If the God I see Is a God by Me


Colleen Grimes

All I See is a Part of Me

Fear that melts so instantly

In a World that pulses Love.

Always many roads to choose

If I look twice, I see I cannot lose

In my choice of infinite learning.

Why be afraid?

In the world that I made

When my creation's always beautiful.

If the God I See

Is a God by Me

Then the Moon is Always Blue

And the Wind just Right.

Life's Enchanted Song

Can't understand Wrong

When conducted from the Heart.

And Trust becomes the Pure

Potent Loving Cure

For me when I forget

That from One We all Come

And Come again as One

To grow in Celebration

Of a Love that Journeys Far

To a Strange and Distant Star

To let its beauty see

And the Greatest Joy just might

Be the Warm Reflected Light

Of a Brilliant mirrored Me.

Spirit Path

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