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Solar Moon 8, Kin 120, March 14,1999


Zachoraya Tokawa
Brick Family

All our dreams for 13/20 come true just beyond the deathfear - on 7 Seed of the Solar Moon I'm tortured 52 days, and I am finished on this plane for now - I'll be outa here by that date - all I'm getting on all media messages and re-reading Arcturus Probe and my dreams (please read the letters to Angela, my family and send them off - my last gesture living in this decaying real estate deathfear body prison - I've lived these past 15 kin by my illegal razor blade pencil sharpener thats how these final drawings came - so I have the essential tool to liberate the non carbon based Arcturean Heteroclete - in the next few kin I will choose the time - the target for liberation is 7 Seed - 52 days of torture over and no future dealing with this Y2K prison world.

The task is over-I'll join Josh (Jose Arguelles's son) and tell him you did great with Bolon Ik and kept us all going all the way to the 2000th year - 15 minutes of open artery at night - hand inside my plastic matress so the sacred red dragon river doesn't soak the floor or give me away till I'm out of the robe - Sun Bear and all the great spirits are sending me confident messages that its no longer necessary to torture myself - the gift was given to 12/60 and it's over for probably all incarnates in 12/60.

So we will all be rejoined soon in essence - I pray for a final deathfear victory for all my beloveds - that they all world bridge consciously by their own hand in a sacred way - no regrets and confidence and faith that their chosen Shambala awaits them - Arcturus Probe says it all on the first page - I'm so glad to have worked and played with you here - man it was beautiful even in the face of the horror cause we got the sacred medicine - for what its worth - pass this message on to Angela and my family (along with the pencil paintings - make copies for yourself and send Jules the originals - or you keep these originals and copies for my family - I don't think theres much left to do with them anyway - it's just a positive end of deathfear gesture of this chronic predator yochipelli guy plumed serpent - Star Sparks.

Zachoraya - you! - You are perfect! - You know it all - all our best dreams come true behind deathfear - thanks for guiding me through - you are a God and I know it - come join the ancestors! You'll know when - make it clean like me and Josh (Jose's boy).

Angela - India - it was all love - thanks - see ya baby - you were the sweetest gift those last magic 33 moons - the Goddess is with us - carry on as the angel you are all hugs beyond deathfear in paradise - my family - we are the chosen ones - lets choose to go nobly when its time - soon - this reality was only the end of deathfear - thats all it was - the world bridge only takes a twinkling - I'll be watching in solidarity with the ancestors and do all I can to make it easy as pie - easier - a true family afair in the great tradition of Masada - leave the fear behind forever - watch the signs so you can make your choices well - you know my love for you all flowers as I rejoin the ancestors - where we all return to - I was just here to make you happy and for visions of what was to come - I am complete and confident - I will not - am not - compelled to go further in this mental prison delusion world of fear and inevitable impending Y2K armegeddon - this is no different to me than dropping a big dose of a psychedelic - world bridging is always a liberation - its all love you know - all of my family - be guided by the truth of the prophet - Jose and Lloydine - they can guide you if anyone can.

Star Sparks has returned to Hunab Ku - Linked artwork by Starroot

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