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Prepared by
José Argüelles, Ph.D.
for the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights
Parlamundi, Brasilia Brazil

Solar Moon 11-15
White Electric Wizard Year
"Victory Pacifies"

World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement

Section six:

The Magnet of Be-Ness

There is an irresistible force of attraction that guides evolution to higher intelligence. This force has been called the Magnet of Be-ness.

The Magnet of Be-Ness cannot be known in the dissonance of the 12:60. Only in the perfect harmony of 13:20 can humanity nurture itself spiritually on the Magnet of Be-ness. Once released from the 12:60 into the 13:20, humanity will realign itself like so many filaments to the two poles of the Magnet of Be-ness, experienced as the North and South Poles of planet Earth. Unified by the Magnet of Be-ness, humanity will spring Earth to her splendor in waves of telepathic love.

Whales, songbirds and all communities of creation incorporate time through the integrity of magnetic resonance. This is unconscious Attunement to the Magnet of Be-ness.

Now humans are to do the same, but consciously. This is to be carried out through the Invisible College, the home school for humanity's magnetic re-education. The Invisible College will administer the creation of the new planetary community through the four-fold turning of the magnet of be-ness. Home school replaces disincorporation of time through 12:60 jobs. With the new time, the 12:60 job concept is over.

Listen to the galactic message of the Magnet of Be-Ness:

"Return to your homes, humans, and work out your little lives with dignity and honor! Repair your families, and learn again about the cultivation of the Earth. All rights and privilege will be paid for by the Earth Trust; all education will be granted by the PAN. Enjoy new knowledge, and natural magnetic regrouping! Enjoy cleaning up your backyard and transforming as you clean! Telepathic adventure is boundless!"

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Following Brazilia, on behalf of the Thirteen Moon universal religion of Earth, the Biospheric Congress will become the Invisible College supervising the Judgement Day Victory of Universal Peace Plan, until the glorious free day, Green Day, White Resonant Mirror, the conclusion of the four years of the First World Peace.

The administering of the Invisible College of the Four Years of the First World Peace is the establishment of the Magnet of Be-Ness in the Center of the Court of Universal Culture. Through PAN the Earth curriculum for the magnetic and ethical realignment of humanity will be administered for the advancement of humanity into spiritual oneness, drawing us ever closer toward the divine source in service to the Earth.

By accepting the 13 Moon calendar, Magnetic Moon 1, Blue Self Existing Storm (Gregorian: 7.26.96) humanity is automatically enrolled in the Invisible College of the Dominion of Time. The Invisible College of the Biospheric Congress, administered as and by PAN, is the four year home schooling, learn-as-you-go course advancing to Earth Regeneration and Spiritual Unification: the Glory, manifesting the radiance of the psi bank between the two poles of the Magnet of Be-ness.

According to the law of time, the great invisible Magnet of Be-ness is activated in four sequences, each sequence in two parts one for each pole.

Each year the Magnet switches polarity mid-point. Each year the Magnet follows the four part color harmonic.

The first two years, Blue and Yellow, complete the sequence of depolarizing the 12:60 and re polarizing the 13:20.

The second two years , Red and White, purify, stabilize and discharge the telepathic bipolar magnetic power of humanity according to the power of the 13:20 frequency.

This is called engineering the mind shift according to Telektonon, the yoga of the unification of the collective dream body in time, the universal quintessence that liberates all beings simultaneously. This is a collective planetary yoga with the following sequence:

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First year, Divine Source of Plane of Mind attained. Humanity repolarized.

Second year, Spirit explodes the cube of mind into the fourth dimension. Telepathy universalized.

Third Year, Plane of Will purifies the two magnetic flows of being, galactic- karmic, solar-prophetic. Humanity geomagnetically realigned. Triumph of the religion of truth, the universal religion of Earth.

Fourth year, Divine Source manifests fourth-dimensional heptagonon of mind. Power of human mind, will, and spirit tested in bipolar telepathic magnetic discharge: manifestation of psi bank; noosphere attained.

Blue Galactic Storm is the collective telepathically unified human graduation party. The Magnet of Be-ness will send waves of love's divine oneness into every cell of the biosphere. So will commence the second creation, the arrival of universal galactic religion on Earth. Telektonon fulfilled, the Magnet of Be-ness connects Earth with the divine order.

Termination of authority of Biospheric Congress establishes PAN as the order of Galactic Culture of the Federation of Divine Intelligence, empowered to begin the thirteen-year trial run of Timeship Earth 2013.

Opening of the Time Tunnels. Humans will be empowered as custodians of the galactically federated inter- planetary park, "Heaven on Earth."

By the Magnet of Be-ness, the irresistible power of the Fifth Force, let the command of divine judgement prevail, may the Earth be pacified. May the divine intelligence flower in all. May the biosphere be renewed.

"Time is short! Not an hour nor day must be lost! Man's cultural heritage must be made inviolate. The ideals of the Roerich Peace Pact must be availed to all. Its text is a cultural covenant which is the welding force necessary to world unity and peace. Under the Banner of Peace humankind will proceed towards the one Supreme Culture in powerful and peaceful union as the World League of Culture." (Planet Art Network)

From "Call to World Unity" , The Roerich Pact and Banner of Peace

Sealed in the doubled reflection of the tomb of Pacal Votan. White Rhythmic Mirror, Solar Moon 1
Third Year of Prophecy, White Electric Wizard Victory Pacifies
José Argüelles, Ph.D.

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