Willard Van De Bogart

Web Site Philosophy

Background and Resume

These two areas of study are uniquely related to web design work. When designing a web site, I consider many factors before I release it onto the internet for global access:

In summary, when designing a web site, I realize that anyone in the world who has access to a computer will be able to see that web site. It is important to understand what image best describes what it is that we are trying to convey.

It is also imperative to provide information that is related to the main idea, and promotes the overall objective of the web site. This insures a web site that not only reinforces itself with the main message it is trying to convey, but also has the ability to be referenced to similar web sites on the internet.

Web Site Cost Analysis

Services provided:


Costs are determined by the size and complexity of your web site.

Hourly charges are selected based on level of skill required for your web site design. Sites rates are estimated by hourly or by the completed project .

Web site maintenance:

It is becoming increasingly apparent that as web sites grow in content and complexity, it will be necessary to constantly review the web site to determine if:

A. All links are up to date.
B. Dates and scheduling of events are properly indicated.
C. Layout of design maintains consistency.
D. Spelling and grammatical structure is maintained.

Monthly cost for web site maintenance:

All of these costs and design considerations can be discussed free of charge at the initial contact to get a sense of what you expect to achieve with your web site. Pricing is competitive, and quality is unsurpassed.

Partial client list:

Please e-mail for a complimentary consultation.

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