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Prepared by
José Argüelles, Ph.D.
for the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights
Parlamundi, Brasilia Brazil

Solar Moon 11-15
White Electric Wizard Year
"Victory Pacifies"

World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement

Section two:

Peace, the Biosphere, and the Return of the Sacred Warrior

"And strive in His cause As you ought to strive With sincerity and under discipline. He has chosen you, and has Imposed no difficulties on you In religion, ... That you may Be witnesses for humankind!"

Holy Qur'an Sura 22:78

The restoration of sacred trust through the restoration of sacred time, is the responsibility of the warriors of the sacred, those who accept the duty of reestablishing humanity within the divine plan which is the biosphere. By carrying out their task the sacred warriors will naturally and inevitably bring about the triumph of the universal religion on Earth. However, the restoration of sacred trust is not just a spiritual or mental task, but a biogeomagnetic one as well.

By living for centuries and even millennia out of the sacred round of life, humanity lost its own bio(life)geo(Earth)magnetism, that is, the sensibility of intuitively knowing the ways, sources and channels of the Earth. As a result of the mental bondage to the root structures of the mechanical clock and the irregular measure of the Gregorian calendar, humanity not only became depolarized, but through its unwitting excess of artificial electromagnetic instrumentation, it has created a profound disturbance in the planet's electromagnetic field. The erratic, entropically accelerating resonance of the 12:60 has spiritually and magnetically exhausted and made crazy the entire species. To speak of the return to the 13:20 frequency is also to speak of the magnetic repolarization of humanity.

This magnetic repolarization of humanity within the biosphere can only go hand in hand with the spiritual restoration of humanity within the court of universal culture. This court is represented by the restoration of the biological governing power of the species through the PAN Councils of Five. Through reconstruction of the governing order of the human family, according to equality of need of equal age groups, the human species will geomagnetically repolarize itself through biotelepathic songlines around the planet.

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The repolarization and reconstitution of the human family, the reorganization of the human family according to the 13:20 timing frequency along planetary biotelepathic songlines will trigger the biosphere noosphere transition (the Glory), and bring into manifestation the planetary psi bank. The psi bank is the self-reflective telepathic regulator of all aspects of life for any given moment for any individual or collective groups of humans anywhere. This is what is meant by the spiritual unification of the species within the biosphere as the triumph of the universal religion of truth.

In this way ecology transcends itself in total spiritualization of biological intent. Creativity will once again be understood as the result of a reverence for beauty, which is the divine and sacred manifestation of all creation. Peace will restore culture as the source and origin of life.

How will all this be brought about? Through the determined and conscious application of the new 13:20 knowledge in all aspects of life carried out as the Four Years of the First World Peace, 1996-2000. A First World Peace can only be accomplished by the concerted and disciplined care of sacred warriors.

Section three:

Earth Ascending: Magnetic Stabilization And The Four Years of the First World Peace

"He directs the affairs From the heavens To the Earth: then It ascends Unto Him, on a Day The measure of which is A thousand years Of your Reckoning."

Holy Qur'an Sura 32: 5

The question of peace is not an ideological one, a matter of mental definition between one group of people and another. Nor is world peace, total global peace an issue between different groups of humankind holding unilaterally to different sectarian beliefs, but rather, between humankind and its environment, the biosphere. Even here we must see that just as different sectarian beliefs dividing one group of otherwise genetically closely related people from another are actually illusory substrata of consciousness to which a group of people have been led to believe is their sole reality, so the very notion of environment as something different from or distinguishable from human existence is also an illusion.

The reality is that the question of peace is a deeply psychophysical issue, or even more precisely, a psychobiomagnetic perturbation that has affected the species in an increasingly unconscious manner the more the species has adopted itself to the false timing frequency, 12:60. The result is today, that as with any alienation from natural sources or ways, the alienated becomes its own victim, by means and ways which it can hardly imagine.

Because of the power residing in the human mind, projected ignorantly through a wide range and species of machine artifacts and tools, humankind has actually geologically impacted the biosphere of which he is an integral part to the detriment of his continued existence. This he has achieved through electromagnetic, technological and chemical-atomic experimentation that has increased the dissonance of the resonant field of the planet while creating giant erosions in the whole systems operation of the biogeochemical processes by which the biosphere maintains its stability.

Not only has radioactive waste, and other forms of petrochemical pollution penetrated the oceans as well as the bio-inert surface and atmosphere of the Earth's outermost envelope, the biosphere, but systems of satellites, radar and the proliferation of all sorts of electromagnetic information waves of an increasingly random and accelerated nature are in the process of even more seriously affecting the actual resonance of the planet. The sum effect of these electromagnetic disturbances is creating the imminent potential of a major electromagnetic, or worse, geomagnetic break down of the biosphere and the planetary structure itself.

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As with all technology instrumented since the dawn of the industrial revolution responsible for the creation of the artificial planetary sheathe, the technosphere, the new electromagnetic devices are never tested for their long term social effects, nor in terms of an understanding of the Earth as a whole system. The intoxification of the momentum of the speed of technology combined with spurious profit motive and/or military defense issues are used as the rationale for the implementation of whatever latest "advance" in technology may come along.

The GPS (General Positioning System) satellite system, 24 satellites straddling the outermost Van Allen Radiation belt, and the HAARP (High Active Auroral Research Project) utilizing the two belts of the ionosphere and the aurora borealis, are the two most insidious examples of technological artifacts interfering with the planet's electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields. This is not to mention the unconscious or subliminal effects which the 12:60 micro- and extra-low frequency oscillations incessantly bombarded by these systems might have on the biopsychic field of the sum of living matter itself.

The climatic conditions of the whole system Earth are both protected and regulated by the two electromagnetic subsystems of the Van Allen Radiation Belts (2,000-11,000 miles above the surface) and the ionosphere(60-70 miles above the surface). By utilizing the GPS and HAARP systems for mercenary and meaningless military experimentation and materialistic exploratory greed, 12:60 resonant interferences are introduced into the functioning of these two sensitive controlling electromagnetic subsystems. As a result the entire biosphere is being subjected to a whole systems dissonance and perturbation of an unprecedented nature.

The whole systems level of perturbation caused by these satellite systems to the electromagnetic field only compounds the alienation and loss of geomagnetic sensibility that now afflicts the entire human race, pushing the psychobiomagnetic illness of civilization to the final point of its own biogeochemical self-combustion. While the increase in pressure of humankind by its exponential acceleration of population and machine is at the increasing cost of other species (at the rate of 200 a day), the species own geomagnetic entropy is now irreversibly out of control.

One must imagine this picture: close to six billion two-legged genetic filaments (there were only two billion hardly sixty years ago!) vibrating in their accelerated velocity machines, burning untold amounts of petrochemicals, exposing themselves to untold amounts of electromagnetic radiation and chemical pollution of all kinds, crowding themselves evermore densely and intensely into urban centers, placing virtually total dependence upon electronic information systems spewing a vast disorder of information bits daily into the collective mental field, needing ever more police control as the resultant insanity of their loss of geomagnetic sensibility increases the spiral of violence and terrorism, incapable of being controlled for the sole reason of the artificial intoxicant called money, itself controlled by a minute elite of bankers and their political spokes people whose actual number constitutes far less than one percent of the species.

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It is for this reason that peace is not an ideological issue, a game of chess played by banker-politicians and the invisible corporate elite of an armaments industry that no one seems to be able to control. But in all actuality, peace is a matter of biospheric survival. Peace is the culture of the biosphere.

What has been called civilization has now played itself out. There is no reason any longer to perpetrate it for any reason or in anyway whatsoever. The only solution is to stop everything and redirect the species. This, of course, is an act totally contrary to the entropic momentum of the technological monetary base of civilization as it has now come to be constituted. Yet, it is the only scientific and ethical solution, a solution fully comprehended and put forth by the Four Years of the First World Peace, whose main order is the psychobiomagnetic repolarization of the human race.

It is altogether possible that unforeseen effects of the electromagnetic and geomagnetic disturbance could set off the total breakdown of civilization as it is now constituted. Such an event or sequence of events would in no way lessen but only increase the need for the immediate implementation of the First World Peace. Civilization (literally: living in cities) has cost humanity its culture and its sanity. Civilization has devolved into institutionalized barbarism. The loss of civilization will only be to humanity's credit, restoring to the species the need to repolarize itself geomagnetically and reintroduce itself to the principle of cultivation, both of self and environment. While civilization leads to waste and is indeed the culture of waste, cultivation comes from and leads to culture.

Culture is intrinsic to the natural order and is a function of being in harmony with the cycles appropriate to one's biological order. Culture is how the sublime and unseen processes of evolution further the cause of an intelligence both compassionate and divine at its root. True culture is peace, great peace, creative peace, universal peace. Culture cannot exist without peace. Peace cannot be furthered without culture. Where there is any view of money or monetary gain, there cannot be culture but only the seeds of war.

The time has come to resurrect the great vision of the Roerich Peace Pact which understands culture to be an indispensable property of the biosphere natural functioning, the real key to human and planetary survival. The time has come to courageously use this instrument of peace as the final hope and replacement for the failed League of Nations, and its successor, the United Nations. Unity which is peace can only come about through culture. Culture is the living breath and blood of people. Nations are only abstract fictions held together by money and false hope.

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For this reason, the four year plan of the First World Peace is the mandatory solution that must be followed if there is to be survival of the species and peace and unity are to be restored within the biosphere. Assuming the return to the natural 13:20 timing frequency following the disastrous but, from the point of view of the biosphere-noosphere transition, necessary 12:60 timing frequency deviation, the four years of the First World Peace will establish humanity in the new common time of thirteen moons. In this way the biosphere's naturally ordained rhythm for humanity will already be a conscious act without precedence, bringing humanity closer to the biosphere-noosphere transition and the manifestation of the psi bank.

To speak of the occurrence of a choice made by humanity to consciously and fundamentally change its course by changing its calendar and its timing frequency is to speak of an Earth ascending, the millennial dream of Earth evolving toward its ultimate spiritual goal, heaven on Earth. This spiritual goal, heaven on Earth, is really also the profound spiritual sentiment underlying the original inspiration of the ecology movement: restoration of Earth to the original garden. This is no longer such a fantastic idea. It is spiritual biospheric survival that demands we make it true.

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