2020 - the Vision


The Vision

an interview with

Michele Misiewicz

Special Envoy to the South Pacific

International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP)

Q.Exactly what is the IAEWP's 2020 Global Peace Initiative all about?

A. It is a vision for the planet for the year 2020. The Initiative calls on all heads of state, both member states and non-member states of the United Nations to formally commit to creating peace on the planet by the year 2020.

Q. In your thinking what does "peace" mean?

A. Obviously the word, like all words, can mean many things to many people. If you're anything like most humans I'd bet that you immediately think of freedom from or the cessation of war. If you're on a spiritual path it could mean a quite space to contemplate the world and your role in it. Or the clarity of mind to enable you to move forward and manifest your highest vision. Then again if you're a staving child peace could simply mean the end of hunger pangs and the doubt and fear as to where your next meal is going to come from.

Ultimately peace is an entirely subjective concept. It is no more or less than a state of mind reflected in our immediate environment, and it can never be realised unless all our needs are being met.

Q. So bearing all that in mind how is it possible to create world peace?

A. The Initiative is about instilling defined values on the planet - etched in the most basic of human rights. As far as it goes for me I'm in a human body. I need food and water. I need shelter - both clothing and housing. I need HealthCare. I need to be educated so I can make conscious decisions as to what's best for me and those I inhabit this planet with - my family. I need to be able to use my skills and talents - and I need, whatever I need, to do so! And I need a safe and secure environment, which is conducive to enabling these needs to be met. Furthermore, my needs change moment to moment dependent on what I choose to do next. There it is in a nutshell - my needs.

We believe these needs are shared by all Beings. We believe that these needs are your basic entitlement as a human being - they're your birthright. We also believe that peace will prevail on Earth when all Beings needs are met.

From this thinking it is easy to define a set of fundamental values which supports these basic human rights.

These values are about recognising that each and every Beings unique skills, talents and needs are of equal importance and that no-one Being or organisation can perform the role/ function of any other Being or organisation. That the individual is sovereign on what their skills, talents and needs comprise. That it is the true role of government to provide this environment.

Through instilling these values globally we will manifest the 2020 vision.

Q.How will you instil these values?

A. In the esoteric sense to instil these values we must live them. Ultimately to manifest the 2020 vision we need to acknowledge this higher truth - and work together as one unit toward this common vision. In effect utilising our unique skills and talents for the benefit of the whole.

In the practical sense education is the key to the restructuring of society - and education can take many forms. The Australian chapter of the IAEWP has a conference launching the Initiative in Australia in 1999 - we are looking at developing a magazine for schools to reinforce the thinking and values - and we are looking at developing a Corporate Peace Display to elicit the skills and talents of the corporate world in creating this environment.

Obviously the most efficient way to educate the masses is via the media (per Rupert Sheldrakes experiment to test the hypothesis of formative causation conducted in conjunction with the BBC in 1994) and we are therefore seeking alliance with a major media group.

Q. Forgive me for appearing rude but "Are you crazy?" - I mean there are too many people who have too much too lose by having the masses believe in these values. Especially in the media and corporate world!

A. What do these people really have to lose other than their own fear of the unknown? Will they lose the ability to develop creative enterprise? I don't think so. Will they lose the respect they have as great minds? I don't think so. They are still unique thinkers. The same rights will apply to them as to everyone else. According to Dr Keith Suter (a member of the Club of Rome), Rupert Murdoch's response when questioned about the content of his media is that he just gives people what they want. Sure we can get into the old chicken and egg argument about what came first - you know what you get influences what you want - but I tend to believe Murdoch. The guy's obviously just spiritually unevolved and he has no idea of the social responsibility of a conscious Being otherwise he would be doing things differently. And those of us who are aware of our social responsibility need guys like him to set up the structures in society so we can work through those structures. I bet if we went to Microsofts Bill Gates or Murdoch with what we wanted to achieve they'd both be more than capable of knowing the best way to use their own industry to make it happen - and that goes for every other leader around. All we have to do is educate them that their shareholders are now the entire planet!

Q. As part of this Initiative you are also asking all nations to open their borders - to allow free movement of all Beings globally - Why?

A. Let me start by saying this - in 1979 the Carnegie Foundation of the Advancement of Teaching identified the understanding of 'the connectedness of things' as the goal of common learning. Almost twenty years ago we identified that realising we are all inter-dependent, inter-related, and inter-connected is why we are all on this planet!!! Maybe it's time to actually live that realisation. Opening the borders supports the fact that we may have a unique cultural heritage but we are one family. And that the most valuable resource on the planet is the human resource. If corporations and governments want free trade then allow the same freedom to all Beings - quid pro quo - equal treatment. Maintaining closed borders has economic, political, social and cultural implications - and by allowing free movement - without visas - we will make major progress toward the 2020 vision. We will eliminate much inefficiency, such as having to have round tickets to enter a country - and we will eliminate many human rights abuses such as the employment of child labour in third world countries. The impact list is huge. And yes we will have to face many fears we have!

Q. I'm all for it but why would any politician support it?

A. Why should politicians be viewed differently in this instance? Basically it's in their interest! They'll still have a role to play. Right now we have an extremely unhappy growing mass with no real solutions in sight. Unless our leaders start to think differently we will continue to experience the same reality - mass unemployment, poverty, crime and homelessness etc. We can no longer make out that what happens in one part of the world does not impact us - we are not that naive any more. We need a global vision to create global solutions. Unless our politicians are a guiding light and inspiration there is no logical reason to follow them.

It's time for all of us to be accountable for our decisions. We need to take conscious steps to evolve and to create a future founded in Peace. And we need to face our fears to do it. The 2020 Vision is a vision for our future as a planet - our values - our heritage - and it needs and supports the independent visions of each and every one of us to manifest it.

In fact you are a critical piece in this Vision!

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