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Prepared by
José Argüelles, Ph.D.
for the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights
Parlamundi, Brasilia Brazil

Solar Moon 11-15
White Electric Wizard Year
"Victory Pacifies"

World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement

Section four:

The First World Peace: The Biosphere-Noosphere Transition, the Manifestation of the Psi Bank and the Advent of the Psychozoic Era

"And there is nothing Hidden in heaven Or earth but is recorded In a clear Record."

Holy Qur'an 27:75

When it is understood that the four years of the First World Peace are actually a part of a natural order in the biomutational sequence of the biosphere, the transition from the biosphere to the noosphere, and that to each of the four years corresponds a function of the planet's auto-regulatory timing system or psi bank membranes, then the process of restoring peace to the species and its biosphere will be undertaken as it should be: as an adventure of positive promise and heroic possibilities extending far beyond anything that could be hoped for under the present set of circumstances.

In other words, the four years of the First World Peace are in the nature of a monumental scientific experiment in which the entire human race and its biosphere are engaged. Unlike the scientific experiment that produced the atomic bomb and its off-spring, the insidious proliferation of a culture of fear and a technology of dubious radioactive waste, the Four Years of the First World Peace is a non-toxic experiment in time, whose worst side-effects will be the loss of the culture of money.

This experiment is predicated on the principles of the biosphere, first fully articulated by V.I. Vernadsky between the years 1926-1944. It was Vernadsky who understood the total nature of the biosphere as a whole system whose evolutive principles were clearly at a point of biogeochemical climax. The instrument of the cause of this climax, is, of course, the human species, whose thought and machine technology have geologically impacted and changed the entire biosphere. The sum affects of human thought on the biosphere, Vernadsky referred to as the biosphere-noosphere transition, which in Vernadsky's view at the time of his death, 1945, was imminent.

According to Vernadsky, the evolutionary purpose of the transition of the biosphere to the noosphere, the Earth's mental envelope, is to bring on a new geological era, the Psychozoic era. In this era, humanity will actually become a positively transforming geological force. Psychozoic literally means "psychic or soul life." Hence, this dawning era can only be one in which humanity has become unified in peace and has evolved or mutated into a state of spiritual planetary grandeur. To be genuine, the advent of the noosphere, must involve an act of collective conscious will on the part of humanity, and cannot be just a haphazard result of circumstances due to humanity's erroneous course.

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Fortunately with the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights and the formalized adoption of the Thirteen Moon Calendar, the declaration of Biospheric Rights, and the plan and intent of the First World Peace, the conscious moment of human collective will has arrived. In this way, participation in the Congress of Biospheric Rights is a collective evolutionary choice, making conscious and coherent what had been unconscious and incoherent. This in itself is a manifestation of the cohering principle of magnetic resonance by which the psi bank is to be triggered.

The articulation of the guiding evolutionary mechanism of the biosphere, the planetary psi bank, combined with the principles of the timing frequencies, complete Vernadsky's pioneering scientific work on the nature of the biosphere and the biosphere-noosphere transition.

The nature and existence of the psi bank and the investigation and discovery of the timing frequencies were all part of the same research process (Earth Ascending, 1984; The Mayan Factor, 1987; Dreamspell, 1991; Telektonon, 1995; The Call of Pacal Votan, 1996). It is the understanding and analysis of the timing frequencies that makes precise the moment of the biosphere-noosphere transition. It is the knowledge of the psi bank and its mapping in relation to the Earth's electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields that, combined with the natural timing cycles, allows an exact correspondence to further the biomutational sequence known as the four years of the First World Peace: the trigger of the biosphere-noosphere transition, the magnetic re-education of humanity and the manifestation of the psi bank.

To understand the biosphere-noosphere transition and the advent of the psi bank, we must rehearse again the holonomic principles which govern the universal order. Holonomy means law governing whole systems. Holonomy implies levels of guiding intelligence from higher to lower orders as well as an evolutionary return to higher orders of intelligence. This defines the universal order: one vast cycle of turning, again and again. Time is the frequency which governs the different stages of holonomy in its universal order.

The biosphere is the whole living system operating within the larger whole planetary order, Earth, itself a sub-system of the larger stellar order of the sun and its planets. The solar system, too, is but a subset of the even larger whole system called galaxy. Our galaxy, one of countless millions, is the main organizing component of the universe. Being sub-sets of the larger order universe, all whole systems from the biospheric to the galactic are characterized by levels of order in which coherence is maintained, despite appearances of randomness and chaos. This coherence is a function of the principle of magnetic resonance.

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Magnetic resonance is the principle by which an organism or organic whole remains inseparable from its environment. When an organism loses it magnetic resonance it loses its integrity and disintegrates. The principle of magnetic resonance is maintained and regulated by the timing frequency. Within Earth's biosphere, the natural 13:20 timing frequency regulates magnetic resonance in the form of cycles. All living organisms exhibit cyclic behavior, the duration of the cycle being determined by the size and function of the organism within the order of the biosphere. A fly and a turtle experience vastly different cycles. The same is true of the sub-order, human.

To speak of an organism is to speak of the whole organism within its larger governing cycles and not just its individual members. Since life in the biosphere is the sum of its living matter in the form of its myriad sub-species, the biosphere, too, exhibits its magnetic resonance, and its evolutionary cycles pointing in the direction of ever-greater self-reflective intelligence. It is evident that the human species is currently the biosphere's most evolved agent of self-reflective intelligence, and the one most greatly affecting its future evolutionary condition.

The geological impact of the human species within its larger self-regulating order of the biosphere has actually been due to its departure from the principle of magnetic resonance due to habituation to the artificial 12:60 timing frequency. Deviation from the natural timing frequency through involvement in civilization, at first a relatively slow process, nonetheless created a set of secondary habits by which the civilized were set apart from the non-civilized members of the species. FFrom the biosphere's point of view , this is an illusory distinction, but one which is experienced as a mental reality of profound consequences. The non-civilized, actually were those members maintaining themselves in magnetic resonance with the natural cycles.

However, with the codification and consequent social institutionalization of the 12:60 timing frequency resulting from the Gregorian Calendar and the mechanical clock, the departure from the principle of magnetic resonance became species-wide. This has resulted in a condition of chronic magnetic destabilization compounded by entropic acceleration: exponential propagation and multiplication both of the species and of its artificial systems of dependence, the machine. The sum product of this condition is known as the technosphere, a self-habituated bubble of mental and artificial systems, which, being taken as the only possible mode of being for the species, has brought about the apocalyptic nightmare in which it now finds itself.

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