I look at the brothers around me on this purple lunar storm vortex day celebrated in the most cosmic way drawing and coloring the lunar spirit eagle vortex rainbow nation Hunak Ku for the planetary kin and in honor of most specially you (Ik and Votan) - my faith is as strong as ever it was as I spin out of a world that once and never was, so full of confusion and buzz I can feel it in every pore of my Maya illusion, that we're on our quick path home to that mansion in the sky where white buffalos roam on the vast grassy star circled lawns of plains so wide and bright and near and far that the great spirit even wonders how all dreaming could expand so wide, and who we really are past iron and tar, and a world stuck on the demonic car and trains and planes - what a messy grand web of illusory pains - soon to just simply evaporate like so much mist, and we land in Shambala to be so deeply kissed by all of the spirits waiting for us there, and so we will love with attention and care, and so deep into truth our inner eye will stare into a pattern so right and so cool and so tight of only the most refined God mellowed light mandalas - so soothing and gentle and soft as the down buried under the feathers of a barred owls gown, and just as sharp as the sight of sorhias owl hunting at the velvet bright night on the crest of the moon holding our beloveds in that endless warm sacred volcanic embrace of young Ero's sweet surrendering springs.

All nature returned just in time so we can look into her face and rediscover as if for the first time that place of emergence where birth never stopped, and the trees and bushes, and the fine growing fuse hang with fruit so heavy they drop abundant to the warm sweet soil where the spirits and pokwatchies and dear tloloruies toilin buss of creation at one in the galactic nation with no grief or hesitation, but to pray to the moon in glory and devotion for their dynamic sacred gardens where all is connected and wired just right that there is no time for struggle or meanness or fight - its just perfect golden daze or sweet rainy drippy haze to slepp under.

In earth lodges so cozy and right in such comfort and light that gratitude exudes from every pillar and post and beam and roost and prayer fills the sweet natural air and the only deep care is the all of the ceremony so the earth keeps on spinning and sun keeps on shinning and the branches stay green along the streams and the willows stay weeping gentleness keeping and the children keep laughing so happy with love and the stars nourishment from above and the perfection of cycles and rhythms and seasons stay running for reasons to deep to keep in only one heart, but must be given away each and every day so lets pray and lets pray and lets pray and lets stay and lets stay and lets stay - And love. 8 .

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