Peace - What does it really mean?


What does it really mean?

by Michele Misiewicz

Special Envoy to the South Pacific

What do you think when some-one mentions the word "peace"? Obviously the word, like all words, can mean many things to many people. If you're anything like most humans I'd bet that you immediately think of freedom from or the cessation of war. If you're on a spiritual path it could mean a quite space to contemplate the world and your role in it. Or the clarity of mind to enable you to move forward and manifest your highest vision. Then again if you're a staving child peace could simply mean the end of hunger pangs and the doubt and fear as to where your next meal is going to come from.

Ultimately peace is no more or less than a state of mind reflected in our immediate environment, and it can never be realised unless all our needs are being met. Which leads me to the next question. What do you think when some-one mentions the word "needs"?

Rather than go through the same old cycle of providing possible examples why don't we quantum leap to first law in the need equation?

Law 1: Needs are unique to the individual.

As far as it goes for me I'm in a human body. I need food and water. I need shelter - both clothing and housing. I need healthcare. I need to be educated so I can make conscious decisions as to what's best for me and those I inhabit this planet with - my family. I need to be able to use my skills and talents - and I need, whatever I need, to do so! And I need a safe and secure environment which is conducive to enabling these needs to be met. Furthermore, my needs change moment to moment dependent on what I choose to do next. There it is in a nutshell - my needs.

Are these any different from your needs? Do you think that it's possible that every Beings needs could fit under these categories? If you can honestly answer yes to these questions then it's time for you to be enlightened to the second law in the need equation.

Law 2: Your needs are your basic entitlement as a human being - they're you're birthright.

Human rights can be defined in many ways but ultimately all human rights fit under the above base categories ie food (& water); shelter (clothing & housing); healthcare; education; the right to express your unique skills & talents and have what you need to do so; a safe & secure environment which provides the nucleus for all of these things to be manifested. Have you ever thought about life this way before? Are you ready to believe that you're entitled to everything you need just because you're a living expression of All that Is? If you can honestly answer yes to this question then it's time for you to be enlightened to the third law in the need equation.

Law 3: No-one knows your needs better than you.

You see I may need healthcare but to me it means having regular bodywork sessions, visiting chinese herbalists, chiropractors, kinesiologists etc. As far as the Australian government is concerned not all of my healthcare needs constitute healthcare in their eyes. Who is right? Obviously both our perspectives are valid but as far as my body goes - my decisions are right. I know my body better than anyone else - I've lived in it for as long as I remember - the Australian government doesn't know what I need. The same applies to all my other basic human needs. I know my skills & talents better than anyone else, I know how to apply them to practical scenarios, and I know what I need to enable me to survive and express my divinity to its full potential.

Is is possible that you know what your immediate needs are or do you need someone to decide for you? If you can honestly answer yes to this question then you are ready to encounter the final law in the need equation.

Law 4: Each Beings unique skills, talents and needs are of equal importance!

If you are ready to believe this then you're truly ready to work with others on solving world problems. Unfortunately it appears that our world leaders have either forgotten it or don't know it! They have somehow taken it upon themselves to determine a heirachy of entitlement which has produced the current scenario we are experiencing. Huge unemployment figures world-wide, mass poverty, homelessness for many, resource depletion - the list is endless.

If they only knew and believed the four laws of need then we would finally have peace on Earth. You see peace really means using your unique skills & talents for the good of the whole and having all your needs met - whereby it is understood that no-one Being or organisation can perform the role/ function of any other Being or organisation. So spread the laws - they're the only ones worth legislating!

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