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Many thanks for the invention of the Champion Juicer.


How these recipes came about was a result of having successfully recovered from colon cancer surgery in late December 1995.

After spending one month without solid food, and living off of intravenous saline solutions and liquid vitamins it was extremely disappointing to have to finally drink a small glass of cold apple juice which the hospital provided. I thought to myself that this was not really going to give me much strength, and I was eager to fortify my body.

When I left the hospital I discovered that when I had my first full glass of fresh juiced organic carrots my entire body came to life instantly. It was as if electricity shot through my veins, and instantly I felt better. I knew right then that a new regime of experimenting with fresh vegetable and fruits would be the course I would take to heal myself. After several attempts to find the right combination of vegetables as well as fruits, and other liquid vitamins, I finally found a vegetable fruit drink that not only made me feel awake and alert, but also vigorous and stimulating. I named the first juice drink "New Life". I share all these recipes for all to enjoy, and discover the magic healing powers of fresh juice.

List of Juice Drinks

The "New Life" Juice Drink


After these vegetables and fruits have been juiced, and gently stirred, you then put the juice in a blender and add:

That's it. Get a tall glass, and pour it in, savor the taste, and wait 20 minutes, and you will feel like a new Spring day.

The "Hall of Fame Smoothie"

In making a fresh fruit and vegatable drink I consider several things.

  1. Color
  2. Texture
  3. Flavor

If an earthy flavor is sought after then the parsnips, turnips, and roots give a deep tone to the drink. To sweeten the drink there are many ways to do it. Bee pollen, strawberry's, apples, and even young carrots. There is a magic in the way all the ingredients go together so my own recipes come from knowing a little on how to develop a special flavor. The "Hall of Fame Smoothie" was a special drink for it combined some new combinations. The color is an indian red and the texture is very smooth. The taste is remarkably sweet, yet at the same time it has a bottom flavor of root. In all its a wonderful morning pick me up.


After these vegetables and fruits have been juiced, and gently stirred, you then put the amount you want to drink in a blender and add:

Put on the puree setting of your blender for 2 minutes and you will have the most delightful drink you could ever imagine.

The "Yin-Yang Fortifier" Juice Drink

The tang and tartness of a juice drink is a very subtle or a very pronounced preference when it comes to flavoring. These are some roots I have worked with:

Roots are extremely pungent and add a definite flavor to the juice drink. If you are not careful you can completely effect the juice drink with these roots with no ability to alter their earthy and bitter flavor. The best suggestion I have is to use a small amount each time . Once the top flavor is discovered in the juice you will find this approach to be a very powerful factor in the overall flavor of the juice drink. The "Yin-Yang Fortifier" accomplishes this delicate balance between sweetness and tartness. In this case the strawberrys and the banana help push the galanga root to the back of the taste buds after you have swollowed the first gulp of the drink savoring the sweet strawberrys. Be careful with the galanga root. I suggest one to two inches of a section of the root to start with.


After juicing with the Champion juicer you are ready for the blender. Always pour the amount you want to drink into the blender, and save the rest for another time. I suggest you drink all fresh juice in one or two days and be sure to refrigerate and keep it air tight. After you have poured the amount you want to drink into the blender you then add:

Put the blender setting on whip to make it nice and frothy for about 1 minute and you have an excellent juice drink. After you pour the juice drink into a glass cut a thin slice of strawberry and lay it gently on the juice froth. Not only does it look nice, but wait until you taste it. You may just want to drink the rest.

For added fortification I suggest you also take with the juice drink:

The "Strawberry Delight" Juice Drink

The flavoring of a juice drink is a very subtle or a very pronounced preference when it comes to sweetness. Here are the sweet additions:

  • Strawberrys
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Young organic carrots
  • Pomegranates
  • Canberrys

    The strawberry is a very special fruit because its flavor is strong and even though other vegetables are juiced in moderation the sweet strawberry will come through. This drink will surprise you.


    This is it. No blender this time. This is the pure champion juice, and you will discover a very pronounced sweet flavor with a slight tang. If you do not want the tang omit the galanga root. A sweet tang can be had by replacing the galanga root with the juice of a small piece of ginger. Be careful though, ginger is very strong and it will cut the strawberry.

    The "Colorful Carrot Supreme" Juice Drink

    Color. Here is a juice drink that after all the ingredients are juiced you are left with a most beautiful orange color with swirls of pink and red running through the drink. The beet is the one vegetable that adds this very pronounced crimson red coloring. With enough carrots the red turns a bright red orange and this drink belies its ingredients, but the carrot still is the predominant taste. This juice drink will fool the taste buds. At once it tastes earthy, and in the next instant it tastes like carrots. This is a fun drink indeed.


    Just feast the eyes on the color of this juice drink before it is completely stirred before drinking. You will come back to this drink many times.

    The "Strawberry Banana Wheat Wonder" Health Drink

    The blender drink. Sometimes in the morning when you are in a rush and need some sustaining energy to last through the day this drink provides a long term solution. Here is a drink that is a blend of milk and fruit with some special additives that makes the difference from an average drink to a pure taste delight drink packing more energy then might be expected.


    Blend this until smooth.

    The "Clear Light" Juice Drink

    This drink turns out to be almost effortless to drink. It only requires the use of the Champion Juicer. By adding a new vegetable (cucumber) with additional rubarb and root extract this drink is as clean and smooth as you will find. It tends to be sweet even though there has been no real sweeteners placed in this drink. This is a testimony that fruits and vegetable when mixed together can be very surprising. Lets say this is a "bouquet" of the juice drinks.


    Wow! I think you will agree this is a special drink that makes you wonder if you even drank a glass of it since it goes down the hatch so effortlessly.

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