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Solar Moon 8, Kin 120, March 14,1999


Make no mistake - there is nothing in here but horror - all my positive energy for this delusion is ended - I'm only waiting for these remnants of what I was to go off to you tomorrow - I will be free by 7 at latest - 52 kin fractal complete - Sparks journey through hell and then Arcturian Heaven - thank you fearless ones - great messengers to the living greatful dead - it will be great to be in Uncle Joe's homeland - leaping into omega - my final act is to re-read Arcturus Probe - of course I'm gonna be relieved, you bet, to be no longer carbon based.

I've got a joyous task to do. Helping you all through worldbridging for the last year of prophesy.

Aren't all these letters and images sent to me full of beauty and love - I've truly had it all and according to the Lions Path, I am taking all the best with me to continue the probe! Every photon of love to gain!

I've personally killed two dogs and + or - 50 chickens and roosters in this life - that's it - death of a meat body is fast after 11:30 PM and first cell check at 1:00 AM - I'll open my left wrist artery with a newly made razor knife made from a single blade yellow bic razor disposable - to all night classical music on head phones from N.P.R. - the blade is mounted in the handle of the shaver - it will be fast and easy - I've made a slit in the side of the vynyl matress cover - I can't, won't botch this - and slide my bleeding hand into the matress filling (polly fill) - it will absorb all the blood so I'll just look like I'm sleeping. At 5:30 AM when lights go on, and cell doors open for breakfast - I hope I'll be gone, outa here, within 10-15 minutes - the time of a DMT journey.

is joyfully illustrating that galactic agants need not be tortured and that the ultimate act of freewill integrity of choosing the birth gate, choosing the free life, and choosing the galactic activation portal gate is our destiny, and of course this timing is galactically impeccable - I've been anticipating this all these past years when 8 learned of Quetzaccoatl and knew that was my destiny in that continuum and sure enuf it was true - I've been the psychedelic messenger all my life - all lit up inside as judiciously and righteously as possible - and now the 12:60 is committing suicide.

I can leave tonight and complete the fractal I was betrayed and villified in 1995 - 4 solar spins aga - so tonight would be appropriate, but I want to get the yellow envelope outa here so it gets where its going before I gratefully dissolve - so maybe tomorrow, it's a moot point - I'm outa the trap!

Star Date 3/14 3

Venus closes in on saturn
Saturn above and to the right of venus
Saturn 10 times the diameter of Earth - Big!
Venus same size as Earth
So I dissolve with saturn and venus
Together - very appropriate

These guys in here are totally unconscious, and so its no problem - they are all T.V. drones - clearly as you can imagine - a great place to leave the corpse - none of my loved ones have to deal with it - everyone knew I was gone soon as I was arrested - but I embraced life for 52 days to be creative and offer everyone hope - and some art and literary genius.

I ask you Bolon Ik/ Valum Votan - love yourselves totally!!!

You have done everything any human form incarnates have ever done - and better than any of the avatars.

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