José Argüelles - Rinri Project- Sixth Move Part II

Rinri Bridge - 6th Move Part II, and the 4th level of Time

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In 1st move the first level of time has been established. How?

  1. Of the 13 moons in a year we determined which moon we were in.
  2. Of the 260 daily kin we determined which kin was for the day.
In the 2nd move:
The location of the daily kin on the planet holon was established.
The 5 sequence chromatic was identified for the bio-mass constant.

In the 3rd move the 2nd level of time was established. How?

  1. The correlation between the planet holon kin and the human holon with the chromatic took place.
  2. The chromatic in which the daily kin resides was determined and a meditation for that chromatic was established based on the color of the chromatic.
In the 4th move we learned how to work the psi-bank plates.

In the 5th move the third level of time was established. How?

  1. By finding the psi chrono unit on the Tzolkin grid
  2. By locating the position on the Warriors Cube in the Telektonon.
In the 6th move the Cubic Parton was introduced.

Lets Play Rinri Bridge - 6th Move - Part II

Preparation for the completion of the 4th level of time

This 6th move necessitates knowing which radial plasma is activated.

Planting of the Cosmic Ray and The how to of the 7 radial plasmas.

Exploding the Cube

The fourth level of time is more complicated. It requires one to mentally visualize a cube being made by the combined energy release from 7 super novas. The cosmology of Arguelles truly takes us out of this world, and then brings as back as participants in our galactic heritage. The following descriptive narrative is a short encapsulation of this 4th level of time. For more detailed info the Rinri Project book should be obtained.

Exploding the Cube

The Heptagonon of the mind is a term describing the super conscious evolutionary perfection of the primal cosmic cube of universal creation known as the cube of the law. Six forms of electricity take the form of the primal cube (six faces of the cube) or atom called a parton. This primal cubic parton originates the cube of the law and completes itself into the Heptagonon of the Mind. This very completion and understanding creates the 4th level of time.

The combination of the six types of cosmic electricity and eleven types of electrical lines of force (the interconnecting verticies of the cube) are derived from the combined eleven types of electrical lines of force, and the seven radial plasmas. These seven forces come from the super nova, quasars, and the galactic core itself. These forces enter the planet at each pole and are stored at the earth center which is called the Uranian Ark of Stone. Then the seven forces are transmuted out onto the suface of the Earth as the seven seals of prophesy so each seal represents one of the seven radial plasmas. The human then transmutes these seven forces into biogeochemical combustion and then into telepathic transformation of the biosphere resulting in the biosphere-noosphere transition. These seven radial plasmas are the telepathic activating fluids.

The fouth level of time is therefore the ability to mentally construct the primal cubic parton.

The Rinri Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Moves.

The final Seventh move - The Weekly calendar and the 5th level of time

The cosmic bridge game. The game that offers the magnetic re-education of humanity in the spirit of unconditional love and forgiveness for all beings.

For more information on Rinri go to the Invisible College - White Time Cell web site.

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