Discharging the Human Transport Vehicle


The Return of the Hawk Woman

In September of 1990 I had the profound experience to be in a meditation circle at the Hill of the Hawk in Big Sur. It was the ranch of the Hawk Woman Claire Chappellet. Claire still can be see in Northern California looking after all her children from the sky. Claire left this world in 1994. Claire had a very special shaman friend by the name of Hinton. We were in a circle holding hands in the center of a very large medicine circle, and Hinton began an Indian chant followed by an om as the sun was rising over the Western ridge of the Ventana.

The om was in resonance with my mind and I began to free fall as if there were no gravity. It was profound. On Blue Magnetic Hand 6 kin were in a circle holding hands on a hill top in a house in the middle of San Francisco. A meditation was conducted after an intense review of Earth Ascending, The Dynamics of Time, The Rinri Project, and the 20 Tablets of Time all books by Vallum Votan and Bolon Ik.

Soon the great Arcturean Dominion of Time will be upon us with the explosion of the cube of the law of time, and the release of the seven radial plasmas to create a divine union with a dimension heretofore awaiting the right cosmic moment.

All 6 kin reviewed all the parts. The cube was explained, the solid lines and broken lines were put in place. The 20 postulates were reviewed, the Runes were studied, the PSI Bank plates were put in place, the magnetic fields were aligned, and the sacred Tzolkin was made visible for the psi chrono unit and harmonic run was understood. A double terminated crystal was placed on the mystic column and all six took their place to form the 6 points of the crystal. Sonar, a piece of music by the Spanish Composer Michel Huygen, was played and a meditation took place.

What was not expected is that the floor began to recede away and the transport vehicle was moving us around the Earth and communication was taking place for all kin all over the planet. Affirmations were delivered and the great awakening had begun. We could talk and still be floating. Nothing was interrupting this magical carpet ride into the magic of the preparation of the cube of the law.

The super nova were spinning and the points in space formed the cube of the mind. The energy was expanding and the Rune appeared and began to glow very brightly. We became for that time all as one large bright fire ball in space talking and wishing the best possible scenarios for all kin to grow, evolve and develop.

The Cube is about to explode and the energy is now in full swing. We all welcomed the Arcturean energy as we prepare to be thrust into a time zone never thought possible. Our minds and our thoughts will be taking on sacred geometric proportions and keys to understanding will fall into place.

The 20 Tablets of Time are a new way to ride the fourth dimensional energy into the new time of Time Ship Earth 2013. Welcome Home everyone.

White Crystal Dog.

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