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Magnetic Rhythmic Moon Year Solar 6

Thoughts by Toward fully inhabiting Heaven on Earth - 2000-2012

Qualities of Shambala:

There is - pain, but relief is immediately and always available- so there is no fear of limitless pain - religion is - sacred journeying to all dimensions in the light body - spirituality is - truly rational - navigating spiritual dimensions in what adult human culture is all about - world bridging is understood and reincarnating on specific galactic gateways is the technology - consciously world bridging is undertaken when necessitated by traumatic terminal or disabling wounding - the choice is always open to world bridge when one is called to make the transition.

Shambala is an Arcological culture - for those 13:20 humans incarnated in 12/60 to transition, midwife the 12/60 into 13:20 phase lock - the task in 2000 AD is to consciously world bridge to consciously re-incarnate in a Shambala Arcology for total healing of extreme 12/60 trauma - for all open minded, open hearted, fully spirited Human/Skywalker/Wizards - operating to remove 12/60 disease, dis-function, neurosis - to move to Eagle-Warrior-Earth-Mirror-Storm-Sun - the shift to Eagle is a conscious world bridging from Wizard, which is a guaranteed Galactic Federation function in the last year of the prophesy of Pacal Votan.

The question of world bridging today is coming up for galactic human as the food in the city jail gives me indigestion and its very yuchy - hamburger, lots of hot dogs, spagetti with meat, sloppy joe, and man - being sick to one's stomach is no good - I'm gonna cut out all meat - God says or eat it very slowly over a few hours.

From now on - this is God speaking to galactic human as galactic human is destined to go to heaven before he world bridges out (in bliss- for love) in order to fullfill the prophesy of heaven on earth manifesting in Magnetic Moon for him ( or sooner, galactic human, we are with you, you precious being divine to the entire Arcturus Probe - if you eat right you will be fine - we, inter-dimensional savants - are helping you through this task you have taken on through your galactic human heroic efforts - by the way - the Y2K effect has been created by the Galactic Federation to open the gate for you for entrance into Heaven on Earth - you can hardly imagine, from where you are in the black hole, the reward that awaits you in an eternity of Shambala Arcological culture you have been precapitulating with Palo and Jacob since 1967 - exactly 32 years ago - now you are in the world, as an illustration, of the complete alien - this is truly even beyond what is considered the underworld of PTA - the 1999 American hell on earth 12/60 Roanoke City Jail.

We, your interdimensional allies - are harder at work than you can imagine at this point - to liberate galactic agent 8 human - we will not let you fail - you will cruise through all discomfort in a twinkling - in 5 days will be Blue Rhythmic Night - 52 kin ( as you are 52 years on this planet) since you were kidnapped!

This is our next target date to extract you from this web of pain, distortion, disruption - keep your mind open - cut down on all not easily digestible food - stay with your Hunab Ku stargates - add chracters from bottomless garden - ( all Washington, media is a smoke screen - they are all disintegrating to make room for Shambala Arcological Global Culture) - (In 2000 - everything is up for grabs - House, Senate and President - radio news on N.P.R. as I wrote culture) and we are taking over right now and you will be honored in ways too magnificent to see now.

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