Let us pray.

Let us pray for those people who would give of their lives for an ideal unfamiliar with our way of thinking.

Let us pray for the wisdom that comes from listening to others as they journey through life.

Let us pray that in our thoughts we carry love and kindness as we watch others who try to understand the mysteries of the universe.

Lets us pray that we may all have the strength to listen to our hearts and our minds so that we can be at peace with this world.

Let us pray for those 39 departed souls who would shock the world in their new way of reaching a heaven they thought was their place to be.

Let us pray for all the people on this Earth who want to have their own peace as they stand on this great planet and stare into the night sky.

Let us pray that we can understand the mysteries of this world, and allow others to have the freedom to seek their own answers to those mysteries.

Let us pray for the confused souls that are looking for answers to why they are here, and give them an inner strength to know it is their own souls that will guide them into eternity.

Let us pray for wisdom and guidance as we encounter the differences that tear people apart.

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