The Sacred Time of 2012 - Vedic Astronomy in a comparative perspective

The Sacred Time of 2012

Vedic astronomy in a comparative perspective

Part III of IV: The Universe Speaks


Willard G. Van De Bogart

June 21, 2008

DNA Nebula

The Universe Speaks

But even though these denials of a cosmic origin and birth are flourishing in the halls of academia, the great eternal water, primordial abyss and dark matter making up the infinite sea of reality, are speaking throughout the depths of space with their own celestial pronouncements which are more revealing and more instructive than any academic position regarding the intelligent composition of the universe. As a case in point to demonstrate this argument several unique astronomical events have been recorded recently filled with incredible Synchronicity lending support to how we and the universe are mirroring one another in preparation for the sacred time of 2012.

The first supernova seen to actually explode was SuperNova 1987a located in the Magellanic Galaxy, and said to have a direct impact on our pineal gland. The relationship of cosmic radiation and the production of melatonin (neuropeptide) in the pineal gland is proof of the effects of cosmic events and our own physiology. Then in March of 1976 an unusually shaped nebula was recorded in the vicinity of the galactic center with the distinct shape of a double helix.

This double helix nebula not only added more confirmation to how celestial occurrences are mirrored in our own genomic structure but correlated with the discovery of the “DNA Phantom Effect” by Dr. Vladimir Poponin of Russia. Dr. Poponin discovered that when a DNA strand was placed in a vacuum the radiation emitted from that strand will attract photons which will assume the shape of the DNA strand. The remarkable discovery was that when the DNA strand was removed from the vacuum the photons would continue to stay in the same shape as the DNA strand. This was further proof that light, and the building blocks of life, as we know them, are structurally related by the apparent mirroring of the double helix nebula’s shape with our own DNA structure. The double helix nebula is mirroring our own genetic structure as if to say, “I know you because I am you.”

Gamma ray burst SGR 1806-20 On December 27, 2004, a gamma ray burst, identified as SGR 1806-20, was recorded in close vicinity of the galactic center. If this burst of radiation had been ten light years closer to earth it would have annihilated our ecosystem. NASA reported that “the apparent magnitude was brighter than a full moon and all historical star explosions. The light was brightest in the gamma-ray energy range, far more energetic than visible light or X-rays and invisible to our eyes.” This means that life must keep a safe distance from the cosmic wombs and the nearest stars. Gamma rays are at the far end of the blue light spectrum. This event brings into reality the Hopi Indians end time prophesy of the blue light in the sky from a supernova. The fact that it occurred on the galactic equator just above the ecliptic near the galactic center correlates perfectly with the Hopi prophesy as confirmation to how above so below gives more support to how our own genomic structure was formed by the stars and preserved by distance from the formation of stars.

These recent celestial phenomena and many others bring about a higher awareness of the heavens which acts as a harbinger of all those thoughts that are enabling us to transmigrate inwardly to the center of our own psyche to prepare our own souls, our own light generating genetic structure to become one with our own larger center made of stars aiding us as we come out of denial of seeing how our collective unconscious is being awakened by the events in the heavens. We echo the Big Bang by the cognition of our sanctity, and we may have created the Big Bang Ideal as a result of what we hold to be sacred whether or not the universe is expanding. It is inherent that the son will duplicate the father, and that the children of the gods will strive for divine cognition.

Vidyardhi Nanduri, an Indian physicist has interpreted the sacred Vedic scriptures and shows how these extra galactic emanations represent the divine descent out of invisible nature to keep up the enlightened spirit of consciousness during this time of cosmic alignment. Nanduri, who has studied the radio-emitting filaments SNRs (supernova remnants) concentrated near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, says they act as a drive function in search of our divine origins in the universe enabling our higher minds to prepare to go beyond the galactic realm. This idea of emerging out of the galaxy will be mentioned again at the end of the paper.

This is the time of the pilgrim’s passage, not only for the immortality of our cognitive selves (what we know) but also to reach those heights we know of as Atman, Brahma or Nirvana. This ascendancy during the alignment of our spring and winter sun with the stars in the Land of the Rising Sun is the greatest star story in 26,000 years. The understanding of this 26,000 year heroic solar myth allows our minds to be on the same scale as the galactic framework which has given us life. This is the time correlated to the creation of sacredness of the Number of the Years in our universe. Our genomic transfer from one level of awareness to that undefined, unimaginable luminal threshold which our center is oriented to is about to be transformed into the realm of the gods as our center and the cosmic center become one in the true Light of the World.

This is the ultimate yatra enabling all cognitive configurations to become part of the sacred act of creation and this great cyclical dance of the stars is liken to the Hindu god Shiva dancing the “Roudra Tandava”, dancing and loosening all those conceptions which tried to undermine and destroy entry into the sacred time. Shiva’s paradoxical destruction leading to the death of the conception we have of ourselves gives way to a greater luminal state mirroring the winter solstice at the threshold of the center of our galaxy along with the grand design we find ourselves living in represented by Shiva’s dance of joy the “Ananda Tandava”. As pilgrims or heroes we enter the gates of heaven for they are opening to us. Passage through the gates depends on how we learned the Number of the Years from the star stories on the 26,000 year pilgrimage, for the timing in the dance of the dead earth and the rising sun is true Synchronicity. These stories have been recorded in Hindu temples, Mayan temples and the most revealing of all temples; the Hathor temple in Denderah, Egypt with its circular and rectangular zodiacs perfectly inscribed in stone preserved to function as a guide for the hero to pass through heaven’s gate or as Ananda Coomarswamy expresses, the “Sun Doors.”

With these re-awakened conceptions of our star born birth right also comes the understanding of what the hero had to experience on his circumambulation around the temple of stars; our sacred center. What obstacles and what lessons needed to be learned to find the stairway to heaven and pass through heaven’s gate, the very core where the transmutation into immortality takes place, so that the realm of gods can be seen and our own minds can gain immortal cognition and once again become the mind of the universe at the Gateway of Gods? This ancient journey has been told in many ways from all cultures on earth. Whether it’s the many incarnations of Vishnu from the Vedic scriptures, Gilgamesh from the Sumerian myths, Osiris from Egyptian legends, or the Hero Twins from the Popul Vuh of the Quiche-Maya this has been the most written about journey representing the 26,000 year passage of the equinoxes. It is “The Greatest Story Ever Told” because no fantasy of man wrote it. Man became cognizant of it and man denied cognition of it, but man cannot erase the Word of God that reveals the Number of the Years.

Vishnu, who can be looked at as a predominately precessional deity, had many incarnations on his 26,000 year pilgrimage transforming himself periodically into an avatar to best deal with the obstacles he encountered. The obstacle encountered by Vishnu was none other than the displacement of the world axis from its seat in the heavens (skambha) which became unstable in the transitional zone between two constellations of the equinoctial path around the ecliptic and the place where the axis or pillar begins to align itself with a new ecliptic pole star. The primal astronomical movements were preserved by the earliest humans on the Indian sub-continent and saved through the myths of Lord Vishnu. These avatars of Vishnu can be found in the sacred texts of the Vedas providing the student with a complex symbolic representation of astronomical events. The Mahabharata is especially filled with astronomical references. In one incarnation Vishnu’s head became an equine head and he was transformed into the promulgator and voice of the Vedas extolling the wisdom of the creation of the universe and known by the name of Hayagriva, the deity with the equine head. He was also known as Vadavamukha, the mare with a fiery mouth, who consumed the dark waters in the underworld filled with demons.

End Part III

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