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A step by step approach on how to gather information on current events and stories and be able to write opinions and express personal points of view


Ajarn Willard Van De Bogart - TESOL Certificate May 2003-SIT


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Chapter ten:


How to express your ideas in writing - Begin Drafting your ideas

What is an idea?
Ideas include:

Solid ideas will be based upon:

How do we express ideas?
In many cases, an idea can be expressed in isolation (by itself) e.g. "People should not be allowed to smoke in public places."

However, in most formal writing and idea needs to be supported with facts or information e.g. "People should not be allowed to smoke in public places because studies have shown that others can become ill from second hand smoke".

In this example, the idea (the 'what'- smoking) is supported by some other information (the 'why'- second hand smoke is bad).

Your argument is greatly improved if you can take this process one step further and develop your ideas. Idea development builds on a single idea by:

How to provide a 'why' to the following ideas, and develop them further if you can. The Idea (what it is about)
The Why (fact/evidence/detail) Further development


(The What!) The Issue or Aspect - The driving age should be increased to 25 years.
(The Why?) The Argument for - Because people aged 15-25 have the most road accidents.

Assignment 1. - Due Sept. 9th

Choose four (aspects - issues) from your story ideas (The What).
Then develop each aspect by providing facts and information in support (argument for) of it (The Why).
Remember, the better developed your argument, the more likely you are to succeed in writing a good paper.

Assignment 2. - Due Sept. 9th

Now pick only one of the 4 ideas (aspects - issues) which you selected in assignment 1. that you supported (argument for), and write an argument against it.

Total points for assignment and assignment 2 = 5 points Modified by Ajarn Willard:©Ministry of Education, Wellington, New Zealand (First published 1998).

Drafting your Ideas for Sept 16th - Draft I

Class hand-out Sept 2nd on how to draft a paper. A rough draft is usually a mess. Look at the example of my rough draft.

Assignment due Sept 16th was is in the class hand out of Sept. 2nd.
Write a 500 word rough draft. Pass in along with your portfolio. 10 points

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