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From: John Loeffler

Reliable sources in China have informed International Christian Concern that the Chinese government has ordered the execution of China's most prominent Christian house church leaders. Xu Yong Ze could be executed any time soon, according to the source.

Pastor Xu was arrested in Zhengzhou, Henan province on March 16 along with 16 other popular house church leaders. The eight were arrested after having met together to discuss uniting their house churches. Pastor Xu's church network Cong Sheng (Born Again) is estimated to be over eight million in number. The merger would have createde the largest organized body of Christians is China.

The names of the other seven arrestewd in March are: Liu Zhenying, Wang Xincai, Wang Baoquan, Fang Xian, Mui Sheng Ging Jing and Elder Qiao. The fate of these seven is unknown.

The Born Again House Church is considered a "heresy" by the Chinese government. In the government's "strike hard" campaign against crime, the illegal house churches are being targeted because of their rapid growth and evangelistic fervor.
Pastor Xu Yong Ze had been imprisoned three times. He has been in hiding since 1991 fololowing his release from his last prison sentence. His last arrest ocurred in 1991 following an attempt to meet with evangfelist Billy Graham.

President Bill Clinton is expected to decide this month (May 1997) whether or not China should continue to receive Most Favored Nation trading priviledges. ICC is urging Americans to express their outreage by phoning the White House and their representatives in Congress.

White House: (202) 456-1111
Capitol: (202) 224-3121
Chinese Embassy: (202) 328-2582

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