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by Nomad

World Watch - Year 21
07:16 PM 02/12/97

It seems that there are now numerous people who have stumbled onto fragments of the real history and situation of humanity, however, one aspect of all recent 'speakers' I find to be both common and curious is the multi- dimensional nature of the aliens. It seems that most of the folks who have garnered some information or who claim contact and direct-from-the- source data about these aliens, have multiple-species of aliens, rather than a single type. While both the Igigi and the Anunaki come from the same place in my understanding, and that place is local, rather than extra-solar, these 'contactees' all report being told that the aliens come from the Pleiades and Sirius and other stars and travel by dimensional hopping somehow. My first suspicion is naturally that the Igigi and the Nibirans, of whom the Anunaki is but a single family line - albeit the ruling family line - simply have no desire to let humanity know that Heaven is within easy reach, literally. Nibiru is also on an approach curve, making it even closer each day.


When humanity tried to go over the heads of the Earth-bound Anunaki and take their complaints directly to Anu back on Nibiru by building a Shem of their own, the Anunaki insured such co-operation would never re-occur, by introducing seperate languages for each of their personal populations - ie Tower of Babel. No more communication meant no more inter-citystate human co-operation. Institution of differing Religion/Government Cultures for each, introduced distrust and hatred between the neighbouring City-States of the Anunaki and prevented the desire for dialogue between their now-seperate human populations.

The Anunaki, shortly before their quest was over, had decided it a good idea to eliminate humanity, and tried through viri, bacteria, poison and famine, to accomplish just that. When this failed and the next passage of Nibiru through the inner planets of Sol proved it would cause (the still shifting- for-equilibrium world of ) earth to topple on its axis enough to cause wide-spread deep flooding, they decided to leave earth and watch from orbit as the humans drowned. Humanity it was decided, should not be warned.

Luck, and the intervention of one of the Anunaki - (Enki/Ea, the scientist who developed the techniques for creating hybrid male humans by fusing Nibiran genes with native primate ova and using Nibiran host mothers for birthing) - however, worked together to prevent complete elimination of humanity.

It is quite obvious in both cases that the Nibirans did consider the fact that humanity could eventually pose a serious threat to the them, somehow.

It would seem quite unsurprising then that they should disseminate false information about their own origins and the location of their home base.

It is absolutely certain that they are quite able to lie when it suits them and it is quite likley that humanity still poses some threat to the Nibirans.

However, another idea has been recently forming. One which I thought needed to be stated to be aprreciated.

Only a few Years have passed on Nibiru, in Nibiran time, since they left the earth, but their search for gold on earth did last some 300,000 plus earth-years at least. So at least 2 and maybe as much as 3 Nibiran Centuries have passed on Nibiru since they developed Space Travel and Genetic Engineering.

When Zuzu attempted to overthrow Anu and lost, his genetic line became forfeit. Only his discovery of Earth's abundant gold (the result of his flight from Nibiru in a Space Ship and subsequent landing on earth) and diplomatic trade-off with Anu for his life, prevented the utter anialation of his gene-line forever. Instead, Anu used his genetic line to make the Igigi, who then worked for the Anunaki as a Space-Based work force, manning the orbitting trans-shipment stations, and other bases throughout the solar system, such as Phobos and Luna. Those we call Greys today were created before Humanity was even an idea, through genetic manipulation. It is likely that the Nibirans developed space travel to discern the nature of the light which came and went every 3600 years; Sol as seen through their dense life-giving atmosphere. They would have needed to penetrate the atmospheric shield in order to examine the source of radiance and thus already had transport capable of extra-planetary flight. It was likely this ability which made Anu decide that salvation for Nibiru depended on placing atomized gold into the outer atmospheric layer as a shield against the stellar winds of Sol during perihelion (the solar wind combined with rising velocity as Nibiru fell into the solar gravity well, was causing erosion of its atmosphere each Passover).

It was apparently this very plan which made Zuzu revolt against Anu in the first place. It is ironic that his futile escape from Anu (earth was still unihabitable to an unshielded Nibiran) should lead instead to his fulfilling Anu's greatest need; abundant gold. It is not quite clear whether the Igigi were abandoned along with humanity when the Anunaki finally went home, or if they are carrying out the job of Earth-watching on behalf of their masters still.

It is altogether possible that the Nibirans have also developed long range instantaneous travel and attempted some stellar and even extra-galactic exploration.

It is altogether possible that they have used their centuries-old knowledge of genetics and terraforming to alter their personal structures to enhance such pioneering efforts, as well as alter the new planetary biospheres.

There really might be a number of off-shoot 'species' of Nibiran at the current time, and these groups; in keeping with the personalities of the Anunaki, would very likely have different ideas of what the future of earth and its troublesome 'Nibiran-made-and-owned' creatures should be.

If such has happened, there is the possibility that Nibirans have actually left Nibiru altogether; if the idea of gold shielding turned out to be only a temporary solution, and have indeed become seperate societies living in far flung galaxies, travelling by dimensional warp or whatever where ever they will, and possibly even 'at war' with one another.

In any case, I find it difficult to imagine 'other' non-Nibiran species having any interest in Earth, or its manufactured species, humanity. Unless of course we're bred as Slave Labor for the Universe!

Nibirans are after all, first and foremost, survivors and secondly, astute and ruthless businessmen.

Another thing I've noticed, is the inability of almost all seekers I've run across, who have absorbed some of what Mr. Sitchin has revealed, to assimilate the simple idea that the creator of man and woman, the protector of man and woman and the 'fallen angel' are one and the same Nibiran; Enki.

Enki/Ea was the leader of the first-to-earth Nibiran pioneers. He was both leader and Science Officer. To Enki had Anu given the Me's of Science. He created the living atmosphere of earth and introduced much of its wild-life through manipulation of Nibiran animals and plants, as well as those native to the planet they named Ki (En-Ki = Lord-Earth), which allowed the shipment of large numbers of Nibirans to join the work-force on earth in safety.

He created all of the Mesopotamian City States to begin the mining and refining of the gold of earth. (Earth after all, was a planetismal; a chunk of a larger world, Tiamat, and had thus at one time had half its core exposed to raw space and then to water. Gold was all over the place. The impact of Nibiru's moon upon Tiamat forced core-fluids through the cracking stone of Tiamat's surviving land mass and splashed core material all over the surface of the fragment that became earth.)

The birth of Enlil; a child wrought from Anu and Anu's sister's daughter and thus genetically closer to Anu than Enki who was wrought of Anu and his wife, the Queen, caused Enki's Fall from grace. Enlil became the inheritor of Anu's throne.

He was demoted to resource manager and sent to the Southern hemisphere to oversee mining. (I suspect Atlantis might have been the surface of Enki's personal Transport craft. He is always portrayed in association to water and is of course Posiedon and Mananan Mac Lyr and all of the other water-gods.) It was Enki, who to spite his brother, warned the family of Zarusthudra(sp) (eq. Noah) of the impending 'flood'.

It was Enki who told the first of his female human creations that vaginal sex caused human reproduction - original sin - (mankind had literally been *man*kind for some 45000 years before the making of the woman). Enlil had commandeered the first females Enki developed and transferred them all to Mesopotamia. They were to be a controlled breeding stock, allowing specific combinations of sperm and ova for special purpose people through artifical insemination. To aid in this process, the male breeders had never been dissabused of their homosexuality and continued to copulate anally with their female mates. Enki's explanation of human sexual reproduction removed the mystery of children; which up till then was considered as the work of Enlil magically, or naturally like fruit on trees - same thing. God's work. Original sin was the learning that God can lie. Enki's explanation also ruined the entire stock for controlled breeding as well.

It was Enlil who cast the first breeders into the wilderness, and I have no doubt it was Enki who insured that this group not only survived, but developed into the people who later bore daughters which the Sons of Gods took as mates.

It is Enki/Ea who equates directly to the christian or modern Devil. Yet, it was Enki/Ea who managed to save the basic genetic materials of humanity via the 'depository' which Noah managed to sail the flood in.

It was Enki who reconstituded humanity after the flood in the Egyptian Culture, to finish gold production after the planet settled back into order. It must have been Enki who altered human genetics and lowered life span by 90% as well, although it is very likely that this was suggested as part of the deal by Enlil or Anu. I suspect a retro-virus was used to destroy the human thymus gland immediately after birth in future humans. I suspect this organ was once a naturally developed organ which constitutes the basis of the physical regeneration and immunity systems which evolved in the Nibirans and was passed onto humanity either when the Sons of Gods bred with the Daughters of Man, or from the original breeding, explaining why they lived 1000 years and more before Noah's time.

This I believe was the purpose of the Dark Ages; to eliminate what was once probably common knowledge, from the face of the earth and supplant it with a New Way and New Truths. I find the broken helix; the christian fish symbol, to be an excellent icon for the Dark Ages, as it describes the loss of both genetic quality and knowledge of our gentic nature. It was obviously the Dark Ages which transformed Enki into the modern "master of lies", and Yahweh into the Love-God. Enki's symbols include the snake. Even snake and water symbols look alike.

/\ /\ // //\\//\\// // \/ \/

Strangely, this leap of logic seems to escape even the most enthusiastic of Sitchin's readers as far as I can tell at this time.

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