Galactic Alignment Introduction

The Alignment Generation

"We are what we think,
all that we are
arises within our thoughts.
With our thoughts we
make the world."
       —Bu ddha

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It is one thing to peer out into the universe and see other galaxies, and quite another to know we are also living in a galaxy called the Milky Way Galaxy. A question may be raised as to the significance, if any, of having any understanding of our living in a galaxy. So what? What could any awareness of the meaning of the galaxy, and/or any phenomenon that occurs in the galaxy, have on us as individuals or as a race of people?

The knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation by sentient beings on this planet for aeons and aeons is quite impossible to fully comprehend by any one individual. However, what can be understood are a few significant jewels of wisdom that will arrest the attitude of any conscious being to say ... "So what"? ... to the meaningfulness of being able to have conscious awareness under the starry vault of heaven.

And what might be a jewel of wisdom? Here is one offered by Christmas Humphreys, who founded the Buddhist Society of London in 1924, and was the Vice President of the Tibet Society in 1962.

"The process of becoming is a circle; the process of becoming more, of growth, is a spiral, either up or down according as the growth is forwards or away from wholeness. Buddhism begins with the Buddha's enlightenment and ends with man's. And the final Goal? We know not or is it yet, or likely to be for aeons to come, our immediate concern. The faint of heart will ever seek some resting place, some weak finality; for the strong, the first and the last word is and ever more will be —Walk On!" (p.23, Buddhism, published 1951)

The message Jenkins' Galactic Alignment is to establish an "Alignment Generation" so humankind can continue it's bold journey to realize the potential for an ever increasing state of awareness, by recognizing that here, today, we have reached a significant threshold in history. Will we pass over into a new state of enlightenment, or will we suffocate our yearnings for becoming more by ignoring what others have tried to teach us?

The beginning of the 21st century contained the elements of a new sense of hope for the flowering of humanity's ability to cooperate and share in the gifts of the diversity offered by all of earth's cultures. An apparent breach in this wish became a horrific reality on September 11, 2001, better known as 9-11, the day the world changed.

Indeed, the world did change. What evolved was a closer look at the needs of all human beings on this planet, and an attempt to realize that differences have yet to be harmonized. The search for a balance in human endeavors has never been more critical if we as a race are to continue into the future.

Galactic Alignment, from its position of unveiling the encoded Primordial Tradition and Perennial Philosophy of all ancient cultures, has been able to bring to the attention of our race an awareness that just may be an answer to usher in a new world age of peace and harmony.

As Christmas Humphreys has stated, let us... "Walk On!" Let us take the message that is being offered by John Major Jenkins as more than a discovery to be revealed for us readers, but a new jewel of wisdom that very well may be the jewel we all need to continue to remain conscious under the starry vault of heaven.

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