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WSF Newsletter Vol 1, NO. 2. Fall 1999

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Sri Bhai Sahib Ji: the Teacher:

On his 8th World Tour the 80 year old Sikh spiritual teacher, Sri Bhai Sahib Kipal Singh Ji Gill was in the San Francisco Bay area for a short time.

Born in Malaysia on Jan. 16, 1921 Bhai Sahib ( is the founder of the World Spiritual Foundation with twin haeadquarters in Both Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Sydney Australia.

After his long and ardious research into all the world's scriptures, spanning over 15 years, it was discovered that there existed for all time, the self-same simple, effortless and spontaneous technique of Meditation/Worship recorded in mainly enigmatic and allegoric terms in the sanctified scriptures of all religions which the World Spiritual Foundation has called Vibrant Celestial Meditation.

WSF is a charitable non profit organization and is the nucleus of a world wide organization of people of all races faiths and philosophical backgrounds. It is non-sectarian. It is united in homage as a homogeneous humanity, before the great divine force in the universe to rejuvinate society through a vibrant yet solacful spiritual awakening.
Bhai Sahib was the former Deputy Director General and Director of Engineering of all radio and television in Malaysia as well as Squadron leader in the Malaysia Air Force. His spiritual awakening occured over 20 years ago when he finally saw his calling.

Below are photographs of Sri Bhi Sahibs Ji's visit to California as well as Sri Bhai Sahib Ji's Potent, Positive affirmations for group and individual usage.


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Photography by: Willad Van De Bogart

  1. I dwell in Sublime Peace and Bliss for I have fully realized within me, the awakened divine presence.
  2. I can create valuable opportunities even out of seeming unfavorable situations.
  3. I am always calm, Confident and creative in all circumstances.
  4. Everyday in everyway, I am totally Whole and Health in Body, Mind and Spirit.
  5. I have total trust in God who guides me into joyous expectancy to receive his best and bountiful Blessings.
  6. I give off supreme, Kind and compassion Love to all creation; the mineral, vegatable, animal and human kingdoms; and in return I receive double-fold Divine pure and sublime love.
  7. I enjoy and appreciate Everyone I meet. I like them and they like me too.
  8. I have an excellent Memory with clear, correct and easy recall.
  9. I am a total winner and am completely successful in everything I undertake.
  10. I acknowledge that there is a positive Power working continuously through me to manifest all manner of goodness in my life.

This was be a special time to get a chance to really talk to Bhai Sahib. He came in from Canada where hundreds went to see him, and pay tribute to one of the worlds kindest and clearest spiritual teachers. No dogma, no rules, no orders...just the awakening of the divine source within.

More news to follow on Bhai Sahib's visit to a retreat of the World Spiritual Foundation's Center in Brisbane, Australia:

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