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For a major portion of humanity the idea of being situated in the late 20th century means no more than the health of the world economy, material wealth, and a weekly pay check. However, for the many indigenous cultures the world over the way by which to interpret humankind's present place in history has more to do with the position of the stars in the heavens, and the motion of the planets in our local solar system.

Inherent in these two views of interpreting the meaning of the historical moment resides two distinct philosophical positions. These positions can be simply stated as one depending on man made systems, and the other position depending more on natures cycles as well as those of the movement of the many celestial bodies in the universe. From a pure scientific approach the movement of bodies in the heavens has been subsumed under the discipline of celestial mechanics and astronomy. However, from a "cosmic humanistic" approach the movement and position of these heavenly bodies may be interpreted as the next stage in a new awareness or a new state of consciousness on the planet earth. If one is to survey the current literature there will be found much testimony that all of humanity is about to shed its old skin, and emerge into a new dimension, and an entirely new way by which to perceive reality. Jacques Vallee's book Dimension is very helpful in understanding this concept of entering another dimension, and being psychologically prepared for its arrival.

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At this point, in this brief introduction, I am trying to indicate how holding on to one's personal point of view about the meaning of existence can change as the meaning or purpose of being alive in the late 20th century undergoes a metamorphose. As each year on earth slips into the next, such as 1993 slipping into 1994, there was also a time, obviously, when the year 4124 BC slipped into 4123 BC. This demarcation of time as indicated by before Christ, BC, and after Christ, AD, in many ways orients all time towards a significant moment in the Christian faith. The celebration of Easter and Christmas relies on the memory of the man called Jesus Christ.

This paper is not about Jesus Christ, this paper is about the entire gene pool of the human race entering into the dimensional domain where Jesus Christ came from, Christ Consciousness, and will be the domain where the consciousness of humankind will evolve to. The difficulty is how to indicate this global phenomenon of human transformation in 5000 words or less. To achieve any sense of clarity will require that you, the reader, allow me, the writer, the use of poetic license rarely granted to any writer. Former attempts at describing this global phenomenon, such as Dane Rudyar's The Planetarization of Consciousness, and Dr. Oliver L. Reiser's Cosmic Humanism and World Unity do much to aid in this understanding of the evolution of human consciousness.

To begin, I am going to start with mentioning a recent meeting that took place in Santa Barbara , California. It was the Fifth Annual International Conference on New Religions headed by J. Gordon Melton of the Center for the Study of American Religion. What was discussed at this conference was the growing interest in new religious beliefs, and a lessening of adherents to Christianity. It was pointed out that formal religions the world over are not furnishing humankind with enough psychological nourishment which enables a deep sense of spiritual cohesiveness or connectedness. As a result of this absence of something more meaningful there has been a renewed interest in belief systems which do offer a sense of connectedness to the universe, and to life under the vault of heaven. Melton states, "over the last 20 years the amount of interest that has been shown in newer forms of beliefs has reached staggering proportions resulting in many popular beliefs which have broken away from those strict doctrines of the organized religions. One third of all the religious bodies operating in Europe are non-conventional religions, metaphysical, esoteric, and Asian. It was also reported about 50,000 copies of the Secret Doctrine by Helena Petrova Blatvatsky, first published in 1888, are now being rushed into Eastern Europe".

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Fields Book Store, on Polk Street in San Francisco, CA can not keep up its stock of the Earth Chronicle Series by Zecharia Sitchin, nor the ability to stock other texts dealing with the origins of the human race, and human transformation. The best selling book at Fields today is The Prism of Lyra by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest. The other texts which are also enjoying high volume sales are:

and all the recent works of Billy Meyers dealing with the Pleiades, especially Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak.

Being a serious independent researcher, for the last 25 years, I have had the good fortune to have personally sat down with many of these authors, and discussed the many implications of the thoughts which are so popular in today's literature. Granted, it would be impossible to relate all of those conversations in one article, but as we approach the year 2000 there is a great deal of conversation on how the human race is being prepared to enter into a new dimensional state; often times referred to as the 4th dimension, or even the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, in the interests of acting as a social historian, I thought it would be helpful to present some of the current beliefs which many here in America, as well as the world over, are reading and listening to.

Where to start?

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For those not familiar with Blavatsky's work, she introduced two books in the late 19th Century during the spiritualist movement that was very popular in Europe at the time. These books were, The Secret Doctrine, and Isis Unveiled.

Blavatsky was the first to bring to English speaking people interpretations from the ancient texts and scrolls of civilizations which flourished in 4000 BC. A little over a hundred years have passed since these texts were published, and now as we approach the year 2000 the ancient scrolls are still in the limelight, and the latest book by Zecharia Sitchin titled, When Time Began has enabled people everywhere to look at the origins of the human race as never before as a result of his being able to decipher over 2000 Sumerian clay cuneiform tablets.

For those of us, like myself, who have lived through the decades of the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80,s we can agree that these decades have been some of the most depressing as well as the most liberating of years. Liberation and freedom are the most popular descriptors of mass movements for the decade of the 90,s, and these mass movements are being equally translated over into personally liberating belief systems. However, it is not only the development of personal belief systems which are being transformed, but also whole organized belief systems as if the discovery of ones own inner self, and what feels right, is at the beginning of the human metamorphosis which will occur in this decade.

Let us now look at a few quotes from various authors concerning the coming earth changes. John Mckinny delivered an address in Maui, Hawaii in 1983 on the Hopi Prophecies. In 1991 McKinny states that the Hopis' say, " all the seeds have been planted on earth and will gain the light of the great light field. The light of one humanity, one planet composed of all different ways within a circle". For 1992 McKinny says the Hopis' say. " the earth is initiated ,and will join the sisterhood of planets. A time of creating within the self all forms of all being in harmony with the universe". These comments sound exactly like Ken Cary's comments in both his Starseed & Return of the Bird Tribes. Cary states, " the living information is inseparable from your life force.

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Biologically, you have experienced the animation of your life force, but you are not truly carnate until you allow this current into your conscious awareness. Biologically, this energy is the center of your life. As you also allow it to become the center of your consciousness, your emotional realm is activated as an instrument of perception". And Le Vie, Jr. in Return of the Thunderbeings , "shamans were revered by their contemporaries because of their vital connection with the elemental essence that allowed them to heal and guide others in the search for ultimate knowledge-truth.

Where truth abounds, barriers, divisions, and hierarchies collapse because they only serve as points of distraction from the path". To further elaborate this metamorphosis of the human spirit the late social psychologist from Duquesne University, Dr. Rolf Von Eckartsberg, in his analysis of the social psychologist Jean Gebser states, "the evolution of human consciousness indicates, we are living in a transitional epoch in which mental-rational consciousness, the foundation of traditional science, is being overtaken and transmuted into a new form which he, Gebser, calls: "integral consciousness." This integral consciousness for many is the precursor of the 4th dimensional state which humanity will evolve into, and the inter-dimensionality that is referred to in so many of the current works. Von Eckartsberg's last paper titled: The Person's Psychocosm and the Stream of Consciousness elaborates on the structure of the "Human Psychosm". In particular he mentions the major component of spirit, or essence of spirit, is language. Von Eckartsberg states, "language is humanities most spiritual creation. Language embodies immortal spirit that remains alive across generations, making present all of human history and culture. Spirit, as language, is a social-communal shared reality which connects us to communicate and to circulate spirit between us".

A cross disciplinary approach serves best to indicate the similarity of those thoughts that are running through so many minds as we approach the year 2000. The physicist David Bohm remarks in a colloquium presentation in 1989 titled: Toward a New Theory of the Relationship of Mind and Matter states that, "whatever we experience as mind in its movement through various levels of subtlety will in a natural way ultimately reach the movement of the quantum potential and the movement of particles." From this point we could continually make reference to all the current literature which indicates these planetary changes. I have now provided a short journey from the macro universe of the Hopis to the micro world of Bohm.

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The ability to transform our essential beingness in this universe is what humans are presently evolving toward. Perhaps, we could also look at this global phenomenon of human spiritual evolution as an emerging synthesis of ideas. Jose Arguelles who has authored many books on human transformation including The Transformative Vision also wrote an analysis of the life of Charles Henry titled: Charles Henry and the Formation of a Psychophysical Aesthetic. Henry was profoundly interested in the effects culture had on consciousness, and he believed that there was an emerging growth aspect to human consciousness. These ideas have been continually thought about by Arguelles with his two last books Earth Ascending and The Mayan Factor both triggering one of the largest modern day spiritual revivals called "Harmonic Convergence". Anybody who has seen and read these books know they are based on Arguelles' analysis of the Mayans. In particular Arguelles focuses on the Tzolkin or the Mayan sacred calendar.

A key word to bring up in this paper is ancient. How much time constitutes ancient?

What does the word ancient conjure up in the mind?

To believe that ancient is not modern would be a gross mistake. Many are led to believe that ancient is not as sophisticated as modern until one tries to fathom how ancient civilizations were able to construct the temples they constructed; unless of course they possessed a very sophisticated sense of harmony and measurement. In fact, Zecharia Sitchin in his book The 12th Planet clearly points out that the human race was genetically altered by a race of people from Nibiru, the 12th planet, which circles the sun every 3600 years.

At this point it will require more knowledge of what I am about to say, so forgive me for the inability in not be able to write about all the back ground history for this article. Suffice it to say, however, the Sumerian culture being a very advanced culture on earth, circa 6000 BC, and was the first offspring from the Nibiruians, and often times referred to as the Anunnaki.

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The bible mentions, in Chapter 6 of Genesis, those who have come down to earth as the Nefilim. These Gods and Goddesses from another planet are discussed in David Wood's book Genisis: The first Book of Revelation. Wood quotes from Plato's dialogue in the Timaeus that " we are told, with no ambiguity whatsoever, that in the next epoch the 'gods' who had descended from the goddess turned their attention to mortals..." The Gods returned to Nibiru, and left behind many artifacts that today are slowly being understood for their physical construction as well as their notated symbology. Among the current mysteries being discussed today are Rennes-le-Chateau, the church in Southern France, as pointed out by David Wood, the Mayan calendar as pointed out by Arguelles, the Sumerian cosmology as deciphered by Zecharia Sitchin, the I-Ching as analyzed by Terrance McKenna, the Merovingians and the Knight Templars by Henry Lincoln, and the most recent mystery of crop circles as pointed out by the edited work of Ralph Noyes.

Are there any relationships between all the above mentioned mysteries?

Yes, there are, and it is those relationships which provide a new understanding on the unfoldment of the human race.

However, this unfoldment has come to me as a result of periodically, and in succession, following the complete works of several authors up to where they are today. All these authors, researchers and philosophers have played an equally important role for many people , but when these authors are looked at in sequence, and in their relationship to one another, a pattern emerges.

This pattern of unfoldment is the one I wish to share at this point. If one considers the chaos theory, as researched by James Gleick, and his book Chaos: Making a New Science it can be seen that even though some patterns do not follow in a fixed numerical ratio, there are, none the less, many other patterns develop if they are viewed over a longer period of time. In other words, some patterns take a longer period of time to see, and understand, and that applies equally well to cosmologies, and the uncovering of the meaning of the symbols in ancient cultures. The scientific mode of thinking, which promulgates rationalism as the prime way to view existence, has been under close scrutiny since the Uncertainty Principle of Heisenberg was revealed, as well as Rationalism being revealed for what it truly is.

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Rationalism is only one point of view among many, and along side rationalism there also lurks mythology and spiritualism as well as vitalism and magic. Elaborating on the current cosmologies there are many other authors that lend even further insight into the workings of human evolution.

Dan Winter, a researcher in the field of sacred geometry from Eden, New York sees meaningful relationships in the understanding of light, and its interaction with geometry. He comments from a recent paper titled: The Seed & The Egg...A Galactic Context from his book Alphabet of the Heart that, "the context GAIA has " in mind" would use the geometry of her own planet body, as this necessary "Bond of Power" for our species, her children. Only bonded to the planet are we "collected of mind" enough to carry memory so far. This will prepare the seed to propagate across galactic spaces...folded, packed, embodied, Christened as ONE." Through the use of three dimensional computer graphics Dan Winter shows the origin of the Hebrew alphabet by the spin orientations of the 7 rays of light passing through a spinning tetrahedron.

Admittedly, some of my understanding has developed out of sequence, and this follows the chaos theory of non-linearity. However, my two first sequenced cosmologies which were integrated were those of the late Dr. Oliver L. Reiser, who understood that humankind was evolving into the psychosphere, and that of Jose Arguelles who sees humankind reaching galactic synchronization by the year 2012.

This "psychosphere" of Reiser and "galactic synchronization" of Arguelles are profound concepts. Both authors believe in a telepathic link-up of all humans, and Arguelles sees the beginning of this telepathic link-up as the next Harmonic Convergence which was to be better know as "Timeshift" July 26th, 1992. In July of 1992 humans relinquished their dependency on the 12/60 ratio, as stated by Arguelles, and would enter into a 13/20 ratio. The 12/60 refers to the division of time into money, and 13/20 refers to the division of time into art with a return to the 13 moon calendar, and a resonance with solar/galactic relationships. The completion of the year of the "Timeshift" ends on July 25th 1993, and is hailed as a "day out of time" when time as we know it enters the 4th dimension.

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Again, it is important to sense the implications which are being discussed here. When humankind begins to see its relationship to the larger order i.e.... the sun, the moon, the stars, and the galaxy there will emerge a sense of oneness with all that there is, and a transcendence into a higher order, and sense of inter-dimensionality will occur.

These ideas are being discussed by so many people that it is worth looking at them even more closely if that has not been done already. Any one who has read the Mayan Factor by Arguelles will know that the 260 day calendar of the Mayan's, known as the Tzolkin, represents all movement and all measure in the known universe.

How is that possible?

The answer to that question lies in the origins of the Tzolkin, and that comes about from reading the origins of the human race by Zecharia Sitchin.

Sitchin makes reference to the "tablets of destiny", the Me's, which were coded symbols that allowed the Nibiruians to travel freely in the universe. These sacred relationships have been used throughout the ages in the building of Solomon's Temple, Chartre Cathedral, Stonehedge, the Crop Circles, and even the Mayan calendar. But, how it may be asked, does an understanding of geometric relationships among symbols allow consciousness to travel in the universe, enter the 4th dimension, and ultimately join with inter-dimensional intelligence's from the center of the galaxy, and other star systems?

Another equally profound question is how does the inter-relationships of energy on sub-atomic levels account for the creation of matter. Clearly it can be shown by scientific investigation that all matter is composed of shared frequency levels, and these levels of relationships in sub-atomic realms abide by harmonic patterns which constitute the relationship which exists for all matter in the universe.

We, as consciousness beings, share not only in this concept, but we also have the ability to become these relationships. When David Bohm talks about the implicate order and the explicate order he is talking about a holographically generated universe.

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Since consciousness is a part of the universe it then follows that all consciousness, and the universe, are of the same matrix of energy fields.

When there is understanding of the geometry, and the harmony of these relationships in the universe then humans can play the music of the spheres as pointed out by Kepler. These thoughts are what constitutes the underpinnings of the completion of "Timeshift" that Jose Arguelles is talking about when July 26, 1993 came, as well as the popular 11:11 being promoted by Solara Antara Amaa-Ra. For whatever one may think of 11:11, it symbolizes an opening into the universe quite different than Harmonic Convergence. She says, "January 11th, 1992 has been identified as the most important planetary activation date since August 16th & 17th in 1987 the date of the last Harmonic Convergence". January 11th 1992 is the beginning date of the final 20 year period of earth's history. "With our minds and bodies", states Solara, "we will allow the memories encoded in our DNA to release us from the illusion of duality and separation, move into our mastery and freedom, remember our divine missions, and our galactic heritage. Ironically, Solara is not the only person saying this.

Arguelles is also saying that when July 26th, 1993 arrives we will enter the 4th dimension, and activate our 4th dimensional light body called the "Holon". Then on July 26th 2013 , "as if a switch were being thrown, a great voltage will race through this finally synchronized and integrated circuit called humanity". But, if that is not enough synchronicity in thought one has only to look at the work of Dr. Charles Muses, and his book The Lions Path. Muses shows that ,"ancient civilizations developed directly out of mans cognizance of stellar, planetary, solar and lunar regularities in position and time." These ancient people of Egypt had established the associations with the lunar phases, and became resonant with the cosmic powers which made them accessible to powerful lines of force enabling them to journey into the depths of the universe as well as to the origins of the seat of the founding civilization, also know as the galactic federation, and Hunab Ku, the center of our galaxy as indicated in Mayan cosmology.

Another book titled: Secrets of Mayan science/Religion by Hunbatz Men sheds even further light on the so called "G" force which the Mayan's used to define the center of our galaxy. However, Muses has devised a very accurate meditation sequence with the position of the twin star system Sirius, and these sessions are based on his mathematical interpretation of the Egyptian hieroglyphs. This duat, as it is referred to, was also mentioned in the book The Stairway to Heaven by Sitchin. The Pharaohs had an elaborate procedure which guided them through the grand gallery in the pyramid to prepare for life in the next dimension.

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Arguelles, along with his wife Lloydine, have now released their new method for entering the galactic family through a game board called the Dreamspell. The Dreamspell has both a Journey Board as well as an Oracle Board which are both used as self divination tools to sound the galactic fifth force, and enter the chromatic time tunnel enabling the penetration through galactic portals to join with galactic intelligence's. A crucial element in the entire cosmology of Arguelles is the great galactic beam. Arguelles questions, " What is the beam? What will it do to us? What is it doing to us? Ask the oracle, one who mediates between gods and humans. The beam synchronizes human being with earth and solar being. When galactic beams are directed for what we call evolutionary purposes, the planetary manitou becomes charged, its information vectors activated. These activated information vectors step down the information of the beam for the intelligent reception by such beings as ourselves. The nature of the universe being more akin to mind than matter, the biological body is actually a space suit for transducing information. The sense organs are the key receptors of information not the brain. It is in the here and now that the information vectors intersect the sensory field of the space suit. This sensory field is a fourth-dimensional structure called the holon. The holon can only be accessed through the sense body. The brain is the cybernetic center for transducing sensory information." There is a great deal more to the Dreamspell cosmology, and the sequencing of the planetary kin on the "Harmonic Index Grid" , which is in the Deamspell, allows the mind to open and receive these galactic instructions from the great galactic beam.

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Coincidentally, Dr. Fiorella Terenzi has recently released a new CD with Island Records on the sounds from the galaxy UGC 6697. Using data collected by astronomers at facilities all around the globe, she has synthesized these galactic sounds into the most beautiful music one could imagine; taking into consideration that the sounds are the radio frequencies from outer space. Terenzi's work when combined with other current cosmologies and philosophies allows a new synthesis of ideas to take place.

Earlier in this paper, I mentioned the work of Dr. Oliver L. Reiser and his book Cosmic Humanism and World Unity. Dr. Reiser was the former chairman of the philosophy department at the University of Pittsburgh. Although much of his writings, which began in 1925, are not known by many contemporary researchers he was known by the late Dr. Albert Einstein, and the two men had many spirited correspondences. Reiser's concept of Cosmic Humanism was the name he gave to man's ongoing search for truth. By the word cosmic Reiser indicated that our search for truth must range from nuclear physics to biochemistry, involving all the sciences. By the word humanism he indicated that we must also search for truth through the whole range of life sciences, history, anthropology, psychology, the arts, and the religious expressions of mankind. He advocated being an "Avatar of Synthesis" and promoted a cosmology that affirms the creative principle inherent in universal operations which would lead to a release of the creative capacities of humankind.

Reiser felt that the new world civilization would be composed of a moving force behind every evolutionary advance, and the invisible morphological fields of energy that bend the arc of growth to holistic formations would occur. Starting with the most elementary configurations, those in which electrical fields are organized in atoms, he saw these organizing fields moving toward a higher dynamic of synthesis, which would culminate in the human brain with its currents of thought emerging from neural configurations of indescribably complex patterns which then would compose the planetary psychosphere.

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And now, with all these comments from all these authors we are perched on the brink of another decade: The 90's. One could readily question as to whether any of these prognostications do in fact predict the changes which are so commonly reported by all these minds. Given the position that these concepts are only in the minds of humans , or that these thoughts are only stories filled with hope and nothing more, one has to recognize the fact that all these points of view do exist, and it is the job of the reader to conduct ones own level of research to gain the awareness which is about to occur.

Many of my friends say why bother to read any of these books if in fact the reality we are about to embark on is going to happen anyway. That may very well be the case, however, it is the intention of this author to make available these ideas, as well as their existence, so the ideas can be thought about, considered, and provide, at the very minimum, a basic foundation for stability in a world that is going through so many changes.

Current belief systems, the planet over, are causing undo pressures on the life support system of this planet. For many, the only way to deal with it is wait, and hopefully see if all the imbalances are self correcting, including the run away population, the destruction of the rain forests, the elimination of untold species, the inability to feed children the world over, the inhumane treatment of the indigenous tribes in every country, the poisoning of the oceans and rivers, the contamination of the soil and the air, the economic inequalities among all people; all of this will automatically correct itself while watching the popular sitcoms on television, and idling passing the time away. No, the world is not going to automatically correct itself because it is only the human race that can, with conscious intervention, be able to see the relationships between the earth, and the universe we live in.

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The cosmologies, and the ideas that have been presented in this paper come from those minds that have been looking for the basic operating principles of the universe as told by the late Dr. Buckminister Fuller. These ideas come from humans who have been able to synthesize the mysteries of all the ancient cultures, and the ability to see cycles of growth with nature and thought.

In a world where all of this wisdom has been forgotten, or even made light of, by those people who are in power to govern people does not mean they are any less effectual in bringing about the concentrated, and focused mental energy to promote change, and join with other humans on this earth either as one "Rainbow Nation" as put forth by Jose Arguelles, or a "Rainbow Coalition" by Jesse Jackson, a "World Sensorium" as put forth by Dr. Reiser, or "Anticipatory Design Scientists" as put forth by Buckminister Fuller, and many more who are trying to show that there are inter-relationships that provide not only life on a material plane, but life on an etheric plane. The scientific method for all its grandeur has not instituted a comprehensive information system to show the inter-relationships for all life nor has it promoted an "Ecology of Mind" as put forth by the late Gregory Baetson.

The visionaries of today are speaking out, and revealing conceptions which enable the mind of humankind to enter a larger order of inter-relationships. Many of the texts can not be found in the mass book stores because the companies who could print the books only print books that may enjoy high volume. It may be impossible to even find a book by Dr. Oliver L. Reiser anymore. That does not make his ideas any less important, it merely points out that the concerns of the publishers will not publish if there are not markets to sell to.

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However, this paper, although it did start with the major portion of humanity believing in a world economy, and a weekly pay check, was really a paper revealing ideas concerning the evolution of the human race into a completely new way of being. There are today hundreds of thousands of human beings who can see what lies ahead for this planet if the decisions which are currently being made continually destroy the eco system. But, as these imbalances in decisions are being made there are also people that are making choices which bring balance back to humans, and their place with nature.

The GAIA hypothesis of a living planet is gaining ground. Geomancy, and the life energy lines of the planet are being sought after. Models are being built to demonstrate the interconnectedness of this planet with the universe, and there are many who see the beginnings of this change to be upon all of us in the decade of the 90's.

We humans need a bench mark to start anew. For those that may not believe in the ideas that have been mentioned in this paper, I would hope it could be clearly seen that there is need for changing the way we do things on this planet, otherwise, there will be no sustainable planet for anybody. For those who do believe in many of the ideas in this paper there is a growing anticipation and acceptance of the evolutionary position humankind is entering. The history of these ideas are many, and the contemporaries who are enabling them to be seen, and heard, are the vanguard oracles and poets of our time.

"Timeshift July 26th, 1993" is as good a time as any to prepare ones mind to the acceptance of living on this earth in such a way that the way we think about ourselves, and the planet are deeply intertwined. Changes for many will be very difficult, but for those that believe, and know how the cycles of time and space are connected to human consciousness there will be a deep sense that we have entered a new dimension. Jose Arguelles' ideas mustered up a planetary awareness with Harmonic Convergence in 1987, and I suspect that the people who participated in that event have multiplied a million fold, and the time of the "TimeShift" will be an equally significant time in our long history to becoming galactic citizens. © WVDB

Completed October 6, 1991 Bolinas, California

Revised on July 1st, and November 8th 1993 in Middletown, California

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