Love Letters

Sylvanite Love Letters - From the Sylvanium Light

Induction into Infinity
The Cosmosis Current

First Space Ship to land: Female - The Sylvanium Light
Second Space Ship to land: Male - The Ether Ship
A space wedding gives rise to a space colony.

You showed me your spaceship - I showed you mine
They fell in love
And flew to a private Island

Sounding Cosmic Tones and Whizzing hums
As their love call chants

Spinning and whirling and blinking rainbow lights
vibrations of love

A photonic form of sensitivity yields at
My gateway. In the night dark, the eyes are crystal clear. The voyeur appears
from a space beyond my angels grave.

Is it the eyes of the father, the lover
or the sun?
Is he only monitoring me, or is he
monitoring everyone?
Or is he a guard of light? A lamp of love
Or lovelight?

Does this tranquil form need an
Invitation to step forth into my reach?
Or....perhaps it is I, who is the
Voyeur, and my subtle gaze is an
Intrusion unto him.

And in my form of blush and hair,
Am I alien to him?

Has he come to rescue me from my
Grounded space castle?
Or does he need a place to rest
From 2,000 years of orbit?

From the farthest planet known to our eyes,
Did he view my electric lounge
And choose it for his folly?

Was it my scent of sandlewood that
Allured him to my cliff? or the
Ariel humming from my lips?

Which circuit of vibration did he travel
Through? Did he see me observing his
Galaxy through my scope, and came to ask
Me why I spend so much time looking
at the sky? And why do I probe his
World? What do I want from him?

Is it I, who is the form of suspect....
What is my intent? To seduce a
higher world of sanity and love?
To induct an erotic population, for
pleasures of my own?
What is my current of thought?

Have I intrigued him so, to travel
15,000 galaxies to meet me in my flesh?

Did he hear the experiments of music
From my lounge? Or smell the formulas
of scent being bottled in my salon?
Did he see the rainbow lightning
Flash across my screen?

Am I as much a wonderment to him
As he is to me?

Are our worlds so different
Or just spaced far apart?

Was it the gleam from my Sylvanium Dome
That drew his light to me?

Does he conceal in his pockets, material
Samples from his world? Offerings of
Communion? Will he accept my moldavite
and diamond?

Did he come from the heart of the universe?
Or is that where I am?

Do I see him as higher up
and he sees me as farther out?

Am I a twinkling star, seen from where
He sleeps at night?

My periphial vision sees a gallant
shape of shimmering spacedust
Approaching from my right,

Yes, I think I am prepared to
live a most interesting night.....

Love letter 7 coming soon

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