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Oliver Reiser joined the circle of eternal cosmic humanists on June 6, 1974. This gentle man of strong conviction trod with giants. John Dewy and Albert Einstein counted him a friend. Tagore, Aurobindo, and John Bennett of England correspond with him. A Goethe, Rumi, and twentieth century Pascal, Oliver Reiser spent 50 years as Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh. Oliver always found time to help his students or any neophyte and none had ideas too wild for him to consider. An author of numerous books and articles with his best known being "Cosmic Humanism." To those of us who knew him he was immortal and will ever be so-a guide who put no boundaries on his followers. Oliver Reiser is the cosmic synergist.

Robert Smith III, University of Alabama Huntsville, Alabama

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The programs here recorded are chapters in the unfinished Book of Man. They are broadcast to the terrestrial and celestial inhabitants of the Milk Way Disk (Via Lactea) through the language media of astroglyphs, a cosmic semantography and choreography invented by the savants, seers, and prophets of planet Earth.

The sequence of programs of the cosmic cinerama is broadcast from station GAEA, from the Center of the World Federation of Friendly Peoples, via the communications satellite system (Frontispiece) which is owned collectively by all the peoples of the Earth. The chapters of the book of Man are presented in the spirit of a game-at times playful game and at other times a deadly serious one, but such is life here on planet Earth.

In recent months the inhabitants of this planet have received the awesome and electrifying news: the signals from the regions of the constellations of Aries and Pegasus have been deciphered by our radio engineers and astronomers, and these signals confirm our belief that there are intelligent entities far out in the interstellar spaces, living on planets somewhere in the systems in the above constellations.

Establish Communications

Here at station GAEA, we are most eager to reply to your messages and establish communications with our sister planetary systems and their inhabitants. Since, as we are now quite certain, there are at least two such systems, with intelligent creatures residing there, it appears likely that there must be many other such systems, and as time passes we hope to establish radio contacts with their inhabitants.

The basis of our science of communication-indeed, of all our sciences-is what we call our system of natural numbers, namely,o,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Our equations, x squared equals y squared plus r squared and h squared equals a squared plus b squared (this latter being the Pythagorean theorem, as we call it) are the basis for our mechanics and dynamics, and if you have the equivalents of these equations in your systems-and if you don't, we wonder how you can communicate with us-then clearly we have transposable alpha rhythm frequencies and can understand each other as we learn each other's languages.

So let us hear from you, as we say. How is the reception? Do you read us? Does our cosmic semantography need revision? We are open to suggestions. At present the astroglyph system of symbols is based on the utilization of an electronic computer system that converts human sounds-as we call these vibration in our air-from pressure waves into numbers, and this sequence of numbers from the computer and is put into an analog-to-digital converter which then generates a sequence of pulses whose amplitudes are proportional to the numbers.

We can also use a 53-tone scale, which is now being employed in our electronic music. Perhaps ultimately we inhabitants of the cosmos can compose a music of "spherical harmonics" and write the score of the eerie and unearthly symphony of the galaxy.

Messages About Ourselves

The scientists, philosophers, artists, and religious leaders-as they quaintly call themselves-are even now discussing what shall be the content of the next broadcasts "this holyest earth" to the creatures of the other inhabited systems. Our local seers and savants-you will meet their decendants when you visit us in your spaceships-are agreed that the first messages from us should inform you about ourselves in relation to our planet, the solar system, and the galaxy-what some term the "mancosmos resonances".

Then, in turn, you creatures of the inner and outer banks of our galaxy can inform us of what you have discovered about the common denominators and universals of the cosmos. Then we can compare formulae and principles.

When next you broadcast for our reception, please instruct us as to whether uyou are a "type one" or "type two" civilization, and give us, by celestial coordinates, the location of the star-system that you inhabbit, when you "at home".

Meantime, until that apocalyptic event, we inhabitants of planet earth who are writing this script have requested and been granted permission by GAEA, for the moment, to act as the spokesman for mankind.

On later occasions, others will offer their programs for the future "combined operations" projects for intelligent beings of our spiral galaxy. We present spokemen, therefore, offer this statement of what we regard as the foundations for the presently emerging system known as Cosmic Humanism.

As we have learned, we humans on this planet are denizens of a common physical world of space, time, and energy ("matter"). In this restless universe, "time" is the clock of human destiny; it calls the tune to the dance of life, the tempo of the magic drama. For us, history is the rhythm of the dialectic of temporal passage-past, present, and future. But the "present", we know, is man's partition of the flow, and perhaps for a higher consciousness this cut of the knife is illusory and abitrary.

This we hope to learn, from other intelligences of the galaxy. That is why we humans of this earth must make the journey to the distant stars and learn of the mystery of time as this is grappled with in other worlds and realms of consciousness.

Dr. O;iver L. Reiser is included in the new book "Galactic Alignment". written by John Major Jenkins, and published by Bear and Company.

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