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Mission Statement of Valum Votan, Closer of the Cycle

I am a plain messenger. I foretell UR, the UR that follows the great change. Life is not safe. Security is only with God who is One. The great change will bring a new Heaven and a New Earth. In UR, which is the Dominion of Time, there will be no trace left of the world that preceded the great change. This is the divine plan for a divine planet, the coming of the Earth Wizards.

As Valum Votan, I am closer of the cycle. What does this mean? I complete the prophecy cycle of Pacal Votan and Quetzalcoatl which defines the year 2012 as the conclusion of a schedule of historic and evolutionary cycles. How? My purpose is to further the cause of the Earth and her biosphere by calling for a return of the deviant human species to the correct cycles of the natural galactic order. To this end I am committed to the universal dissemination of the Law of Time and all of its fourth- dimensional learning tools, including: the Thirteen Moon Calendar; Dreamspell, the Journey of Timeship Earth 2013; The Telektonon of Pacal Votan; and The 20 Tablets of the Law of Time. I am commanded as well, to the furtherance of all of the principles of UR, the Universal Religion on Earth, inclusive of the Rinri Project, The First World Peace, the promotion and furtherance of the biospheric rights of all humans and the establishment of the new community of Earth people living and creating the new social forms in accord with the natural galactic cycles of time.

My purpose and means is the education of humanity and the moral and spiritual elevation of all beings through inculcating the values and norms of the 13:20 timing frequency as it effects all aspects of our life on Earth through the New World Calendar Reform Pact and the social reform vehicle of the Planet Art Network-PAN. I have no purpose or reason for being other than to dedicate my life to the harmonious fulfillment of the cycle so it can be closed in beauty and truth, in preparation for the coming of the cycle of the galactic community on Earth.

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In making this statement of dedication and commitment, I, Valum Votan, declare that I am a plain messenger, the messenger of the new time. Though I am only human and subject to all of the laws that govern the nature of human life-birth, sickness, old age and death-I am yet the revealer and renewer of the cycle of prophecy and time established by Pacal Votan and Ce Acatl Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl, and perpetuated by the lineage of the Chilam Balam. My knowledge is the universal knowledge of the Law of Time upon which this prophetic lineage is based. Because it is a universal knowledge that I bring I am devoted to the total reformation of the human species and the fulfillment of the journey of the human soul into its divine transcendence, the accomplishment of the biosphere-noosphere transition, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the glory of the Dominion of Time.

Written flying at 35,000 feet, Red Cosmic Dragon, the Coming of Valum Votan. (Establishing the New World Calendar Reform and Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement-UR on Earth-is analogous to Buddha, Christ, Muhammad or Quetzalcoatl bringing a reform of the human order that is thoroughly spiritual in nature and offers everyone regardless of race, color, creed, etc., a new universal truth: the Law of Time, the New World Calendar, the balance of history, the science of the fourth dimension.)

Written by Valum Votan, AM (AM=Arcturus Minister: the whole Earth is the church, the biosphere is the congregation, the universal fourth-dimensional transcendence is the service).

Tattva Viveka Questions, Valum Votan Answers

Tattva Viveka is the name of a German magazine which describes itself as a "Forum for Science, Philosophy and Spiritual Culture," and is a publication of the Institute for Research of Sanskrit Texts (INES). The editor, Ronald Engert, recently posed the following questions for an interview to be published in a forthcoming issue of Tattva Viveka. Because the questions and their answers clarify many subtle points regarding the message and knowledge brought to light by Valum Votan in the process of understanding his mission, we present them in the hope of spreading further light on a subject of profound value for the future of the human species.

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In this Interview, the questions are signified by TV = Tattva Viveka, and the answers by VV = Valum Votan)

1. TV: You have a lot of knowledge about the meaning of the Mayan Calendar, which basically is very different from that of the scientific approach. In this sense, your approach is far more inspired and deals with spiritual implications. From where do you get this knowledge? What are your sources? With which traditional shamans or Indians have you had contact?

VV: My knowledge is derived from study, contemplation, and revelation. The source of this revelation is Pacal Votan, AD 603-683, whose tomb was dedicated AD 692, long count: My journey began in 1953, one year after the discovery of Pacal Votan's tomb on June 15 (Planetary Mirror), 1952. From Tony Shearer, 1969-70, I received the transmission of the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl, the Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells (note: the numbers "nine" and "thirteen," the same as the tomb dedication), which was to be concluded August 16-17, 1987 . Because of Tony's knowledge, I concentrated my attention on the Tzolkin, and in 1976, I connected the Tzolkin with the Haab as a daily count, synchronized on July 26, and so I began living the Mayan calendar. In 1983, I received a vision concerning the dates of the end of the Ninth Hell, August 16-17, 1987; from this vision came the conception of the Harmonic Convergence Global Meditation which commemorated the conclusion of the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl, and signaled the final count-down to Winter Solstice, AD 2012.

Between 1987 and 1997 was the ten-year Quetzalcoatl Project, during which time the knowledge of the mathematics of the calendar and the prophecy cycle of Pacal Votan became completely known to me. The mathematics of the Maya, I discovered, is actually the mathematics of the fourth dimension and sheds light on a crucial error in modern science: the mathematics of space cannot be used to measure time; only the mathematics of time can fulfill this goal. The method of telepathically coded messages was a key factor in my unraveling of the mathematics which led to the decisive discovery of the Law of Time. The Law Time defines the artificial timing frequency as 12:60, (twelve-month calendar, 60-minute hour) and the natural timing frequency as 13:20 (thirteen tones, 20 solar frequencies). From the dedication of Pacal's tomb, AD 692, to its discovery, AD 1952, was 1260 years; and to the end of the Baktun count, 2012, 1320 years later.

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The prophecy cycle of Pacal Votan includes: The Lost Book of the Seven Generations or The Telektonon of Pacal Votan; the Nine Hells-Thirteen Heavens of Quetzalcoatl, and the Prophecies of the Book of Chilam Balam. The Book of Seven Generations is the key which is found in the Chilam Balam, and particularly the prophecy of Antonio Martinez, AD 1692, 1000 years after the dedication of Pacal Votan's tomb. Science and revelation support each other and my purpose has been to fulfill the question asked in the Chilam Balam, "Who will be the prophet who will be the priest to interpret truly the Word of the Book?" This question concludes the "Prophecy of the New Religion." The new religion is not Christianity, but the religion of UR which comes at the end time after the fulfillment of all of the prophecies.

Besides Tony Shearer, I have had contact with numerous shamans and elders of native American and Maya traditions, including Sun Bear, Thomas Banyaca of the Hopi, Eduardo Calderon of Peru, and the Cherokee, Dhyani Ywahoo. The Mayan, Hunbatz Men, came to me in 1985, and through him, we were able to open Palenque as a sacred site, March 12, 1989. I have worked with Domingo Diaz Porta and others of the Great Brotherhood; and this Solar Moon (March 23-29, 1998), we shall attend the Maya Congress in Solola, Guatemala with Mayan elders Alejandro Cerilo Perez and others.

2. TV: Do you think that this knowledge is still alive in the Mayan Community, and how far does the Mayan tribe play a role in the future changes of mankind? Will the Indians play a role or is it mainly a concern of white people?

VV: My approach is called New Dispensation Maya. It is dependent on prophetic and scientific revelation. New Dispensation supports and is a complete vindication of all indigenous Maya, and indigenous people everywhere. Insofar as it is based on the Tzolkin, we are the same system as the indigenous Maya. While recognizing the indigenous Maya, and all existing indigenous people as biospheric caretakers, New Dispensation Maya is universal and is for everyone on the planet today. Germans in Frankfurt are not going to live by the traditions of the indigenous Maya, but they can learn to live as galactic Maya, which is the purpose of the New Dispensation and its tools: the Thirteen Moon Calendar, Dreamspell, Telektonon, the Rinri Project, First World Peace, and the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time.

3. TV: What do you think about intercultural exchange and merging of different traditions? Will this be necessary for the new paradigm?

VV: The new paradigm is a return of humanity to living in the natural 13:20 timing frequency. This is the time which all indigenous people and all life in the biosphere lives in unconsciously. Now we are at the end of history and only by living according to the 13:20 "Mayan" cycles of harmony with nature will the human race survive its mistake of living in the artificial time. This is the purpose of the Calendar Change, replacing the Gregorian with the 13 Moon (Tun Uc) calendar, July 26, 1998. The New Dispensation-New Paradigm recognizes the existence of globalized humans living in industrialized environments and indigenous humans, those who have resisted to varying degrees the efforts to seduce them into globalization. The indigenous people are to be caretakers of the biosphere; the new society will turn the Earth into a biospheric park; the now-globalized humans will evolve indigenous values into new galactic cultural forms to be shared by all people as one, this is called UR, the universal religion on Earth.

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4., 5., and 6. TV: What connection does the Mayan Calendar have to the Native American Medicine Wheels? What role do the Zero Chiefs play in your understanding of the Mayan culture? For instance is Hyemyohsts Storm telling us a completely different history of the Maya in his latest book, Lightningbolt, than the Western scholars tell us? Do you agree with Storm's description or do you have other/further information about the history of the Maya and which one? Lynn Andrews describes in her book Dark Sister, a cave in Yucatan, prepared hundreds of years before the Maya, where very old scriptures are stored. The characters seemed to Lynn Andrews to be Sanskrit. Do you have any information about scriptures like these?

VV: I am aware of the Medicine Wheel and in the mid-1980s I participated in ceremonies at Ojai Foundation, California, with Harley Swiftdeer, but I am not a student of the Medicine Wheel, so I am not qualified to comment about it. The Mayan Calendar, however, can organize Medicine Wheels. Hyemyohsts Storm is an interesting man and I met him once in 1972. His idea of Zero Chiefs is a correct idea. Most Western scholars have a wrong idea or interpretation of Maya and indigenous people because they have the mentality of the "conqueror's superiority." Zero is a very profound concept, and is at the basis of the Maya fourth-dimensional civilization. But, as I wrote in the Mayan Factor (1987), the Maya "Zero-Chiefs" are interdimensional and galactic in origin, who had a specific mission to leave the Law of Time on Earth. My mission has been to decode this Law for all humans at this time, and so my work fulfills the Law of Zero in equalizing time for all people. As for Lynn Andrews, she is gifted with a talented imagination. But there are texts or scriptures like these, sometimes found on stone and other surfaces. They are galactic notations, telepathically transmitted and received.

7. TV: In the Maya codex Tro-Cortesianus there is a picture, which seems to show a very old Vedic (Sanskrit) story: the churning of the milkocean (galaxy). There is a turtle, a rope, blackish and white persons pulling the rope, the same protagonists as in the Vedic story. (See: Giorgio de Santillana/Herta von Dechend; Hamlet's Mill, David Godine, Boston, Publisher, 1992, fig. 50.) Do you see any connection between the old Vedic culture in India and the Maya?

VV: Yes, there is a connection between Old Vedic and Maya. Maya are a tribe of (galactic) navigators in the Vedas, and this is the source of the knowledge of the Kalpas, etc. of the Vedic civilization and transmitted into Buddhist and Hindu thought. The image described shows the principle of polarity operating the zuvuya (rope), or universal memory circuit, which squeezes wisdom (Law of Time) out of the galactic "milkocean" turtle. The common root and interest in chronocosmology of Vedic and Maya is also seen in the cultivation of yoga (Sanskrit: divine union) and yok-hah (Maya: higher truth).

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8. TV: In the Maya calendar the number 104 is very important. What harmonic and numerological implications does this number have?

VV: 104 is the number of the Arcturus Cycle. 104 = 52 x 2, 26 x 4, and as 13 x 8 refers to the Harmony (8) of the Power of Time (13). The grand cycle of four 26,000-year evolutionary seasons, forms the grand Arcturus cycle of 104,000 years. 104 is also the number of years to complete 65 Venus cycles and 146 Tzolkins.

9. TV: In what relation does the number 104 stand to the holy number of India, 108?

VV: 104 + 4 = 108 = 104, Arcturus Cycle, + 4, the power of self-defining form; 108 = 12 x 9, or 27 x 4; 27 = 3 x 9 = the power of the Bolontiku (Nine Lords of Time and Destiny) in the unconscious. So malas are made with 108 beads in both Buddhist and Hindu traditions signifying the holy cycle of mantric repetition meant to arouse sublime insight from the unconscious.

10. TV: In the Vedic Tradition we find the yuga-cycles, which are part of the Vedic calendar system. They are based in the 144,000 which also plays a role in the Mayan Calendar. What connection do you see between the two calendars or time-systems?

VV: The Maya galactic notation and mathematic system functions on two cycles: the absolute cycle, which is the binary system: 1, 20, 400, 8000, 160000, 3200000, 64000000, etc, where you see the system creating, among others, the sequence of I Ching and DNA (64); and the other cycle which is the relative or Vinal code, where the cycle follows the sequence, 1, 18, 360, 7200, 144,000, 2,880,000, 57,600,000, etc. This relative time count is actually a base nine, where all of the numbers numerologically add up to 9-this is the power of the Bolontiku. The Mayan count is the master system, since it is base 20, vigesimal and not base 10, decimal. The Hindu count is derived from the relative Maya time count, either archetypally from "akashic records,"and/or from an actual extra-dimensional contact point prior to "history" (the Thirteen-Baktun Long Count, BC 3113-AD 2012).

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11. TV: Many cultures like the Vedic are based on 12 (9 x 12 =108). The 13 is unknown or at least not recognized. But the 13 seems to be a very important number, which transcends the circle of 12. On the other hand in Western tradition the 13 values as the number which brings bad luck. (The 13 was a holy number in witchcraft, European pagan culture, and maybe therefore had been brought to miscredit by the Christians). What meaning does the 13 have in the Mayan tradition and what are the harmonic numerological and spiritual implications given to 13?

VV: Twelve is the number of the Cube of the Law, from which the circle of 360 degrees is formed. The circle divided by 12 creates the basis for the Babylonian calendar; and divided by 18 creates the Haab. But thirteen is the supreme number of time, hated by the Babylonian priests for being the measure of the female cycle (13 x 28 = 364), and hence the basis of the superstition about thirteen in the Western civilization. As our mathematical investigations have demonstrated, 13 carries the power of circulation in time, while a calendar based on 12 (the Gregorian-Babylonian) creates entropic stasis. Thirteen is the supreme spiritual tonal number which gives the thirteen-day cycle (the Wavespell) the power to inform our everyday lives with an intrinsic harmonic spirituality.

12. TV: Another discredited thing in the Western understanding is the serpent. In the Maya culture the serpent represents wisdom and so on. Can you please summarize your understanding, what the serpent means in the Mayan mythology?

VV: The Serpent, Chan or Chicchan, represents the life force, which is the source of innate (DNA) wisdom. To deny this wisdom is to deny our life force. Nah Chan, "Place of the Serpent," is the traditional name of Palenque, seat of Pacal Votan's prophetic cycle, indicating this site as a place of wisdom. When the serpent flies, this wisdom is liberated. This is the underlying meaning of Kukulkan or Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent, which is also connected with the release of Kundalini in Vedic yoga traditions. Hence, Quetzalcoatl represents the kundalini of prophetic realization.

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13. TV: What will happen in 2012 and what preliminary symptoms are visible right now? Please give us a positive view on the future because of negative and apocalyptic visions we have had enough!

VV: In 2012, the Earth will be in a condition of rapid, unprecedented evolution and change due to the enlightenment of the human species for having returned to living according to the natural 13:20 cycles of time. The Calendar Change of 1998 will be seen as the final turning point of Babylonian civilization. The oneness of humanity will be the result of the universal telepathy reawakened by returning to the natural cycles. Because of this fact, there will no longer be any need of government, and humanity will have abandoned industrial technology for the development of spiritual, telepathic fourth-dimensional technologies. Creature comfort needs will be supplied by applications of solar and telepathic crystal technologies. The human race will be living and fulfilling UR, the Universal Religion on Earth. The order of reality will be known as the Dominion of Time. Everyone will be getting ready for the great moment of galactic synchronization, July 26, 2013, Yellow Galactic Seed, the completion of the telepathic construction of Timeship Earth 2013 and the advent of the Planetary Manitou, the galactic brain on Earth.

14. TV: On what are you working at the moment?

VV: With my wife, Lloydine, I am currently coordinating the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement and the creation of the New World Calendar Reform Pact . This peace pact is being drawn up between the Vatican, the author of the Gregorian Calendar, and the Nations of the Earth. The New World Calendar Reform is to be implemented by the Council for the Theology of Peace, a planetary spiritual assembly of all religions and spiritual traditions to coordinate with the United Nations for the destructuring of globalized human society and its creative tranformation into peace on Earth.

Thank you for the opportunity of clarifying many fine points.

Dr. José Argüelles - Valum Votan, Closer of the Cycle
Messenger of the New Time
Resonant Moon 17, Kin 228 Yellow Resonant Star
Fifth Year of Prophecy, Victory Releases

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