a photograph of a spiral galaxy in deep space

I have brought you here to remind you that we are alive in a wondrous universe, and that the gift of life is so very precious. With this thought in mind, it is hard to imagine how our small planet, at the edge of the galaxy, is in such civil turmoil and ecological trouble. However, throughout the ages people have been staring out into the universe and wondering where we came from, and where we are going. Magnificent temples and monuments have been built throughout the ages to remind us of the deep commitment humankind has to stay in touch with a higher order of creation.

Therefore, I am using this page as an example of a passage through an Earth Portal to another reality in another space. I am also using it as a reminder, and as a symbol for the intention that is behind the creation of the Earth Portal's home page.

To quiet the mind before the journey begins here are a few sacred, divine and inspirational sites to suggest contemplation and introspection.

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