World Spiritual Foundation

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BENEFITS of being a MEMBER of the WSF

Members receive free of charge the official Journal of the Foundation, RHAPSODY (WISMAATH NAATH) annually. Local Chapters provide their own Newsletters or mini-magazines to serve the membership.

The intuitive and super conscious guidance and fulfillment in the above format of worship will lead Man towards the cleansing and spiritualisation of the Soul and subsequently to the building of a noble and more wholesome life in accordance with His Will.

In addition to receiving immense all round personal benefit, members play an important Cathartic role in purging the anguished humanity of disharmony and discord, by offering themselves as Catalysts, during a portion of their regular Group Meditations, which is deliberately dedicated to achieving the above altruistic objectives. When we offer ourselves in such Service of the Creator, we in return assuredly earn bountiful blessings of the Divine.

Without regular Group meditation sessions, which incidentally is emphasized in all the Worlds' Divine Doctrines, one's spiritual development cannot reach the highest heights hoped for. WSF affords this most needed avenue.

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