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WSF does not encourage the adoration of a Guru-figure and an over dependence on such a personality. Rather, it is taught to awaken and thence to realize and recognize the inherent intimate "Master" reposing resplendent within everyone's own Being. However, it cannot be gainsaid that the organization of the World Spiritual Foundation rests squarely of the shoulders of a unique yet down to earth individual, - Bhai Sahib, Bhai Kirpal Singh Ji Gill. FIEE, FIERE, SenMIEEE, KMN, AMN, PPN.

His name at birth was just KIRPAL SINGH.

'Ji' is equivalent of Mr. and 'GILL' is the name of his Sikh Indian ancestory. The prefix 'Bhai Sahib' however carries a relevant and interesting episode.

At some of his earlier trips to the USA in the 1960's, certain psychics in America beheld on him a thick effulgent golden halo either around his head from shoulder to shoulder or at times a bright golden aura enveloping him from head to foot. As a consequence he started to be called a 'Prophet', much to his utter embarrassment. Again on one of his many trips to India, a number of people saw the same golden halo around his head, but this time accompanied also by a red flame rising up from his forehead.

Flame From Forehead

Incidentally, it is recorded in one of the Scriptures corroborating such a manisfestation, particularly that of a flame from the forehead thus,

"Pragateh joth mahant ke maathei, Nanak uthrei tein ke saathei"
- (Sukhmani Sahib), meaning, "A lustre of light manifests from the forehead of an illustrious sage; many are transformed and saved in his company". At other times, especially when he is conducting a Meditation session, many have noticed his body becoming completely transformed into the likeness of some of the World's leading Prophets of old.

He himself does not attach much importance to these seemingly impressive outer manisfestations. But a more significant scenario unfolds when participants at his Meditation sessions begin to be baptised effortlessly into an experience of an ecstatic euphoria and a spontaneous vibrant awakening of the Holy Spirit within. This phenomenon validates the oft repeated Scriptural pronouncement, "God is Realised in the Ecstacy of the Awakening". Due to all these strange phenomenon people began calling him a Mahatma, a Satguru (Godly Guru), Baba (Grandfather), Sant (Saint) and other such honorifics, all of which are not in his nature to acknowledge and to adopt.

To stop the usage of all such high sounding titles, he took onto himself the prefix of 'Bhai Sahib'. 'Bhai' means brother and 'Sahib' means an honorable friend. The first three titles behind his name entered above stand for, Fellow of the Institute of Electrical Engineers and Electronic and Radio Engineers England and Senior Member of the Institue of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, USA. The remaining three titles were awarded by the Malaysian Government for meritorious services in Broadcasting, where he retired in 1976 as the Director of Engineering and concurrently Dy.Dir.-General of Radio/TV Malaysia and also for his part-time services as Squadron Leader in (MAAF) the Malaysian Auxiliary Air Force.

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Strange Birth

It may be pertinent to mention that his birth carries with it a strange and significant history.

He was born in Malaysia after 4 sibling sisters, with the blessing of a mysterious Indian mystic who had the divine gift of bestowing children on barren women and other needy mothers, even with a sex of their own choice! This Saint enjoined on his mother to become a vegetarian because a pure Soul of great Spiritual significance was prepared and destined to become her son. He related that a superior Spiritual being in a previous life time, having achieved God realisation after practicing rigorous Meditation among the snowy Himalayan peaks, and while descending down the mountain paths to share his new found Divine knowledge with the masses below, perished on the way.

This elevated Soul the mystic Saint said, now desires to take birth again to complete his earthly mission. He then divulged to the would-be mother that this special son of hers would travel 4 times around the world before her demise and on every such overseas trip, would address aspirants on the Spiritual path and while so doing, certain significant and momentous happenings would take place. The much awaited son was born on Sunday, 16th January 1921, in Malaysia. Only after every one of these momentous happenings had come to pass precisely as predicted, that the mother had to believe the mystic's Saint's strange forebodings. She was also told that he would eventually rise to even higher Divine heights, to take a pre-eminent place among the world's leading Spiritual luminaries.

Severe Spiritual Schooling

Inspite of the above indicated accolades, Bhai Sahib Ji, as he is now popularly known, had to go through a very severe and at times a harsh spiritual training schedule, almost starting from scratch, perhaps to equip him with the essential experience and the knowledge so that he could be made suitably aware of the many alley-ways and byways that exist on the path to the Divine, in the present day deluded world.

During his early years he practiced all forms of Yoga. He had been a Theosophist Teacher, a Metaphysician, a Healer and at one time led Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's TM (Trancendental Meditation) movement for 10 years. Had at various times acquainted himself in sufficint depth with sufism, Subud, Ogamisama's "Dancing Religion", Mahikari, Reiki, neo Raja Yoga, Vipasana, Vedanta, Zen, Eckankar, Radha Soami, Ruhani Satsang, Gestalt Therapy, Gurdjieff, Naturopathy, jungian Philosophy, Pyschosynthesis, Metamorphosis, Rebirthing, Silva Mind Control, Radionics, Neuro-Linguistic Progrmming (NLP), Divine Exorcism, Scientology, Alice Baily, Sweedenborg, the White Brotherhood and a host of other New Age Esoteric teachings.

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Magnificent Meditation Methodology

While all these systems have their own measure of merit and have indeed helped many people in various ways, he at long last discovered that the Highest, the Purest, the Speediest and most Effective technique of Spiritual practice (Meditation) is spelt out in great detail as a single Universal System, enshrined in the Sanctified Divine Doctrines of all the world's Faiths, which he chooses to call VIBRANT CELESTIAL MEDITATION (VCM). With this system, the Sublime Super-conscious giant, the Holy Spirit within, is stirred into an Awakening which is actually felt as a Vibrant Euphoric experience in myriad mystical ways. These ecstatic, exciting experiences he firmly believes, are absolutely essential, not only to ensure wholesome spiritual development of the aspirant, but are also a pre-requisite towards the fruition of other prominent parameters in achieving total transformation for the better. Hence this unique system of Meditation is not passive and inert as most other present day techniques manifest and personify. Rigid postures, Breath control and placing attention at various points in our Body/Mind complex, do not form part of this Simple, Effortless and Spontaneous Spiritual System.

Remarkable Revelations

It is cogent to indicate herein that through a series of respectful Revelations commencing in 1970, he was directed by the Divine to proceed to certain Holy Centres of Pilgrimage in India, to deliver sublime dissertations, introducing the actual practice of this unique format of Meditation in congregations, which he was told must be composed of all Races, Castes and Creeds. Such were the forebodings of the Universal nature of the mission he had to undertake.

Upon completion of this assignment, it was further revealed, this tome in very vibrant dynamic directions, that he should now form a world-wide organisation and specifically that its name should be labelled as the `WORLD SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION' (WSF). Hence the creatiion and promulgation of this Universal body, of which he is the Founder-President. The WSF has under its wing, Meditation Centres and associated organisations, carrying out Divinely directed activities, and other relevant operations in anumber of countries around the world. He is also president of the Inter-Religious Institute, which comprises representitives of all Religions and other New Age self-development Groups. He was past president of the Theosophical Society and the Society of Metaphysicians in Malaysia.

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Extensive Excursions

Bhai Sahib Ji, who is well over 70 years old, has more than 45 years experience in the Study and Practice of Meditation and supplementary spiritual practices. He has been several times around the World and close to a dozen times to Japan, various countries in Europe, South East Asia and the Australia/New Zealand region. While on these overseas tours he met eminent Saints and Sages of various races and creeds to acquire and to share multifarious aspects of Divine Knowledge. Has lectured and conducted Meditation sessions in various Capital cities and other way out locations around the world. He has also had the rare privilege of delivering sermons in Christian Churches and the Houses of Worship of many other Faiths, in his far flung travels.

Highest Religious Honour

He has recieved on two seperate occasions, the highest Sikh honour that of the ceremonious presentation of the Sri Sahib (Long Sword) from AMRITSAR, India, which is Sikhdom's Premier Seat of Religion.

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