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Prepared by
José Argüelles, Ph.D.
for the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights
Parlamundi, Brasilia Brazil

Solar Moon 11-15
White Electric Wizard Year
"Victory Pacifies"

World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement

Section five:

A Scientific Experiment Called World Peace

"Assuredly the creation Of the heavens And the Earth Is a greater matter Then the creation of men: Yet most men Know not."

Holy Qur'an, Sura 40:57

The artificial condition which the human species has created for itself within the whole order of which it is genetically and in all actuality an integral member can only be corrected in a manner consistent with the self-regulating principles of the biosphere. Let it be repeated: peace is not an ideological agreement having no actual scientific basis in the order of the biosphere. Peace is the culture of the biosphere. Through chronic magnetic destabilization and entropy the human has disrupted the peace of the biosphere. Human has systematically disrupted and even destroyed many of the other living orders of the biosphere (the biopsychic field), as well as, and even more dangerously, interfered with and disrupted the biosphere's self-regulating electromagnetic and gravitational fields of resonance. Therefore, the only solution to the disastrous complex of disorder created by the human in its institutionalized 12:60 frequency bubble, is a total scientific rearrangement of the human biospheric order based on the correct 13:20 timing frequency leading to the magnetic repolarization of the species.

Since damage to the whole order has been pin-pointed and localized in a deviation in the timing frequency, the first step is to desist altogether from the deviating frequency creating the chronic disorder and magnetic destabilization. This is the purpose of the calendar change: to put an end to the instrument by which unconscious habituation to disorder and irregularity have come about.

Since the disorder has been species wide, the calendar change must be implemented species wide. In order to be effective, there must be a species wide notice of the cancellation of the functioning of the old calendar, a momentary halt in all activity(universal cease-fire), and an immediate reprogramming beginning with introduction and use of the new calendar. Being without precedence, this very act in itself is of historic and evolutionary significance assisting in the biosphere-noosphere transition and the advent of the psi bank.

Because the new calendar represents a return to the natural 13:20 timing frequency, the calendar change must be complemented by a program for the magnetic repolarization of the entire human race. Why and how?

The nature of the damage to the species and the biosphere is comprehensive and magnetically the disturbance is volatile and precipitous. At the same time this condition, the human-machine biogeochemical combustion, is in its entirety a function of the evolving order of the biosphere. Since the biosphere is self-healing, the process of returning to the natural timing frequency contains within it the self-healing necessary for the safe passage though this final biomutational sequence.

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The intrinsic order underlying the biosphere-noosphere transition requires an equal level of order from within the human species which necessitates a dramatic break from all past habits and conditions. The difference between humanity in the artificial order of the 12:60 and humanity consciously placing itself within the natural order of the 13:20 timing frequency is inconceivably vast. It is a change that can only come about through a combination of moral revulsion and an awakening of intelligence that naturally leads to a willingness to participate in an untried adventure for the establishment of a true culture of peace: the four years of the First World peace.

This can be accomplished through the articulation of a collective moral voice declaring that world peace is a scientific experiment involving the participation of every member of the human race.

This experiment has a duration of four years and like all scientific experiments must be precisely carried out. Within the galactic order of time, of which the new calendar is a supremely harmonious expression, four years is the minimum whole cycle necessary for the human race to experience biospheric rejuvenation, and at the same time to trigger the biosphere-noosphere transition and the advent of the psi bank.

The biosphere-noosphere transition is the natural consequence of humanity subjecting itself to the new calendar. Since the mental order brought about by following the new calendar is the 13:20 frequency, the order of natural telepathy of all species within the biosphere, the over-all social reorganization program necessary for magnetic stabilization can also be consciously engineered according to the matrix of the psi bank. The psi bank, the governing order of the biosphere and the noosphere, can only be triggered telepathically.

The psi bank matrix consists of four plates or membranes, each one straddling the planet from pole to pole and contiguous with the electromagnetic field. The activation of each plate occurs in conjunction with one solar orbit or annual round, measured as thirteen moons, plus free day. Since the plates are polar in nature, the activation of each of the four plates over four years occurs in a precise two-part magnetic polar process. That is, for any year, the first half year, Magnetic Moon 1-Resonant Moon 14, the magnetic pole of the northern hemisphere is telepathically activated, while the second half of the year, Resonant Moon 15-Cosmic Moon 28, the magnetic pole of the southern hemisphere is telepathically activated. Free day is the moment of magnetic equilibrium and discharge.

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While the actual bipolar telepathic exercise can be carried out by relatively small groups of people in both hemispheres in strict observance of a daily pattern followed in accordance with the Telektonon, it does require that the rest of the human race both know about the experimental exercise and at the same time participate in the entire social reorganization program known as the four years of the First World Peace. By the time the experiment is in its final year, the entire human race will be participating in the telepathic bipolar magnetic restabilization exercise. In this way the scientific experiment of world peace will end successfully and the true order of universal peace be henceforth consciously re-established within the Earth's biosphere. This is the only intelligent way to end the century of total war: total peace, the opening to a new millennium of universal peace.

The Four Years of the First World Peace and the PSI Membrane Correspondences

Scientific experiment concluded, world peace established as universal peace of biosphere noosphere transition. Manifestation of the psi bank experienced as "the Glory."

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The general process of magnetic transition is carried out by the social reorganization according to the First World Peace. After the first two years of industrial conversion this social reorganization will be formulated increasingly in terms of a geomagnetic redistribution of the species along natural "songlines" and geomagnetic power points.

The technical exercise includes a knowledge of the psi bank matrix , eight 260-unit tzolkin templates in four polar sets. Each half-year telepathic magnetic polar activation exercise involves the activation of 208 normal units and 52 Galactic Activation units of the 260 unit matrix. This is to be carried out in the following manner according to the Telektonon playing board:

208 units (x 2, simultaneously played by Northern and Southern hemisphere teams) accumulated annually through the activation of the 16 cube positions (16 x 13 = 208).

52 GAP units (x 2, simultaneously played by Northern and Southern Hemisphere teams) accumulated annually through the activation of the four Tower positions (4 x 13 = 52).

Tower Day One also activates first two days of Earth Walk Tower Day Six also activates last two days of Earth Walk Tower Day 23 activate first two days of Heaven Walk Tower Day 28 activates last two days of Heaven Walk

Since Cube activates days 7-22 all 28 days of the Moon are activated on behalf of the bipolar magnetic telepathic exercise.

Magnetic Moon 1 thru Resonant Moon 14, Northern transmits, Southern receives
Resonant Moon 15 thru Cosmic Moon 28, Southern transmits, Northern receives

Telepathic targets: activate magnet extending from center of Earth to poles; first half year, positive pole, north, second half year negative pole, South. All participants follow 73 annual overtone chromatics regulating biomass constant. Active transmit image of magnet; passive receive image. More details to follow.

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